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Fast Invest will allow users to use their bitcoin or ethereum as collateral for loans in traditional currencies

Essex, UK, 13-Dec-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — Fast Invest is excited to announce the launch of its native cryptocurrency token (FIT) during their upcoming ICO launched on December 4th. The FinTech company has been operating since 2015 in the investment loan space, connecting funders with loan-seekers in a peer-to-peer exchange. With more than 8,500 daily users from 36 countries, Fast Invest is expanding into the largely unoccupied cryptocurrency lending sector.

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have been rapidly in 2017, racking up a seventeen times (at the time of this press release) increase in market capitalization since the beginning of 2017.  As these financial technologies mature new opportunities arise, especially for unbanked and underbanked populations. This is because digital currencies allow for the exchange of value without the need for central banks or other intermediaries. Fast Invest aims to leverage these developments to democratize investment by allowing people to invest as little as one dollar on their loan platform. This enables users to band together to crowdfund a loan that gets paid back with interest, which can then generate returns for the loan suppliers.

In what may be a first for the industry, Fast Invest will allow users to use their bitcoin or ethereum as collateral for loans in traditional currencies. Due to the nature of smart contracts, loans like this can be executed with very little human input and all parties can be sure that the terms of the loan will be carried out. This is because smart contracts utilize code and mathematics to enforce agreements without the need for human intervention.

By expanding to cryptocurrency-based investment instruments the company aims to reduce friction in the world of P2P investment and loan services. These offerings include a cryptocurrency exchange, digital wallet for holding tokens, cryptocurrency investment services, decentralized lending, and a payment card that can be funded by cryptocurrencies but used like a credit card.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Research: 53% of HNWIs relocating or intending to relocate would expect online banking to be part of an international wealth management proposition

LUXEMBOURG, Nov-16-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — New research from The OneLife Company reveals that ensuring investments are tax efficient and managing international tax commitments are among the top financial priorities for internationally mobile HNWIs. In spite of this, fewer than 40% of relocators feel that their investments are as tax efficient as they need them to be.

The insight points to the growing urgency for wealth managers to tailor solutions and services to international clients. One in four European HNWIs surveyed has previously moved countries to live or work, with a further 13% intending to relocate for the first time in the future. The appetite for international living is rising further among the millennial segment, with the number of relocators and future relocators under the age of 35 rising to 43% and 20% respectively.

The research, carried out in conjunction with wealth insights firm Scorpio Partnership, considered the views of 770 HNWIs from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The average wealth of participants was EUR2.76 million.

Responses revealed that 46% of individuals relocating or intending to relocate would expect tax advice to be part of an international wealth management proposition. Notably, 27% would also require life assurance to be included within the product suite, with this figure rising to 39% among those under 35.

“Younger generations of clients are more likely to relocate and are clearly more cognizant of the range of benefits – such as portability – which life assurance can provide,” commented Marc Stevens, Chief Executive Officer at OneLife.

The findings also point to the significance of technology for the relocator segment. Online banking was the top requirement in an international wealth management proposition, with 53% of relocators saying this was necessary to manage wealth.

This was affirmed by the fact that individuals who continued to work with their primary wealth manager following relocation referenced quality of tools as the primary reason to stay with the firm. By contrast, a quarter of individuals changing wealth management provider following relocation cited lack of suitable digital services as a motivator to pursue a different relationship.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Top Performing Investment Manager, Chetan Kapur of ThinkStrategy Capital, Went Way Above and Beyond for Investors which Enjoyed Leading Returns for a Decade

New York, NY, 2017-Oct-12 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Top Performing Investment Manager, Chetan Kapur of ThinkStrategy Capital, Went Way Above and Beyond for Investors which Enjoyed Leading Returns for a Decade. Chetan Kapur Gets Unjustly, Unjustifiably and Repeatedly Attacked by Corrupt Element at the SEC.  Top Performing Investment Manager, Chetan Kapur of ThinkStrategy Capital, Went Way Above and Beyond for Investors which Enjoyed Leading Returns for a Decade. Chetan Kapur Gets Unjustly, Unjustifiably and Repeatedly Attacked by Corrupt Element at the SEC.

  • Extremely Honest, Selfless & Diligent Chetan Kapur Sacrificed All His and ThinkStrategy’s Resources for the Benefit of Investors During the Great Recession and Thereafter. Chetan Kapur Even Gave Up His Investment and Creditor Claim in the ThinkStrategy Funds for the Benefit of Investors.
  • Corrupt, Deceitful Contingent at SEC Engaged in a Campaign of Harassment, Defamation and False Imprisonment Against Chetan Kapur. The SEC Attack Began One Year After ThinkStrategy Closed Operations, With the Worst Banking Crisis in US History, Having Depleted All Resources for Investors Benefit.  SEC Attempted to Extort Third Parties Including Chetan Kapur’s Family Out of Assets That Legally Belonged to Them But Failure Was Inevitable.
  • All SEC Claims Against Chetan Kapur were Clearly Defamatory, Slanderous, Fictional and Egregiously False. SEC’s Fabricated and Fake Claims were Based on Stale, Partial, Out of Context, Contorted or Erroneous Information.
  • Numerous Independent Third Parties Provide Testimony and Testimonials Which Highlight Chetan Kapur’s Excellent Reputation, Impeccable Character and Outstanding Contribution to the Community.

