New Online Inheritance Tax Planner

Principle First has announced the online launch of its unique Inheritance Tax Planner facility. Developed in close consultation with clients, the unique new online tool enables users to calculate their own personal liability for inheritance tax.

Levied at 40%, Inheritance Tax (IHT) is one of the most important taxes to HMRC (The Revenue Commissioners), and swells the taxman’s coffers by billions of pounds every year. The good news though, for many inheritors, is that a good financial adviser can radically cut a person’s IHT liability, in just a few simple steps.

The new Principle First online Inheritance Tax Planner alerts clients to their current Inheritance Tax liability and when used alongside Principle First’s financial planning advice it could enable them to vastly reduce or completely eliminate their exposure to what has been called ‘the most avoidable tax of all’.

The Principle First Inheritance Tax Calculator is an important tool as it helps with the crucial first step in avoiding this most expensive of taxes which is simply knowing how much could be owed.

IHT can apply to parts of a person’s wealth when they pass funds and assets on to their children. It is a relatively simple calculation based on the total assets in their ‘estate’, less debts and liabilities. Despite this, many people fail to take a few minutes to work out their IHT liability, and then take advice on how to reduce it.

The current tax-free allowance, or ‘nil rate band’ for IHT in 2010-11 is £325,000 (£650,000 for a married couple or civil partnership). This amount however covers a wide range of assets which are included as part of an estate. Calculations need to include the value of properties, cars, valuables, savings, investments, and insurances – less the value of any outstanding mortgage, loans and other debts.

By entering these values into the inheritance Tax Planner, in response to a series of simple questions, the user can calculate the value of their estate, and deduct their allowance to show how much of their wealth will be liable to Inheritance Tax. The calculator will then show how much of that they would have to pay in Inheritance Tax at this moment.

Principle First believes the new online tool will prove to be a simple but valuable asset for its clients which could easily help them save thousands of pounds which they would otherwise lose to HMRC.

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Consumers Need To Exercise Better Online Privacy In A Bid To Protect Insurance Premiums

Policy holders could face price hikes on their insurance premiums or even have claims rejected as the rise and rise of social networking sees more people advertise their whereabouts and holiday plans on the internet.

Insurance provider Legal & General recently highlighted the need for consumers to think twice before broadcasting their vacation plans as thieves could easily scour social networking sites for potential targets and empty homes.

The continued expansion of Google’s Street View program also means burglars have increasingly thorough access to technology that could help them locate vulnerable properties.

QuoteBoffin echoed the call for consumers to exercise better online privacy:

“Social networking sites such as Facebook are a great way to let friends know what you’re up to but people have to remember that some pages can easily accessed by strangers.

“This means absolutely anybody could find out when and for how long you’re property will be vacant which is very dangerous.”

Policy holders are reminded not to give out personal information online, especially updates regarding their plans to leave the country or their home for long periods of time.

Twitter users were recently put in the spotlight after the website provided real-time updates of empty homes belonging to people using Foursquare to update their exact location.

The creators of were slammed for creating a tool for burglars despite claiming they were highlighting people’s willingness to broadcast sensitive information such as postcodes.

Although insurance providers have yet to absorb the risk from social networking into policy premiums, it is up to consumers to protect their possessions by implementing common sense. said: “The insurance industry is definitely concerned about the impact social networking could have on our possessions as well as our personal safety.

“Although insurance is there as a safety net during worst case scenario moments, consumers can do their bit to protect their premiums by refraining from broadcasting sensitive information in public forums that could then lead to a claim being made.”

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Prudential Reveals Recession Delaying Retirement For Nearly 3 Million UK Adults

Prudential research* shows that nearly 3 million UK adults aged over 45** have delayed their plans to retire because of the recession or a personal financial emergency, or because they want to keep working to build a bigger pension pot.

Prudential’s survey shows 9% – more than 1.6 million people – have put their retirement plans on hold because of financial emergencies and the effects of the recession while 7% (nearly 1.3 million people) are giving up retirement plans in favour of working in an effort to boost pensions so they can retire at a later date.

More than 710,000 people – 24% who have delayed plans to retire – fear they will now never be able to afford to retire completely because the economic slowdown or their financial emergency has had such a devastating effect on their retirement savings, Prudential’s nationwide Class of 2010 study shows.

The recession has also forced 17% to delay retirement for at least five years, while a further 51% believe they will have to wait between 12 months and five years before they can stop working.

Prudential believes these figures should be considered a warning to people who are still in a position to save for their retirement and urges people to save as much as they can for their retirement and to put money aside to fall back on in the event of a financial emergency.

Martyn Bogira, Defined Contribution Solutions Director, said: “It is imperative for people to realise what’s at stake before they come to retire.

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