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Schuster Manfred Hubert: Crude oil prices will average $60/b in 2018 and $61/b in 2019

BEIJING, China, 01-Mar-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — Crude oil prices will average $60/b in 2018 and $61/b in 2019. That’s an increase from last month’s Short-Term Energy Outlook by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

In January 2018, oil prices briefly hit $70/b. In December, prices averaged $64/b, the highest monthly average since 2014. Traders responded to the November 30, 2017, OPEC meeting where members agreed to keep production cuts through 2018

Oil prices are almost triple the 13-year low of $26.55/b on January 20, 2016. Six months before that, oil had been $60/b (June 2015). A year earlier, it had been $100.26/b (June 2014). Today’s oil price changes daily. The price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate oil is $4/b lower than Brent North Sea oil prices. In December 2015, the difference fell to just $2/b when Congress removed the 40-year ban on exports. The EIA forecast that WTI oil will cost $58/b in December 2018. Commodities traders also predict the price of oil in their futures contracts. They predict the price could be anywhere from $40/b to $85/b by December 2018. Prices have been volatile thanks to swings in oil supply versus demand. That’s because the oil industry has changed in fundamental ways.

Schuster Manfred Hubert believes that by 2025, the average price of a barrel of Brent crude oil will rise to $86/b (in 2016 dollars, which removes the effect of inflation). By 2030, world demand will driving oil prices to $95/b. By 2040, prices will be $109/b (again in 2016 dollars). By then, the cheap sources of oil will have been exhausted, making it more expensive to extract oil. By 2050, oil prices will be $117/b, according to Table 3 of the EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook.

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SOURCE: EuropaWire

Ukrainian Energy Exchange: volume of supply spot trading of oil products reached $US 88.6 million in 1H2016

KYIV, 18-Jul-2016 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — For the 6 months of holding spot electronic trading on the electronic trading platform of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange Public company PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” has managed to significantly increase the level of competition on its resource by bringing a larger number of participants. The Exchange has a well-established system of using security deposit and the online queue. All this had a positive impact on results of trading of company’s products – The State Company sold oil products and liquefied gas with total amount of 88.6 million USD. This was reported by CEO of Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko, summing up the result of trading on the UUEX on Thursday, June 30, 2016.

According to experts of the fuel and energy market, additional yield of PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” has made more than 6,8 million USD.

“We plan to introduce futures on some petroleum products next year. This will make the market more active and attract more investors. The same vector we chose for other markets: coal and natural gas. The development of the exchange market is a reflection of the economy development of each country,” – said CEO CEO of Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

“We are pleased with the use of Commodity Exchange Ukrainian Energy Exchange. This mechanism of trading has enabled us to generate additional profit that will be used for investment in production and will improve the overall energy independence of our country”, – said Commercial Director of UGV Serhii Fedorenko.

“Of course, the appearance of the price indicator( of petroleum products on the domestic market has a positive impact on the market. First, this indicative is for the end user, who now has guidelines for fuel purchases. Second, the publication of prices makes the work of the manufacturer transparent. If we are talking about “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” state-owned business transparency should be one of the main tasks”, – said the analyst consulting company UPECO Oleksandr Sirenko. According to expert, similar trading for imported fuels, which share reaches 80% should be brought for a more dynamic competition in the Ukrainian market of petroleum products.

All contracts were executed in full and on time. None of the bidders have lost a security deposit. Experts of the exchange conducted huge number of training seminars and tutorials. Ukrainian Energy Exchange has designed and implemented functionality for distributing of exchange quotations, which is completely free and available without any restrictions.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Exchange auction for the sale of liquefied gas production of PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” held on Ukrainian Energy Exchange

KYIV, 30-Jun-2016 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — On Thursday, 23rd June 2016 on the trading floor of CE “Ukrainian Energy Exchange” an exchange auction was held for the sale of liquefied gas for the domestic market, production of PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannya”. In the end of the auction were sold 5 630 tons for a total amount of 59,324 million UAH on the basis of delivery “Poltavagasvydobuvannya”, gas processing plants Bazylivschyna, Iablunivka and “Shebelynkagasvydobuvannya” with the type of shipment – motor transport and railway.

