Northern Rock Launches Competitive New Fixed Rate Cash e-ISAs

Northern Rock has launched three new online issues of its Fixed Rate Cash e-ISA to complement its competitive portfolio of internet-based savings accounts.

The e-ISA offers those who prefer to operate their accounts via the internet an online option for their tax-free savings. The e-ISA is a cash ISA set at a competitive fixed rate of interest over a choice of one, two or three years and can be opened with no minimum initial deposit.

Interest, which can be added to the account or paid into another account, is paid annually on the first business day following 5 August on minimum balances of £500 (balances which fall below this amount will earn Northern Rock’s prevailing rate of interest, 0.10% tax free pa /AER).

Strictly limited issues, the Fixed Rate Cash e-ISAs (issues 25, 26 and 27) allow transfers in from other providers and additional deposits can be made to the cash ISAs, within HM Revenue and Customs limits (£5,340 per tax-year from 6 April 2011) within 30 days after the product is withdrawn (excepting postal applications to transfer in from other banks and building society ISA accounts, which must be received while the product remains on sale).

To ensure funds are accepted into new accounts, Northern Rock must receive all funds within 30 days from the account opening date. Therefore, individuals must initiate any Cash ISA transfers in as soon as they receive their new Cash ISA details. After the 30 day period one may not be able to make any additional deposits into the Cash ISA. Subscriptions are not allowed to any other Cash ISAs in the same tax year(s) that one subscribes to this Cash ISA, even if the full annual allowance(s) haven’t been used.

Thirty days following the products withdrawal, no further deposits will be accepted and all three issues may be withdrawn without notice, once fully subscribed.

Minimum withdrawals of £1 by BACS and £250 by CHAPS can be made, subject to a charge equivalent to 60 days’ loss of interest on the amount withdrawn (Issue 25), 90 days’ loss of interest on the amount withdrawn (Issue 26), or 120 days’ loss of interest on the amount withdrawn (Issue 27). There is a £35 fee for transfers out via CHAPS.

Via EPR Network
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