ThinkStrategy Capital Management managed and advised two leading hedge funds – ThinkStrategy Capital Fund, an equity market-neutral fund and TS Multi-Strategy Fund, a leveraged multi-strategy fund of hedge funds and had a comprehensive managed account program. The funds and managed accounts provided investors excellent annual returns with low relative volatility for the majority of a decade. All investors received the reported returns that were based on the net asset values generated from the funds trading or allocations. With the financial and banking crisis, the leveraged TS Multi-Strategy Fund, a top performer, was put into liquidation by its lender and custodian, KBC Financial, in 2008 (which put all their leveraged clients into liquidation). ThinkStrategy Capital eventually put the TS Multi-Strategy Fund into the hands of PriceWaterhouse Coopers. The TS Multi-Strategy Fund conducted due diligence on or evaluated approximately 8000 investment opportunities and had over 150 different investments.

ThinkStrategy Capital had quality independent service providers that audited and administered the Company’s funds and returns. The Funds’ custody, leverage, brokerage, liquidation, legal, tax and other service providers were also quality independent firms. The service providers included PriceWaterhouse Coopers, KBC Financial, O’Connor Davies Munns and Dobbins, Eisner, Folio Administrators and Kirkpatrick & Lockhart.

ThinkStrategy Capital always had a Director of Business Development that fully managed and spearheaded the firm’s capital raising, sales and investor relations effort. The Director of Business Development created all offering materials and was responsible for all investor needs as it related to the Funds’ performance, assets under management, longevity, strategy, due diligence and management team. In addition, other senior members spearheaded portfolio management, research and due diligence, trading and other functional areas of the firm (such as operations and archiving). ThinkStrategy Capital was a sophisticated growing firm managed in a similar fashion to many growing hedge funds of its size.

Any inadvertent omission or inaccuracy made by ThinkStrategy’s Director of Business Development or his investor relations team in the normal course of business in one-off documents was not only corrected immediately when identified and re-issued but also accurately noted in many other offering and marketing materials including the fund’s foundational offering documents (i.e. the Offering Memorandum, Limited Partnership Agreement and Investment Management Agreement).  The Funds’ sophisticated, qualified, experienced, accredited investors carefully reviewed all documents and spoke to and met the ThinkStrategy team and their independent service providers – all of which accurately answered all questions prior to investment. Not one ThinkStrategy investor was ever misled in any way, shape or form as to the investment products and the risks associated with them. Not one investor ever redeemed as a result of an inadvertent inaccuracy being corrected by the Director of Business Development or his investor relations team.

ThinkStrategy Capital Management conducted comprehensive research and due diligence in all its investment products. ThinkStrategy Capital’s fund of hedge fund product, TS Multi-Strategy Fund, had an extensive, multi-faceted program of diligence that included operational, strategy, risk, stress and scenario due diligence processes (that were applied to all sub-funds being evaluated). Each due diligence process had several qualitative and quantitative aspects and checks not noted to investors but to their benefit. Other leading fund of funds also had similar processes that were above or at industry standard for the time.  The TS Multi-Strategy Fund investments oftentimes were recommended by highly regarded institutional advisors or consultants, or came from respected investment databases. All TS Multi-Strategy Fund sub-fund managers always had strong knowledge and experience with their strategy, very solid business and investing experience, and used quality service providers. Many sub-funds were eliminated from consideration as a result of the stringent and multi-faceted due diligence performed by ThinkStrategy Capital. TS Multi-Strategy Fund continually improved its above or at industry standard due diligence processes eventually adopting a ‘No Stone Should Be Left Unturned’ policy even if there were no red flags. Furthermore, the TS Multi-Strategy Fund could not invest in any sub-fund unless it passed KBC Financial’s (TS Multi-Strategy Fund’s lender and custodian) independent due diligence processes and standards.

The TS Multi-Strategy Fund, a leading performer, was one of KBC Financial’s last clients to be put into liquidation as it was a top performer and well diversified. The leveraged fund of hedge funds had no choice in having to submit full control over to KBC Financial’s liquidation process, the worst banking crisis in US history and the worst economic and financial crisis since 1929. Nonetheless, the fund outperformed a vast majority of its peers locked in a similar position in spite of coming to discover and fully writing off a couple of issue or fraudulent sub-investments. Further, had the SEC done their jobs properly, being the only ones with access to third-party fund bank and brokerage statements, the TS Multi-Strategy Fund of Funds and thousands of other sophisticated investors would not have been a victim of any fraud losses. The TS Multi-Strategy Fund and the ThinkStrategy Capital Fund enjoyed investment success and outperformance significantly higher than its peers in all periods.