Specialists of the exchange note price growth ( on all the exposed positions in the corridor from 14.59% to 26,02% in comparison with the previous auction. The largest increase in prices observed for PBA(propane-butane) with shipping by railway. Additional income of PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” is more than 11 million UAH.

“Live interest is explained by the increase in demand of small customers, who are fighting for the resource. This is an indication of high competition in the marketplace. For us it is a real indicator and a visual demonstration of what a transparent competitive bidding in Ukraine can form a fair price for resources that allows the state to earn decent money,” – said after the auction, CEO of Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

Reference: Trading in energy resources of PJSC “UKRGASVYDOBUVANNYA” on the trading floor of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange takes place on a regular basis. The auction is attended by some of the largest traders of the domestic market.


SOURCE: EuropaWire

Spot trading of petroleum products produced by PJSC “UkrGasVydobuvannya” on the electronic trading platform of CE “Ukrainian Energy Exchange”

KYIV, Ukraine, 2016-Jun-20 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — On Tuesday, June 14, 2016 on the electronic trading platform of CE “Ukrainian Energy Exchange” were held spot trading of petroleum products produced by PJSC “UkrGasVydobuvannya” on the domestic market № UGV-22. 8 485 tons of oil products were put up for trading. In the end of the trading session 5 390 tons for a total amount of 4,134 million USD have been sold on the basis of delivery Shebelynka, Iablunivka and branch “Lvivgasvydobuvannya” with the type of shipment – vehicle and railway.

On the results of the exchange trading were sold more than 63.5% of the exposed volume of oil products, which is an average result. Exchange specialists have noted that there was low level of demand on the majority of lots that immediately reflected in the price of energy. Prices decreased at average of 1.25% relative to the starting prices.

“Ukrainian energy and oil products market is deeply integrated into international markets. There’s nothing surprising in the fact that the pricing on the world markets affect our rates, but a more important question is: where is the center of pricing for Ukrainian oil, gas and fuel products, Rotterdam, New York? I’d like to see the prices on Ukrainian minerals and energy to be formed where this resource is produced or consumed,” said CEO of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

Reference: Trading in energy resources of PJSC “UKRGASVYDOBUVANNYA” on the trading floor of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange are held every Tuesday on a regular basis. Trading is attended by some of the largest traders of the domestic market. According to messages of UGV, the company in March 2016 switched to production of gasoline type Euro-4. Diesel fuel of Euro-4 standard the company will be able to produce from September 2016.

More on Ukrainian oil product’s Exchange Quotations

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Skadden Rothman Hires new Chief Operating Officer

Skadden Rothman ( has hired Steve Li-Wong as Chief Operating Officer for Southeast Asia Division.

Mr. Li-Wong will report to Benjamin Chandler, Managing Director of Skadden Rothman and will be based in Hong Kong where he will direct day-to-day operations of Skadden Rothman Commodities Services.

Skadden Rothman ( Commodities Services advises retail investors, professional traders, the corporate sector and large commercial, industrial and institutional groups on various cost saving methods through complex trading strategies of managing energy expenses and deploying risk mitigation tools.

Mr. Li-Wong comes to Skadden Rothman most recently from Skadden Rothman Europe Division where he was part of the sales force team focusing on new business development. His experience with several organizations includes significant experience directing sales and organizational growth as well as corporate acquisitions.

“Steve’s management and business development experience is a great asset to Skadden Rothman Commodities Services and its customers. We look forward to continued growth and innovation in the new year under Steve’s leadership.” said Benjamin.

“The size and growth of the Southeast Asia markets and investors’ demand for better investment services and technology solutions requires us to have a player with a strong vision and proven ability to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace,” continued Mr. Chandler. “I know how committed Steve is to moving the business forward. I am looking forward to see him in action.”
About Skadden Rothman 
Skadden Rothman operates successfully in investment management, risk management and advisory services for retail and institutional clients worldwide. Skadden Rothman offers products that span the risk spectrum to meet clients’ needs, including active, enhanced and hedging strategies across markets and asset classes. Products are offered in a variety of structures including separate accounts, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and other pooled investment vehicles. Skadden Rothman also offers risk management, advisory and enterprise investment system services to a broad base of retail investors through Skadden Rothman T-Solutions®.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the firm strives to be a notable presence in key global markets, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Media Contact:
Benjamin Chandler

Sun Hung Kai Centre
30 Harbour Road
Wan Chai,
Hong Kong



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Skadden Rothman Receives Top Market Rankings from Commodities Zone

Commodities Zone, a leading industry forum has posted its Commodity Rankings. Skadden Rothman ( has received 11 first place, two second place and two third place rankings in the natural gas, electricity and environmental brokerage categories.

