Asian (FTG) Futures Trading Group Receives Green Stamp for Largest Waste-fired Plant Sponsoring

Under a new agreement, Asian Futures Trading Group will handle the sale of power and certificates for the waste incineration plant located in China.

“The Asian market is especially attractive,” says Asian (FTG) Futures Trading Group ( energy manager Tom Wing. “The challenge is that climate certification is an extremely complex area, and so it was crucial that Asian Futures Trading Group made the process simple and easy. It required little effort from our side and we are now looking at an attractive cash return,” he adds.

The certificates are electronic certificates issued by the Hong Kong regulatory board to accredited power stations for each of renewable source electricity generated.

Asian Futures Trading Group is experiencing a growing demand for certification of origin and the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. In addition to Asian Futures Trading Group handling certified wind turbines, 100% biomass-fired plants and Chinese cogeneration plants.

Asian Futures Trading Group Head of Origination Ren Shujing adds: “This was very successful for the client. They are receiving an attractive financial subsidy and don’t have to do anything for it.”

Via EPR Network
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