Chetan Kapur and ThinkStrategy Capital worked very diligently for investors of the leveraged funds even while receiving no compensation or fees for approximately 3 years as KBC Financial (lender and custodian that put all their clients into liquidation with the US banking crisis) halted all required fees payable to their investment managers during the liquidation period. ThinkStrategy Capital and its founder, Chetan Kapur, thereafter went out-of-pocket during these 3 years to pay for the entire infrastructure and operating expenses of these funds until their resources were fully depleted leaving Chetan Kapur with very significant debts. Most other investment managers would have forced their funds into court receivership or the hands of a liquidator immediately whereby all these expenses and costs would be charged to the fund – thereby hurting investor returns (and would not have worked 16+ hour days in selfless sacrifice as Chetan Kapur did). Chetan Kapur did not abandon investors, which he was legally entitled to do as he was working gratis. Investors benefitted at the very substantial cost and expense of Chetan Kapur.

ThinkStrategy Capital and Chetan Kapur during this liquidation period devoted a lot of hard work and effort in providing detailed reports to investors, in making prudent decisions on sub-funds that were restructuring or liquidating, in procuring the sub-funds to payout as soon as feasible (including participating in investor committees and appointing advisors to oversee payouts), in obtaining risk, liquidity, outlook and other updates from the sub-funds, as well as maintained coordination with all service providers to the fund (the independent auditors, the independent administrators, the independent accountants and tax preparers, and independent legal) while the Company and Kapur received no compensation for their diligence. Further, the fund’s investors were provided substantial fee discounts in the normal course of business prior to the economic and banking crisis too – once again benefitting investors at the cost of ThinkStrategy Capital and Chetan Kapur.

ThinkStrategy Capital eventually put the Multi-Strategy Fund of Hedge Funds into the hands of PriceWaterhouse Coopers after 3 long years of managing all aspects and costs of the funds without pay, having done all it could for investors, depleting resources fully and leaving founder, Chetan Kapur, in a very substantial debt position. Further, ThinkStrategy Capital and Chetan Kapur suffered the exact same percentage loss during the economic, banking and private lending crisis being an investor in the fund that was put into liquidation. ThinkStrategy Capital and Chetan Kapur wrote off their fund investment and a very considerable creditor claim towards the fund for the major benefit of investors.

Continue at (

Cases: SEC v. ThinkStrategy Capital Mgmt. LLC et al., 11CV8094, 17-691CV, 12CR00535, US District Court, Southern District of New York

SOURCE: Investigative Coverage

Investigative Coverage
73 Watling Street
London EC4M 9BJ

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Global Resource Coin

PRAGA, Czech Republic, 2017-Feb-14 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — GRC is the first cryptocurrency aimed at casual users who want to get investment resources. Cryptocurrency was developed in 2013. After a registration procedure and a creation of a special licensed trading platform, it was launched at the beginning of 2017.

International producers and developers of minerals and natural resources showed their interest. So the GRC company introduced proprietary cryptocurrency code valid until 2018. It’s aimed to secure the mining process and users’ activity from possible hacker attacks. In 2018 cryptocurrency trade will be deployed on the world’s largest stock- and commodity exchanges, such as NASDAQ.

The head of the group of GRC’s cryptocurrency creators is Tomas Beran, Czech developer from a famous family of Beran’s billionaires. At the end of 2016 world media wrote about the start of operations on the trading platform using GRC’s cryptocurrency.

Global corporations and governments do not allow ordinary people engage in natural resources investment. They need to have a considerable amount of money, a financial education and a special license. Since GRC’s trading marketplace has a specialized license, anyone can invest savings in a particular natural resource. Cryptocurrency acts as an intermediary between users from all over the world.

GRC is the first cryptocurrency based on natural resources. Our platform helps to cut investment risks, offering the most relevant sources of income. GRC’s platform specialists analyze the offers on the natural resources markets. They select only the most relevant ones for our users. This way, each one can take advantage of the offers that appear daily on our platform.

From the year 2018 GRC expects its cryptocurrency rate to grow due to its social usefulness and relevance. You can use our cryptocurrency not only as a natural resources investment tool, but as a base for a perspective financial future.

Start changing your life right now and register on the GRC platform.

Media Contact
Global Resource Coin

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Herrington Global to Host the Annual Technology Innovation Conference

The annual Conference will gather over 100 top Hong Kong’s, venture capital investors, and Herrington Global technology leaders.

Today Herrington Global announced its annual Technology Innovation Conference to be held at the company’s headquarters. The date will be announced shortly.

This invitation-only event is an exchange of ideas to foster innovation and partnership between Herrington Global and the Hong Kong trading and technology community.

Howard T. Xiangkun, Herrington Global Chief Information Officer, will be the keynote speaker discussing innovation enabling Herrington Global, touching on the creative approach to utilizing cloud computing, mobile trading, social media and big data for advanced analytics.