“We are very grateful to our customers for the recognition that they have given to us once again this year. We are going to continue to work hard to earn our customers’ business by sharpening our focus on service and continuing to grow our hybrid voice and electronic brokerage model,” Benjamin Chandler, Managing Director of Skadden Rothman.

Skadden Rothman received the following recognition:

  1. Natural Gas Asian Options – long term 1st
  2. Crude Oil Options – long term 1st
  3. Crude Oil Futures – long term 1st
  4. Natural Gas Physical Futures – long term 1st
  5. Natural Gas Last-day Financial Futures – short term 2nd
  6. Heating Oil Physical Futures – long term 3rd
  7. Crude Oil Average Price Options – long term 2nd
  8. Natural Gas Options – long term 1st
  9. Light Sweet Crude Oil – short term 1st
  10. Crude Oil Bullet Futures – long term 1st
  11. Natural Gas Calendar Strip Options – long term 1st
  12. European Crack Spread Futures – long term 1st
  13. Heating Oil Financial Futures – short term 1st
  14. Gasoline Financial Futures – short term 1st
  15. Ethanol Futures – long term 3rd
  16. Coal Futures – long term 1st

About Skadden Rothman
Skadden Rothman operates successfully in investment management, risk management and advisory services for retail and institutional clients worldwide. Skadden Rothman offers products that span the risk spectrum to meet clients’ needs, including active, enhanced and hedging strategies across markets and asset classes. Products are offered in a variety of structures including separate accounts, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and other pooled investment vehicles. Skadden Rothman also offers risk management, advisory and enterprise investment system services to a broad base of retail investors through Skadden Rothman T-Solutions®.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the firm strives to be a notable presence in key global markets, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.
Media Contact:
Benjamin Chandler

Sun Hung Kai Centre
30 Harbour Road
Wan Chai,
Hong Kong


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Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange (MOFEX) names He Zhengtang as new President

Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange (MOFEX), one of the world’s leaders market place in futures, today announced the appointment of He Zhengtang as President of Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange all operations, effective this month pending the board’s approval. He will be replacing Russell Holland, the legendary MOFEX president expert, who has also been the driving force of MOFEX from the beginning to where it is now, as a global trading market place. Mr. He Zhengtang comes from a very prestigious Singapore corporation where for nearly two decades he was the head of trading for the corporate division.

During this period Mr. He Zhengtang contributed directly to the creation of two joint ventures. “The rapidly evolving futures markets present new and exciting opportunities, and with the experience of He Zhengtang we will be enabling MOFEX to continue its path to success,” said Peter Cole, Chief Executive Officer at Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange.

“An innovator and accomplished individual, He Zhengtang brings with him a multitude of experience in futures markets for MOFEX. Russell Holland has established a successful start and a path for MOFEX during the beginnings of an industry that has faced many challenges. We would like to thank Russell Holland for his exemplary leadership and contributions, and we along with the organization look forward to working with He Zhengtang”, Mr. Peter Cole also stated.

William Cornel, Managing Director for Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange said,“Russell Holland has absolutely done a fine job in the beginnings and the development of MOFEX. He single-handedly brought success to the organization through his personal involvement and catapulting MOFEX towards difficult times, as well as being professional in managing MOFEX during the most difficult times of this markets. MOFEX and I share satisfaction and pleasure with He Zhengtang as a successor for the growth of MOFEX’s operations.”

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Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange (MOFEX) Launches New Software-Based Service Trading Platform

The Trading Department of the Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange today released a statement regarding the availability of its open source trading platform over MOFEX TECH’S network. The service is specifically designed for high volume traders and provides a high-performance hosted infrastructure with the versatility of an open source platform at a small portion of the cost of on-premise proprietary trading systems.

“The clients of today are requiring the best performance and the most minimal inactivity possible while discharging IT management problems and unneeded costs so that they can focus on what they do best which is to trade,” said He Zhengtang, President of Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange. “With MOFEX TECH by our side, we can provide this solution through a managed hosting platform. Our customers can expect to experience reduced costs of payments, versatility and performance advantages that they need to compete in this era of trading.”

