Northern Rock Adds Helpful Savings Video Guide To Its Website

Northern Rock has added another helpful video guide to its interactive savings website to help consumers with their savings choices.

The video – Northern Rock’s Guide to Savings – is the third guide in the series recently introduced by the bank to add a further dimension to its award-winning website. Existing videos include Northern Rock’s Guide to ISAs and First Time Buyers Guide, which can be viewed on the Northern Rock website alongside the new addition.

The newest guide is designed to help customers make the most of their money in an accessible way, by highlighting the need to consider debt and budgeting as well as the benefits of the wide range of competitively priced savings products on offer at Northern Rock.

The colourful video guide, which is also available via the bank’s YouTube channel, covers key areas such as planning for emergencies and saving for a rainy day.

Northern Rock offers a range of variable and fixed rate savings products, including online savings accounts, instant-access products and tax-free savings options. Northern Rock also offers customers a free savings review.

Further detail about Northern Rock’s range of savings products is available on the website, which is populated with useful advice and information for different savings customer groups, financial planning information and at-a-glance guides to help people choose between different types of savings account.

The site also includes a range of interactive tools such as a jargon buster and budget planner to help take the complexity out of selecting the right savings product for a customer’s own individual circumstances, and a product calculator for each of Northern Rock’s products, such as a mortgage calculator and a calculator for its Cash ISA, to help work out the estimated return on investment.

Northern Rock customers also benefit from the bank’s unique savings promise. This is a commitment to its customers that it will provide a minimum of two months’ written notice of any reduction to the interest rate on their account. Where customers have a notice period for access to their funds of greater than two months, Northern Rock will give them that equivalent notice period of any reduction to their interest rate. Northern Rock will also write to all savings customers at least once a year with details of all its available variable rate savings accounts. And it will give savings customers a minimum of two months’ written notice of any changes to the terms and conditions of their account.

Via EPR Network
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