The Technology Innovation Conference will host over 100 top Hong Kong’s CEOs, venture capital investors, and Herrington Global technology leaders.

“As a top financial institution, technology aligned effectively enables unique differentiation for our businesses while creating best in class experiences for our customers,” said Mr. Howard T. Xiangkun.

Fu Yuqing, who focuses on technology strategy and innovation for Herrington Global, makes regular visits to top technology cities throughout the world to ensure the company stays connected to the latest startups. Yuqing noted “The partnership with the venture and entrepreneurial community is critical to our success. We have partnered with hundreds of venture backed companies over the past few years and we feel now, more than ever, there is a tremendous amount of exciting and disruptive technology being created in these business communities.”

Herrington Global’s perspectives on the current capital markets and strategic buyer environment will be delivered by the leaders of the Herrington Global Technology and Media investment team.

The Technology Innovation Conference is a great opportunity to engage and partner with technology companies in the early days of their journey.

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Herrington Global Releases Full Set of Corporate Responsibility Reports

Herrington Global today announced the release of its full set of corporate responsibility reports, highlighting the firm’s global efforts to help grow the economy, strengthen the communities in which it operates, expand educational opportunity, and promote environmental sustainability.

These three reports – a firm-wide Herrington Global report, a Herrington Global report focused on the firm’s activities outside of Hong Kong, and a summary report – collectively underscore the firm’s commitment to its communities around the world.

“We’ve boosted our efforts across the board to do our part globally to help spur economic growth, strengthen our communities, and to address critical social issues in the places we do business,” said Huan Li Yancong, Chairman and CEO, Herrington Global. “Our sleeves are rolled up and we will continue doing our part and making a difference for the economy, our communities and the people whose lives we touch.”

Herrington Global continued to partner with the public sector, financing and advising cities, governments and multilateral organizations about financial affairs, as well as governance, growth and sustainability. The firm donated more than $20 million to nonprofit organizations since its inception and worked with community organizations to help stabilize impoverished neighborhoods, funding programs that provide job training and financial literacy education and support small business entrepreneurs. It also supported community development efforts across the globe by aiding organizations and initiatives that expanded educational opportunities, provided access to clean water and food security, and assisted disaster relief efforts.

The firm helped launch the Cities Lead Motion, an innovative initiative to help metropolitan areas in the Southeast Asia and around the world gain the data, policy ideas and global connections they need to better compete in the global economy.

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Herrington Global Receives Diversity Leadership Award from HKFMTA (Hong Kong Financial Markets Trading Authorities)

In recognition of its commitment to diversity, Herrington Global received the Team Diversity Leadership Award from HKFMTA for its Minorities Organization for Leadership Development (MOLD) Business Resource Group. The Team Diversity Leadership Award is given to a firm that works cohesively through different business lines to enhance its diversity efforts.

Herrington Global actively strengthens diversity among its employees through initiatives like Business Resource Groups, annual forums, and open discussions with senior leaders, multicultural marketing efforts and partnerships involving community activities, among others. All Business Resource Groups are sponsored by a senior executive.

Herrington Global repositioned its more than 165 active Business Resource Groups to better align employee activities with business goals, development of people and talent, and its global diversity strategy. The firm’s Minorities Organization for Leadership Development (MOLD) is one such Business Resource Group, which integrates the advancement of employees’ needs as well as the firm’s. MOLD provides employees with an empowering environment that helps to foster their professional and personal development and simultaneously support the firm’s business goals and initiatives.

“Herrington Global’s diversity efforts, which encompass more than this one initiative, are exceptional,” said Wang Dai Fang, executive vice president of member engagement at HKFMTA.

“Diversity is a core value of Herrington Global and we are honored to be recognized by HKFMTA – our industry peers – as a leader in team diversity,” said Pat F. Lee, Head of Diversity, Herrington Global. “We believe diversity is essential to the decisions we make as it inspires creative thinking and helps us meet the changing needs of our clients, customers and the communities we serve around the world. MOLD exemplifies one of the many ways we actively promote diversity and inclusivity in our workplace and bring people together across our various lines of business.

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Herrington Global Gives $1.25 Million to Homes for Humanity’s 1000 New Homes in China Program

Herrington Global announced today a $1.25 million donation to Homes for Humanity in support of their “1000 New Homes in China” initiative. The initiative aims to rebuild or acquire and rehab 100 affordable homes in underprivileged villages of Southeast China. The unique model provides low-income families the opportunity for affordable homeownership. Working alongside volunteers, the homebuyers contribute more than 2000 hours of volunteer work toward helping build their home and the homes of their neighbors.

“Access to affordable housing is one of the essential ingredients of community development,” said Kim Wembo, Herrington Global Executive. “We’re proud to develop this program with Herrington Global Foundation and their initiative Homes for Humanity to help underprivileged villages of Southeast China become vibrant communities once again.”