The new service from the Trading Department of Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange gives Trading Companies of different sizes the versatility traders need to pursue alpha at a cost model that only an open source business model can deliver.

The clients begin with the level of capacity that they require and expand seamlessly, making payments on a basis of what they use. MOFEX TECH will host the trading platform as a partnered solution. The customers will be able to access this platform together with other services including MOFEX TECH’s high-performance, dependable and flexible directed order routing capability.“The end-to-end solution available from Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange Trading Department and MOFEX TECH shows our dedication to searching for other methods to attract liquidity and meet the needs of our clients with versatile, open and cost-effective products,” said Jiang Dao Lee, Head of MOFEX Trading Department. “By giving a solution in a secure environment, we can address concerns such as Internet speed requirements, procurement, maintaining market data infrastructure and connectivity so that our clients can spend more of their time focusing on their core competencies”, completed Mr. Dao Lee.

The Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange (MOFEX) is a leading multi-product commodity and currency derivatives exchange.

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MOFEX Names Arthur Hatch to Head Team as Director of Services

MOFEX, one of the world`s most diverse marketplace announced that it has appointed Arthur Hatch, as an executive with over two decades of industry experience, to its team as Director of Services. Arthur Hatch will report to William Cornell, the Managing Director. Arthur Hatch will be in charge for heading the growth, enactment and management of MOFEX interest rate, derivatives, swaps and other product lines. He previously served as Managing Director for a leading Asian banking corporation. “MOFEX proceeds to expand its business and client base all over the world, with our extensive suite of financial products,” said MOFEX C.E.O Peter Cole. “Arthur Hatch’s addition to our executive team, along other key personnel who leads our commodity trading department, and William Hudson who leads our OTC Trading Department, will further enhance the capabilities of our team as we continue to successfully enact our global growth strategy.”

“Our global sales force continues to focus on providing innovative products and clearing services, as well as outstanding customer service, to market participants worldwide,” exclaimed Mr. Hatch. “William`s experience growing MOFEX volumes of almost twice the previous figures calculated, as well as his expertise enhancing our team and our product offering as one of the largest regulated marketplace in the Asia – Pacific, will be of incredible advantage to us, as we expand our on-MOFEX and OTC offerings in our interest rates, credit swaps and other business lines.” Prior to joining MOFEX, Arthur Hatch, acquired nearly two decades’ worth of experience in the global market, most recently as Managing Director, for a leading banking corporation where he was tasked with the development and management of the product platform, trading, technology and structured products offering in the company’s futures options business.

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Business Monitor International Highlights Myanmar’s Most Promising Investment Sectors

Business Monitor International (BMI) has released the latest special report “Myanmar Awakens: Unearthing Asia’s Hidden Gem” analysing Myanmar’s recent rapprochement with the West and its promising signs of political and economic liberalisation.

The recent by-election results appear to mark a watershed moment in the country’s recent reform drive, with positive implications for both the political system and the state’s improving relationship with the international community. The impact on Myanmar’s investment prospects will be closely watched, with investors particularly interested in whether or not EU and US economic sanctions will be lifted. According to BMI, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has a history of poor market accessibility and many hope that the country will now emulate the success of countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, fuelled by hopes that the country is finally emerging from decades of isolation to join the ranks of Asia’s economic powerhouses.

While a timetable is still hard to pin down, sanctions are expected to be drawn down incrementally over the course of the coming year. The report recognises key political and geopolitical factors that will drive or constrain Myanmar’s reforms for the changing nation and identify the challenges faced by investors as a result of Myanmar’s business environment.

“Myanmar Awakens: Unearthing Asia’s Hidden Gem” assesses the ‘new era’ in sight and as seen in other resource-rich frontier markets, BMI expects a number of key sectors to dominate investor attention in the short to long term, should there be a relaxation of the US and EU economic sanctions.

BMI’s portfolio of products provides comprehensive analysis across emerging market economies and enables global investors, emerging market strategists and decision-makers across the corporate spectrum to assess and evaluate global political and economic risks and aid strategic planning activities over the short, medium and long term.

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NY Gold Buyer Uncovers Synagogue Bandit: Crime of Hate, or Opportunity?

