Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) To Publish Its Own Financial Magazine

Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) starts publishing its own specialized analytical magazine called “Exchange Market Views” from the beginning of September 2013.

Full-color monthly magazine will be available both in electronic and printed forms. The magazine will be distributed electronically to the exchange regional branches, farmers, traders, government agencies, NGOs and anyone who is interested in the agricultural and exchange topics; also partners and the working groups members of ONMEX will receive a printed copy said Donald Miller, a director of Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX)

‘Nowadays we lack for deep analytical reviews of exchange trading in agricultural, energies and precious metals commodities sector both in the international and US domestic markets. Our analysts will mark our price increase and decrease factors for the main sector commodities in each of their reviews, and therefore our studies will be useful for many market participants. We believe there is a need and we decided to publish our own financial analysis magazine due to the fact that many of our market participants requested tis sort of information more and more.

The magazine publishing will give certain advantages: the market participants will receive free access to the analysis of recent trends in the market and also ONMEX will be able to present the benefits of exchange trading to a larger number of the commodity market participants”- said Donald Miller .

The subscription to the magazine can be made on the official web page of ONMEX –  www.onmex.org in the “Magazine” section that will be available online starting with September 2013.

Via EPR Network
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