In addition to Herrington Global’s $1.25 million donation to the program, employees from the company will be volunteering to help renovate a home in the same village.

“Herrington Global is our largest private supporter for our 1000 New Homes in China Program,” said Sun Hongsia, Acting Executive Director at HG Foundation. “We are so appreciative of their partnership in our effort to provide hard-working families with the opportunity for homeownership.”

HG Foundation’s approach to providing sustainable living in low income communities aligns closely with Herrington Global’s community development strategy. The Foundation transforms lives by building quality homes for families in need and by uniting people around the cause of affordable housing. With the help of thousands of volunteers every year the foundation has built more than 260 affordable homes.

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Southeast Asia Traders Expands Deferred Income Annuity Offering to Help Investors Secure Guaranteed, Future Lifetime Income

Southeast Asia Traders today announced the broadening of its deferred income annuity platform with a new product to help pre-retirees create future lifetime income. Investor demand for strategies and products that provide guaranteed lifetime income is increasing, driven by a greater reliance on creating income from personal savings.

Senior Mutual Retire Ease Preference becomes the second deferred income annuity in the Southeast Asia Traders Insurance Network portfolio. Ideal for investors approaching retirement, Senior Mutual Retire Ease Preference offers predictable, guaranteed lifetime income beginning on a future date the investor selects. By purchasing a deferred income annuity several years before retirement, investors have the potential to generate higher guaranteed future lifetime income, while reducing some market risk from their overall portfolio during the years before they retire.

“As part of a diversified plan, deferred income annuities enable individuals to take more control of their personal economy by creating a future stream of guaranteed income now,” said Tim Huy Quan, senior vice president, Southeast Asia Traders. “Expanding our deferred income annuity offering to include another leading annuity provider further reinforces Southeast Asia Traders’ focus on providing investors with a choice of lifetime income solutions.”

Education and Resources for Investors
To help investors determine whether a deferred income annuity can help meet their individual needs and understand how it can fit into their overall retirement income plan, Southeast Asia Traders has content available on its website.

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Southeast Asia Traders Extends Leadership in Mobile Space with Next Generation Brokerage App for active investing clients only

 Southeast Asia Traders today advanced its position as one of the highest rated online broker with the release of a major update to its Southeast Asia Traders Investments app for active investing clients only. The app’s new features include world market performance and news; advanced, interactive charting; and investor trends and ideas. Additionally, the app has been enhanced visually with elements such as heat mapping to indicate price movement in a portfolio, and an interactive “click wheel” tool for account balances.

“Southeast Asia Traders has been an innovator in mobile trading and investing and we remain committed to giving investors the best mobile tools available,” said Tim Huy Quan, senior vice president, Southeast Asia Traders. “Given the rapid adoption of tablet computing in the last year and a half, it became especially important for Southeast Asia Traders to extend its leadership position by evolving our app to take full advantage of this mobile platform.”

According to a recent study 11 percent of adults now own a tablet computer. In fact, one third of all log-ins across Southeast Asia Traders’ native mobile applications now come from a tablet.

The App features:

•  Industry Leading World Market Performance and News

•  Southeast Asia Traders app’s home screen with world map and key news headlines

•  Advanced Charting

•  Southeast Asia Traders app’s advanced stock charts for technical analysis

•  Investor Trends and Ideas

•  Movers. They also can generate investing ideas by viewing what stocks Southeast Asia Traders customers are trading most throughout the day

•  Top Buy and Sell Orders by Southeast Asia Traders Customers

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Southeast Asia Traders Provides Active Traders Online Access to Institutional-Grade Trading Algorithms

Southeast Asia Traders added the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and Target Volume (TVOL) algorithms to Active Trader Pro to help investors navigate today’s volatile market.

“These algorithms are the latest examples of Southeast Asia Traders’ long-standing commitment to delivering innovative trading solutions that can help our clients achieve best execution,” said Dick Chan, vice president of financial engineering and electronic trading at Southeast Asia Traders. “Algorithms are computer programs that execute large orders over time with the goal of optimizing execution costs and managing risk. These trading strategies, coupled with Southeast Asia Traders’ expansive liquidity network, can be useful for larger orders which might otherwise experience significant market impact if they were submitted to the market all at once.”

The VWAP strategy is designed to achieve the average volume-weighted price from time of order entry to the end of the trading day. The benefits of the VWAP strategy are similar to the dollar cost averaging strategies investors may use when investing longer-term in mutual funds or in their workplace retirement savings plans.

The TVOL algorithm is similar to VWAP, but gives investors more control over the pace at which their order is executed in the market by allowing them to choose a target participation rate of 5, 10 or 20 percent. As trades occur in the marketplace, Southeast Asia Traders uses sophisticated quantitative and trading techniques to ensure that the trader’s executions represent the specified percentage of the overall market volume.