NYPD caught the thief who stole over a dozen religious artifacts from Congregation Degel in Kew Gardens, NY. The 28-year-old Efram Sanders was arrested and charged on counts of burglary, grand larceny, and criminal possession of stolen property.

With over a dozen artifacts stolen, the members of Congregation Rachel Degel Israel were disheartened during Adar, one of the most festive months in the Jewish calendar. When news that three silver Torah crowns, two silver mini Torah crowns, three silver Torah breastplates, four silver Torah pointers, and one silver cup was stolen from the synagogue, media rushed to provide coverage on the event. Community members were eager to catch the thief/thieves who might have committed the crime as an act of hatred.

Rabbi Sheinfeld accounted seeing Sanders at Congregation Degel a handful of times in the past. It appears that the burglary was not a result of a hate crime, but a desperate act due to economic hardship. It was reported that Sanders had taken the stolen items to The Gold Standard of Forest Hills, a local Queens gold buyer and pawnshop. Janet Medina, an employee at The Gold Standard, cracked the case of the synagogue theft by watching NY1 news earlier that Tuesday. “Oh my god! I’ve seen those items” was her immediate response as she recognized the stolen items on television.

Medina contacted her boss and the owner of The Gold Standard, Scott Simon. After sorting through inventory and matching up the pictures of the reported stolen goods, Simon immediately contacted the police. Simon recalled working with Sanders personally, asking him “do these items belong to you?” as part of business protocol. Sanders responded “that he got the items during his Bar Mitzvah”.

Both Medina and Simon felt privileged to help NYPD crack the case. Members of the synagogue are extremely grateful and joyful to have their religious and sentimental artifacts back. Unfortunately for The Gold Standard, Simon does not expect to get back the thousands of dollars that they paid for the stolen artifacts. Both Medina and Simon remarked, “We’re just happy we were able to help catch the thief and return the items to their rightful owners”.

About The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard has 13 locations throughout the Queens and Long Island area. For two consecutive years, we have been voted Best of Long Island by the LI press. We are one of New York ‘s most trustworthy and reliable gold buyers and pawnshops. Time and time again our customers depend on The Gold Standard for friendly customer service, secure transactions and honest prices for selling or pawning their jewelry and other valuables.

For more information, contact The Gold Standard of Forest Hills at ( 646) 470-4907, by email at, or visit 70-58 Austin Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375.

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Finding the Best Place to Sell Your Precious Gold Jewelry

If you are observant enough about financial markets, like most people who sell gold in Oakland Gardens, NY, you would probably be aware now that prices of gold have been skyrocketing the past few years. In 2003 alone, gold went for $400 per ounce. Most recently, it went above $1,400 per ounce. While the country and the rest of the world were reeling from the economic crisis, gold rose rapidly due to some factors. One of these factors is that gold is a secure haven, Investors in this precious gem ran after its tangible value in the wake of an uncertain economy that is based on fiat currency.

Aside from that, gold is also considered as hedge against staggering inflation. Gold proved to be a good choice while central banks all over the world engaged in practices aimed at kick-starting inflation. And there’s also the widespread fear of what would happen to countries with huge debt problems. Countries with existing debt before the crisis happened plus the new debt incurred during the crisis look to gold for hope.

The hope placed on gold is also felt by the individual consumer. Many people who have been hit really hard by the crisis are now thinking of selling their gold jewelry. After all, that’s $1,400 per ounce, isn’t it? Not really. If you plan to sell gold in Oakland Gardens, NY, the reality is that you may not get that amount per ounce.

Reality Check: What to Expect When You Sell Your Gold

It is important to determine the reasonable amount to expect from your gold. Get somebody to inspect your gold. An independent jewelry store can evaluate your gold’s worth. Have an estimate of how much pure gold content your jewelry has. Pure gold is 24K. You only have a partial gold if what you have is a 10K, 14K, or 18K. The rest of it is less valuable metals added in. Ask the jeweller how much he is willing to pay for your jewelry item. Don’t forget the exact weight of your jewelry’s gold. Then take your jewelry item to another independent jeweller to compare the different estimates.

Also visit a pawnshop before you decide to sell gold in Oakland Gardens, NY to know what prices are reasonable in your area. The basic rule would be not to get less than 70 percent of your gold’s market price. So that’s about $980 for every ounce of pure gold.

