Millions Of Brits Head Abroad In 2010 Bucking The Staycation Trend

  • 35.6 million Brits are heading abroad for their main vacation this year, suggesting a shift from 2009’s ‘staycation’ trend
  • 1/3 of holidaymakers blamed the UK’s recent cold weather as their main reason for travelling abroad to sunnier climes
  • 1 in 3 Brits still plan to travel in the UK for shorter breaks
  • 1/3 of Brits have already booked their main holiday for 2010, thought nearly 60 per cent admit they have not organised travel insurance
  • 8.5 million travellers admit they have required medical attention on a previous overseas trip

Millions Of Brits Head Abroad In 2010 Bucking The Staycation Trend

A survey of more than 2,000 UK residents has found that almost 60 per cent of Brits plan to take their main holiday abroad this year, bucking last year’s ‘staycation’ trend.

According to new research from Lloyds TSB Added Value Accounts, a third of holidaymakers blamed the recent icy snap as their main reason for wanting to go abroad this year, in search of warmth. But holidaying in the UK still remains popular, with one in three Brits intending to stay in the UK for short excursions.

Although a foreign holiday is more likely to be on the cards, holidaymakers are not going too far afield, with over 60 per cent of Brits visiting Europe for a holiday this year, making it the number one continent to visit for 2010, followed by America (12 per cent), Africa (5 per cent) and Asia (4 per cent). Sun and beach are also the number one priority for travellers this summer (45 per cent), with city breaks also proving to be a popular choice (23 per cent). Only 5 per cent are planning a cruise and only 3 per cent have opted for a safari or wildlife trip.

A third of those surveyed have already booked their main holiday for the year, whilst a further 24 per cent are planning to book in the next few weeks. Almost 40 per cent of holidaymakers intend to pay for their holiday abroad on their debit card, with one in three planning to use their credit card, surprisingly nearly a quarter of travellers will pay in cash and only 2 per cent will pay by cheque.

Worryingly, nearly 60 per cent of those holidaymakers who have already booked their vacation this year have not organised travel insurance, with almost half (42 per cent) claiming it was just something they had yet to organise. An additional five per cent said it was too costly and two per cent have not booked travel insurance in order to save money on their holiday.

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