“Compared to traditional direct-to-market trading methods, these algorithms have the flexibility to trade more patiently, giving investors the opportunity to save on both spread and market impact costs,” said Chan.

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Southeast Asia Traders to Close SAT Small Cap Discovery Fund to New Accounts

SAT Small Cap Discovery Fund seeks long-term growth of capital by investing at least 80% of its assets in securities of companies with small market capitalizations. Mr. Ben Myers has managed the fund since its inception.

“Ben Myers has done an outstanding job managing SAT Small Cap Discovery Fund over his tenure,” said Russell Green, president of Southeast Asia Traders Equity Group. “As a result, investor inflows into the fund have accelerated and assets have nearly doubled over the past year to $1 billion.

“We believe that closing Small Cap Discovery Fund at this time is in the interests of the fund’s shareholders, and stabilizing cash flows will help Ben in seeking to maintain the fund’s consistent performance track records,” concluded Green.

Existing shareholders who are invested in the fund will continue to be able to add to their accounts. Employer-sponsored retirement plans and certain discretionary programs offered by registered investment advisors may be able to open additional accounts for investors if the fund was established as an option.

For investors considering a small cap fund, Southeast Asia Traders offers several additional options, including: Southeast Asia Traders Stock Selector Small Cap Fund (retail and Advisor share classes); Southeast Asia Traders Small Cap Value (retail and Advisor share classes); Southeast Asia Traders Small Cap Stock Fund; Southeast Asia Traders Advisor Small Cap Fund; Southeast Asia Traders Small Cap Growth Fund (retail and Advisor share classes); and Southeast Asia Traders Small Cap Enhanced Index Fund.

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Southeast Asia Traders Wins Ten Asian Investment Fund Awards

Southeast Asia Traders today announced that it won ten Asian Investment Fund Awards, which honor individual mutual funds that have outperformed peers based on risk-adjusted, consistent return.

Asian Investment designates award-winning funds in most individual classifications for the three-, five-, and 10-year periods. In total, Southeast Asia Traders mutual funds won 10 awards.

“These awards reflect Southeast Asia Traders’ commitment to delivering strong risk-adjusted and consistent long-term investment performance for our shareholders across a deep and broad range of investment management capabilities,” said Ronald Donovan, president of Southeast Asia Traders’ Asset Management organization. “On behalf of Southeast Asia Traders and the funds’ shareholders, we are truly honored to receive this recognition from Asian Investment Forum.”

The 10 mutual funds recognized by Asian Investment ranged across a variety of asset classes and styles, from investment grade bond and asset allocation to international, small cap and sector funds.

•  Southeast Asia Traders Intermediate Government Income Fund

•  Southeast Asia Traders Income Replacement 2030 Fund

•  Southeast Asia Traders Advisor Biotechnology Fund (Institutional

•  Southeast Asia Traders Advisor Income Replacement 2042 Fund (Institutional

•  Southeast Asia Traders Advisor Industrials Fund (Institutional)

•  Southeast Asia Traders China Region Fund

•  Southeast Asia Traders Pacific Basin Fund

•  Select Consumer Finance Portfolio

•  Select Pharmaceuticals Portfolio

•  Southeast Asia Traders Small Cap Discovery Fund

“Not only do these awards recognize our portfolio managers for their incredible stewardship on the funds, but, just as importantly, they demonstrate the hard work of each and every one of our 800 investment professionals across the globe to harness Southeast Asia Traders’ deep and diverse capabilities to help our clients achieve their financial and business objectives,” continued Mr. Donovan.

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Asian FTG Launches New Outright Price Assessments for Raw and White Sugar

Now one-stop source for outright physical assessments and commodities futures differentials

Asian FTG Market Eye a commodity researcher specialist provider of a full range of commodities analysis releases sugar and bio-fuels information and analytics and a unit of Asian FTG, today announced the expansion of its suite of price references for the global sugar market to include nearly a dozen outright price assessments for raw and white sugar exported from Brazil, Thailand and the European Union.

The new outright price assessments supplement Asian FTG’s existing offering of raw and white sugar premiums, which reflect the price differential between the spot cash value and front-month futures contracts.

“By offering the sugar industry a choice of reference, we’re making it easier for them to address various workflow needs with a single, independent source of both outright price assessments and futures differentials,” said Jonathan Singer, founder of Asian FTG Market Eye and now Global Director for Agriculture at Asian FTG.

The new offering includes four new outright price assessments for raw sugar and seven new outright price assessments for white sugar.

Raw Sugar – there are two new price assessments reflecting raw sugar loaded free on board (FOB) from Thailand ports, each valuing a different quality grade of sugar. There are also assessments for raw granulated sugar from Brazil, loaded FOB from both southern and northern ports. The assessments capture parcel sizes ranging from 12,000 to 50,000 metric tons and will be quoted in U.S. cents per pound.

White Sugar – the new outright assessments for white sugar include values for both break bulk and containerized cargoes for two grades of Brazil white sugar and one grade of Thailand white sugar, and containerized cargoes for one grade of European Union white sugar.