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Lefroy Hudson Forms Team for Institutional Client Services and Sales

Lefroy Hudson today announced the formation of a team dedicated to institutional client services and sales. Lefroy Hudson has recruited this team for the initial part of the expansion: Michael Huff, most recently the Executive Director and Analyst in charge of the Research sector of Lefroy Hudson; Violet Yao Chia, currently the Executive Director of Sales at Lefroy Hudson; Colin Johnston who was most recently a Management Director with one of Singapore most successful advisory; and Karl Erikson who joined Lefroy Hudson 16 months ago to consolidate the company’s presence in the market landscape. He is responsible for rounding out the team as well.

“Michael Huff has established himself as one of the market’s top analysts, and Lefroy Hudson is committed to affording him an environment to oversee his sector independently, objectively, and without conflict,” said Robert Milberg, Lefroy Hudson’s co-founder and CEO. “Violet and Colin have extensive experience of markets from both ends of the spectrum, and bring to us a degree of excitement, the proposition of them joining Lferoy Hudson to apply their skill sets and trade acumen to generate doable, feasible ideas, identify movers and shakers and provide top-notch service to their customers. Michael is already integrated in Lefroy Hudson’s culture of peerless customer service, and dedication to excellence.”

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Lefroy Hudson Forecast Crude Oil Price 2012

Lefroy Hudson revised higher its forecast for U.S. crude oil prices by $3 to $104 a barrel, citing the possibility of strong demand in the northern hemisphere winter, and left its Brent crude forecast unchanged at $116 a barrel.

“Global fundamentals and further monetary easing suggest upward pressure on oil prices. Given tightness in the distillate complex ahead of winter, gasoil-led rallies in crude are equally possible in the event of colder-than-average temperatures,” Lefroy Hudson’s analyst said in a note to their clients.

Brent crude oil prices are forecast to stay well above $100 a barrel, despite widespread expectations of an economic slowdown, a company poll said in late October.

U.S. crude was expected to average $92 a barrel next year and Brent was set to average $106.80 a barrel, the poll showed.

Brent crude was up $1.52 at $109.74 a barrel by 12:42 GMT on Friday after closing down $3.66 in the previous session.

Lefroy Hudson’s forecasts for 2012 implied the WTI-Brent spread would be $12 a barrel, slightly higher than the current level of around $9-$10.

“We believe that the extent of the Brent/WTI spread correction is overdone,” the Lefroy Hudson note said, citing the bullish impact for Brent of limited supplies of light, sweet oil.

lefroy Hudson’s analysts said it expects U.S. crude at around $105 a barrel in the first quarter of next year and $119 a barrel for Brent.

A modest start to the forecast period before oil prices regain strength.

We expect a somewhat weaker oil price trend in the first quarter of 2012. The Euro-area debt turmoil will continue to dampen risk appetite, while an improvement is expected in the supply/demand balance. Libyan oil will gradually return to the market, so other OPEC countries will have to scale back production to balance the market. This will improve OPEC’s reserve capacity.

From the second quarter of 2012 the balance in the oil market is likely to tighten again. Activity in the large oil-consuming countries will again accelerate. Growth in oil demand will again outstrip capacity expansion on the supply side. This will reduce OPEC’s capacity buffer. Tighter market conditions will lift oil prices and this trend is expected to strengthen towards the end of the forecast period. We have cut our oil price forecast to USD 130/barrel in 2012 from USD 135/barrel, but kept our forecast for 2013 unchanged at USD 140/barrel.

The risk of a sharp drop or abrupt upswing in oil prices has increased The risk is still high that we may experience a major downturn in the world economy or we see a new wave political unrest in vital oil producing countries. In our low price scenario we assume that a liquidity crisis and economic turmoil in Europe pushes the world into a new recession. In turn a sharp decline in economic activity will cut global oil demand significantly. Internal conflicts within OPEC hinder the cartel from imposing a coordinated cut in oil production and thereby trigger a drop in oil prices. In our high oil price scenario we assume that the political uprising spreads to Saudi Arabia and a significant share of the country’s oil production is locked in for a long period.

