LV Reports Holidaymakers Ignoring Vital Vaccinations

LV= has reported that holidaymakers are putting themselves at risk of serious illness by not having recommended travel vaccinations, as GPs report a rise in the cost of jabs.

According to travel insurer LV=, more than a quarter (26%) of holidaymakers travelling in the past 12 months went without the recommended vaccinations for illnesses such as Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Diphtheria.

The LV= report found that most of the holidaymakers who didn’t have jabs (19%) simply didn’t bother to seek medical advice and so were unaware of the health risks they could potentially face and one in fifteen (7%) actually ignored medical advice to be vaccinated.

The research found that cost is contributing to holidaymakers’ reticence to have the appropriate vaccinations, with more than one in ten (12%) who didn’t have vaccinations doing so for financial reasons. As part of the LV= report, GP practices were also questioned about their vaccination prices and close to half (43%) reported a rise in the cost of vaccinations over the past five years. The cost of Malaria tablets has increased most steeply, increasing by more than 11%.

Via EPR Network
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