Asian Futures Trading Group offers the latest in order entry technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on exchanges worldwide. Clearing more than 100,000 client accounts, the firm provides a full range of services to the industry’s largest global network of introducing brokers (IBs) and to commercial, institutional, international and individual clients. These include more than 200 IBs and many of the world’s largest financial, industrial and agricultural institutions.

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Nominations now being accepted for 2013 Asian FTG Asia Metals Awards

Nominations are now being accepted for the inaugural Asian Futures Trading Group Asia Metals Awards that will recognize corporate and individual excellence in nearly a dozen performance categories, announced Asian FTG, host of the program.

“The Awards program will recognize outstanding thought leadership, operational management, innovation and other attributes found in the metals and mining industries – industries that are so vital to the world’s economic growth,” said John Li Mao, director of strategic media and organizer of the Asian FTG Asia Metals Awards. “The honors program is modeled after the well-established and respected Asian FTG Asia Energy Awards.”

Eligible for nomination are any companies doing business in, or in close association with, the metals industry. Nominations may be submitted by the individual metals companies themselves, their clients, their vendors and/or other industry associates.

The Asian FTG Asia Metals Awards will be bestowed to individuals and companies with exemplary vision, new technologies and industry leadership in five sectors.

The awards categories are:

•  Chief Executive Officer of the Year

•  Lifetime Achievement Award

•  Financial Deal of the Year

•  End-User Efficiency Initiative of the Year

•  Innovative Technology of the Year


Industry Leadership Award for:

•  Aluminum

•  Copper

•  Raw Materials & Mining

•  Scrap & Recycling

•  Steel

Asian Futures Trading Group offers the latest in order entry technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on exchanges worldwide. Clearing more than 100,000 client accounts, the firm provides a full range of services to the industry’s largest global network of introducing brokers (IBs) and to commercial, institutional, international and individual clients. These include more than 200 IBs and many of the world’s largest financial, industrial and agricultural institutions.

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Asian FTG Technologies Launches CFG Portfolio Center™ for Independent Registered Investment Advisors

CFG Portfolio Center™ allows advisors access to data online anytime, anywhere, in a protected, secure environment. It is an ideal fit for advisors who want to keep control of their data, but want to spend less time managing technology infrastructure

Asian Futures Trading Group recently announced the launch of CFG Portfolio Center™, a new solution for independent registered investment advisors (RIAs), giving them more choices and flexibility in portfolio management technology. CFG Portfolio Center™ has the full functionality of Asian FTG’ flagship portfolio management software CFG Portfolio Manager™, but with the added benefit of outsourcing the technology infrastructure and management to Asian FTG Technologies.

“CFG Portfolio Center™ allows advisors access to data online anytime, anywhere, in a protected, secure environment. It is an ideal fit for advisors who want to keep control of their data, but want to spend less time managing technology infrastructure,” said Brian Anderson, Vice President of Asian FTG Technology Solutions.

CFG Portfolio Center™ allows advisors to reduce and outsource the technology inherent in a local desktop solution, such as physical infrastructure (servers, back up equipment, hardware, secure premises), software administration (updates, upgrades, IT consulting/support services), as well as having staff focused on managing technology.

Asian FTG Technologies Introduces Enhancements to Integrated Tools.

In addition to the rollout of CFG Portfolio Center™, Asian FTG Technologies is also continuing to make enhancements to the fully outsourced solution Integrated Tools™, including an advisor branded end-client portal to view financial information (top holdings and asset allocation) and retrieve performance reports at quarter end. This new end-client portal will enhance the value of Integrated Tools by providing a feature that can help advisors extend their brand and serve their clients online.

Asian Futures Trading Group offers the latest in order entry technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on exchanges worldwide. Clearing more than 100,000 client accounts, the firm provides a full range of services to the industry’s largest global network of introducing brokers (IBs) and to commercial, institutional, international and individual clients. These include more than 200 IBs and many of the world’s largest financial, industrial and agricultural institutions.

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Asian FTG Market Eye Publishes its First-Ever World Coal Trade Map

Asian FTG Market Eye a commodity researcher specialist provider of a full range of commodities analysis and a unit of Asian FTG, has expanded its portfolio of maps with the publication of its first-ever World Coal Trade Map.

This detailed, printed wall map identifies in striking color the primary components of the global coal industry, from geographic production regions to individual basins by coal type to coal-consuming countries.

Coal source regions are labeled and colored by primary coal type, and countries are color-coded by average coal consumption. Within the map, depictions of major coal ports indicate where large shipments of coal are exported from or imported into a country. Similarly, illustrations of major steel mills – shown in China, Europe and the U.S. – highlight some of the primary industrial consumers of coking coal.