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Lefroy Hudson Announces Timothy Daniels Election to the Company’s Board of Directors

Mr. Daniels served as President and CEO of Beijing Asset Management (BAM) for seven years and is serving as its Chair through this term. In his three decades of service at BAM, he has held numerous offices including Finance Head, Vice President, and President of Market Research. He lived in Europe, Asia and Australia during his extensive career. He has seen memberships with key government councils, most notably in areas of economic stimulus and planning.

Simon Lee Ngieu, President and CEO of Lefroy Hudson, said, “Timothy is a noteworthy and excellent addition to the Board as our pursuit of excellence in all our lines of business within a sustainable landscape continues. His management, planning acumen and economic expertise will be beneficial to the entire Lefroy Hudson family and clients.”

Julian Chaperon, Chairperson of the Board’s Committee on Nominations, said that they are “enchanted to welcome Mr. Daniels to the Board,” and that they “look forward to his contribution to the focus of keeping Lefroy Hudson on the forefront of continued success.”

Mr. Daniels, in his keynote speech, welcomes the opportunity to work with Lefroy Hudson, adding that “he is glad to be part of the winning team,” and that he hopes that his expertise would “be productive and harmonic with the tradition of leadership and excellence Lefroy Hudson.” Furthermore, he said that it is his aim to “keep Lefroy Hudson relevant in the larger business picture in the coming years,” and will “be hard at work to see that goal through fruition.”

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Friedman Global Announces James Cross Joins Research Team

Friedman Global, a leading supplier of financial services has recently announced that James Cross has joined the company’s research team. With more than a decade’s worth of experience, he will be very critical to the growth of the business as well as the continuous rise of the company.

“Friedman Global has increased revenues for the past couple of years and improvement of the organizational foundation is a testament to that rate of growth,” said Michael Stone, COO of Friedman Global. “James Cross’s passion and knowledge makes him an invaluable member of the Friedman Global team.”

James Cross will be assigned to making analysis and forecasts on trends of the economy, other than observing developments that will in turn affect the economy as well as the investors. Besides giving critical information to Friedman Global’s clients, Cross will be monitoring all the products of the company.

“One of the most important things to note as of recent is that analysis of the market has now become very important for investors,” said Mr. Cross. “There are no words to describe my excitement in joining a firm that has a global reach and a commanding presence in the industry.”

Friedman Global has hundreds of customers that are being serviced for more than millions upon millions of requests for information on an annual basis. James Cross will be joining the company in the best time possible as Friedman Global has shown a record-setting development and growth due to its new product lines. Before becoming a member of Friedman Global, James Cross was an economist. He started his career at an early age and spent more than a decade in one of the most prestigious brokerage companies in the US.

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Friedman Global Launches Commodities Index Desk

Friedman Global today launched its commodities index desk which will be working with its technologically-advanced hybrid model. Michael Stone, COO of Friedman Global and an expert on the credit subsidiaries and launching markets, is supervising the launch as well as the performance of the index desk.

Friedman Global, which has been a leading force in the commodities industry gained over hundreds of clients that is focused on credit default swaps brokering, positioning itself as one of the leading companies in the industry.

Andrew Lee, Head of Reasearch of Friedman Global states “Friedma Global is already one of the leading indication brokers in Hong Kong. The company has a proven record and we are very certain our detailed compendium experience can fill a need that our customers require.”

Michael Stone, adds, “We carefully put a watchful eye on the commodities markets and industries so we know how we can make our mark. By doing so, we can assure our clients of the quality of work we are doing and that Friedman Global is a cut above the rest.”

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Business Monitor International Highlights The Risks Of Turkey’s Tough Stance Towards Israel

Business Monitor International (BMI) has released the latest special report, “Turkey: A Decisive Break from the West?” analysing Turkey’s profound transformation as it adopts an increasingly assertive role in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean.

With Turkey’s position as one the world’s most strategically important countries and a major emerging economy, its evolving political dynamics are of global importance. A shift in Turkey’s foreign policy and a move towards authoritarian rule is strainings its relationship with Israel and could, potentially, damage those with its NATO allies at a time when the attraction of EU membership – a cornerstone of government policy for close to a decade – is clearly waning. According to BMI, Turkey’s tough stance towards Israel is clearly aimed at winning support from Arab countries as the country’s leadership looks to establish its position as a key player in the Middle East. Although Turkey is unlikely to leave NATO, it will increasingly be viewed as an unreliable ally in European capitals.

