Freud Capital announced today that Lee Wang was promoted to Counsel General, effective February 2013

Mr. Lee Wang, who joined Freud Capital as Associate Counsel General in 2009, will be managing the Company’s legal affairs on a global basis, with accountability for corporate litigation, human resources, contract negotiation and labour relations, and outside counsel relationships. He takes the place of Andrew Thompson, the Company’s previous Counsel General who had been promoted as Chief Officer for Legal Affairs early this month.

“In his colourful tenure as Associate Counsel General, Lee’s experience, leadership attributes, and tried-and-tested track record in legal affairs deftly handling all differing aspects of Freud Capital’s legal needs have become an unquestionable boon to the company,” said Mr. Thompson. “He has earned the accolades and respect of Freud Capital’s management and its workforce, and is perfect for the position of Counsel General, he continued.

Mr. Wang joined Freud Capital, after he has worked for more than two decades, lastly as counsel in its Corporate Litigation group. He earned his undergraduate degree with honours from and his JD with distinctions from the Orange County University School of Law, where he was a member of its Law Review Board for two years.

“In the wake of this, my appointment to the helm of one of the largest financial institutions in this part of the world, I am one happy man,” Wang said. “Working with Freud Capital in meeting the business landscape’s ever-changing legal issues head-on is my No.1 priority, and I will be working with you to see that end,” he added.

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