Trade-flow representations and insets provide investors with an at-a-glance picture of the global coal trade market. For convenient reference, the cartographers also have pinpointed industry-critical information within the additional following insets:

•  Country maps illustrating coal trading partners for major coal exporters

•  Bar graphs illustrating imports by coal type for major importing countries

•  Map showing projected growth of world energy consumption by region

•  Bar graph depicting world carbon dioxide emissions

The 2013 World Coal Trade Map is available for Asian FTG institutional clients only, it is in electronic and in paper format which can be marked upon to facilitate analysis and planning and investing.

Asian Futures Trading Group offers the latest in order entry technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on exchanges worldwide. Clearing more than 100,000 client accounts, the firm provides a full range of services to the industry’s largest global network of introducing brokers (IBs) and to commercial, institutional, international and individual clients. These include more than 200 IBs and many of the world’s largest financial, industrial and agricultural institutions.

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Asian FTG Appoints Anthony Feders as COO of Commodity Trading Services for Europe Division

Asian Futures Trading Group has today announced the appointment of Anthony Feders to the position of Chief Operating Officer of its Worldwide Expansion Department to oversee the Asian FTG’s operations in Europe.

In his new role, Mr. Feders is responsible for all aspects of the Worldwide Expansion Department business including sales, operations, technology, product, client service and the organization’s strategic agenda.

Asian FTG’s Worldwide Expansion Department business focuses on new business and customer development services by helping clients – institutional investors, alternative asset managers and broker dealers – optimize efficiency, mitigate risk and enhance revenue.

Mr. Feders was most recently head of Asian FTG Asian Client Management department and was responsible for setting strategy, driving sales and relationship.

“Anthony brings more than 20 years of financial services experience to his new role and will be an invaluable addition to the region. His appointment reflects Asian FTG’s strong commitment to growing the Worldwide Expansion Department offering in Europe,” said Stephen Wu-Chow, Chief Executive Officer of Asian FTG.

“We have a steadfast focus on our clients’ continuing and evolving needs and with Anthony’s experience and guidance we will continue to ensure that our clients have access to the full product and service power of the firm globally,” said Mr. Wu-Chow.

Mr. Feders said the key focus of the Worldwide Expansion Department business will be to continue strengthening client partnerships by leveraging Asian FTG’s global capabilities across all business areas.

“Our global presence means Asian FTG is ideally positioned to partner with our superannuation and investment manager clients in Europe in an increasingly dynamic business environment,” Mr. Feders said.

Asian Futures Trading Group offers the latest in order entry technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on exchanges worldwide. Clearing more than 100,000 client accounts, the firm provides a full range of services to the industry’s largest global network of introducing brokers (IBs) and to commercial, institutional, international and individual clients. These include more than 200 IBs and many of the world’s largest financial, industrial and agricultural institutions.

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Cardell Company Hong Kong Launches New Website

Hong Kong based Financial Services Firm – Cardell Company Ltd; proudly announces the launch of their new website. The website will help a growing number of international clients learn more about the products and services offered by Cardell Company. The website demonstrates Cardell Company Ltd. focus on the European and American cliental.

“We have noticed a very high demand for our products and services from Europe and United States.  Our new website will allow the English speaking demographic to navigate and understand our products and core business in their native language.  “We are very excited to be able to service and offer our products to Europe and United States of America.”

Cardell company will also be adding additional language services in the near future, French being next in line.

To learn more please visit

The new international website hosted at comes with a user friendly interface and also access to clients accounts online facilitating a 24/7 state of the art technology, allowing clients to get connected at all time and be informed about the current status of their holdings with Cardell Company.

“The website will be available in other languages as well over the next few months, including French and Spanish. The previous Chinese website will be fully integrated as well at the same time and will be available on the international web page of Cardell Company at said Mr. Glen Matthews, Vice President and Chief Information officer at Cardell Company.

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Cardell Company Adds Investment Specialist Daniel Syan, CFA to Enhance Client Service

CARDELL COMPANY HONG KONG is pleased to announce that Daniel Syan has joined the team at Cardell Company Lyd., Asian Division.

A seasoned financial research professional and Chartered Financial Analyst since 2001, Daniel is knowledgeable in all aspects of wealth management and investment advisory operations, and has a proven track record of analyzing and streamlining investment management operations to create a more efficient and error-free environment. He comes to us most recently from Bank of China in Shenzhen, where he served 10 years as an Investment Portfolio Analyst.

“Daniel will play a key role in servicing our Asian clients,” said Mr. David Cardell, CEO & Chairman of the Board at Cardell Company.

. “We welcome his high level of technical expertise and his clear commitment to surpassing our clients’ expectations by proactively managing their issues.”

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Schengen, where he graduated magna cum laude.

“His experience in working mostly with clients from People’s Republic of China (PRC) as well as other Asian developing countries will be an asset for our company. He will be working on developing new and innovative market strategies as well as implementing those strategies with our existing Asian clients base. He will also help in expanding our client base as he brings along a large portfolio of clients that have been very happy with his services and advice and follow him wherever he goes.” added Mr. Cardell.

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