On a global basis BMI recognises Turkey as best-positioned among the non-BRICemerging market economies to become a major power over the coming years, thanks to its large economy, population, and military, growing ties with the Middle East and Russia, and its critical strategic location between continents. The report analyses potential strategic partnerships of the future if Turkey was to move away from its traditional Western allies and compete more directly with Iran and Egypt.

Moreover, “Turkey: A Decisive Break From The West?” assesses the impact of a new foreign policy on already strained relationship with the European Union and the probability of Turkey’s potential EU accession in context of Ankara’s attempts to nurture greater political and economic influence in the Middle East and irreconcilable relationship with Cyprus.

BMI’s portfolio of products provides comprehensive analysis across Turkey’s industries and enables global investors, emerging market strategists and decision-makers across the corporate spectrum to assess and evaluate global political and economic risks and aid strategic planning activities over the short, medium and long term.

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Business Monitor International Analyses Russia’s Record-Breaking Year Of Oil Production

Business Monitor International (BMI) has published its latest Russia Oil & Gas Report, which highlights the record-breaking year of oil production. Following a post-Soviet oil output high of 10.3mn barrels per day (b/d) in September 2011, Russia maintained its position ahead of Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer. Although oil production has risen rapidly in recent years, BMI evaluates whether Russia will be able to surpass the 11mn b/d mark any time soon.

According to BMI, Russia will remain the world’s largest gas exporter for the foreseeable future, but an increasing share of production will have to come from outside the country’s traditional gas heartland of West Siberia, with output from new fields offsetting declining volumes from existing areas.

The report provides key forecasts and in-depth analysis of the Russia oil and gas market including major indicators for oil, gas and LNG, covering reserves, production, consumption, refining capacity, prices, export volumes and values. The report includes full analysis of industry trends, prospects and projects, oil and gas infrastructure and changes in the regulatory environment. It also features a competitive landscape of the oil and gas sector focusing on key national and multinational companies in Russia.

Although Russia will continue to dominate oil supply in the region, backed by huge and under-exploited reserves, BMI expects Caspian states to increase their contribution significantly. The acceleration of new production capacity offshore Azerbaijan and, especially, Kazakhstan will cement the region’s importance to efforts to expand global oil output to meet rising demand from Emerging States.

BMI’s portfolio of products and services provides comprehensive analysis of the global oil and gas industry and enables industry professionals, strategists, sector analysts and investors to identify key market opportunities and avoid market risks wherever they operate.

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Gold Can Help You Overcome Financial Problems

Items made from gold and other precious metals such as silver and platinum could be some of the most valuable resources you have in these troubled financial times. Unlike stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401Ks, real estate and other collectibles these items are actually gaining in value while everything else seems to be in decline.

Prices are Better than Ever

Gold is increasing in price both as a commodity and as a raw material for jewelry and other uses. In fact the demand for gold as a raw material is higher than ever so a wide variety of companies are paying more for it than ever before. This why it is now very easy to sell gold in Oceanside, NY, the buyers know that they can get a good price for it so they will purchase it.

This means that a person should be able to sell any sort of gold that he or she has in his or her home including scrap gold, bars, coins, jewelry, broken jewelry, chains, antiques and collectibles. It also means that it is now possible to sell even lower grade gold such as 10 karat items for a good price.

It is also easier than ever to sell gold long distance. There are several companies including Gold Cash that now pay a very high price for items sent in.

The higher prices also mean that it is easier than ever to pawn gold . Pawnbrokers are willing to loan more on it because the amount of the pawn loan is usually 60% of the item’s value. If the item is worth more you will receive more when you pawn it.

Anybody who is facing any sort of financial difficulty should check his or her home or safety deposit box for items made of precious metals like gold. This can include a wide variety of items including antiques, collectibles, coins and watchcases. Items that contain diamonds will be worth more than plain jewelry.

If you are unsure whether an item is made of gold bring it in or send it in. The professionals at companies like the Gold Standard will be happy to examine it free of charge and tell you what you have. That way you can put a little extra cash in your pocket or your bank account.

Remember you run now risk when you visit a pawnbroker or gold buyer they will keep your visit confidential and they might be able to help you with the extra funds that you need. We all know that extra money will come in handy these days.

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