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North’n’Loans Company Starts Offering Small Business Loans in Canada

Toronto, ON, Canada, 2018-Apr-27 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — North’n’Loans adds small business loans to its range of services. Owing to this innovation, the company is now able to provide a qualified help to the small business owners in finding a reliable lender. The new service is already available on the company’s website.

The company is a Canadian service dedicated to connecting customers with direct lenders online. It provides assistance with finding quick financial solutions for Canadian citizens in many provinces. North’n’ is not a direct lender and only aims to connect a borrower with a suitable lender.

The company used to work only with short-term loan lenders that provide payday loans in Canada. Now North’n’Loans extends the range of its services and also offers the assistance with finding a reputable small business loan lender. The newly launched financial service is available for business owners 24/7 on the company’s website.

North’n’ aims to allow the entrepreneurs to satisfy their financial needs with the help of online lending. The service connects a business owner with a reliable lender in accordance with the information in an application form and customer’s place of residence.

A customer can apply for the service submitting the online application form on the company’s website. An applicant needs to enter basic personal data to make a request. Once the application is filed, the approval process starts and a lender contacts the customer within a short period of time. The borrower receives the money to the bank account within 24 hours after approval. The applicants do not pay any fees for using the service offered on the North’n’Loans website.

The company’s database consists of certified private lenders from different provinces. North’n’Loan gives anyone an opportunity to apply for a loan owing to a large number of different lenders. The company’s website informs that the loans are usually given on the basis of the current income and the ability to pay it back. Despite the high chances, the company does not guarantee 100% approval.

All the loans are processed completely online. The customer discusses the loans terms, application status, fees and rates directly with a lender. The company is not responsible for the borrower-lender relationship.

The company continues to improve its services and also presents a new financial blog for Canadian citizens. The articles provide recommendations for achieving financial stability and some useful tips for those who face financial difficulties. The topics enlightened on the North’n’Loans blog vary from the retirement options to the college loans details.

Apart from that, North’n’Loans created a French version of its website to make it convenient for French-speaking citizens of Canada. A language switch is added to make the service available for the residents from all Canadian regions.

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More Financial press releases ofrece microcréditos online con las mejores condiciones

MADRID, Spain, Apr-26-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — En abril de 2018 comenzó sus operaciones el servicio de microcréditos online Es un servicio internacional de préstamos online que se especializa en préstamos a personas físicas. El propósito de es proporcionar a los prestatarios servicios de calidad. se diferencia de otros servicios porque emite préstamos con la tasa de interés más baja – desde el 0,7%. El procedimiento para obtener un préstamo online es sencillo, rápido y no obliga al prestatario a ir a una sucursal física.

La empresa utiliza su sistema propio de “scoring “, que mide una serie de parámetros objetivos y otorga a cada persona una puntuación que ayuda a decidir si conceder o no el préstamo en pocos minutos sin papeleo ni aval. Este servicio funciona las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana. Cualquier residente en España mayor de 21 años puede solicitar un préstamo de hasta 900 euros. Para hacerlo, necesitará una conexión a Internet, su DNI y sus datos bancarios. Los préstamos de hasta 900 euros con un plazo de devolución de hasta 35 días se transfieren inmediatamente a la cuenta bancaria del cliente. Además, ofrece un programa de fidelización a sus clientes: a partir del segundo préstamo, cada préstamo se concede con un descuento acumulativo del 5%.

“En la vida de cada persona siempre se da una situación en que se puede necesitar dinero urgentemente. Si tenéis familiares o amigos a los que podéis pedir dinero prestado – genial. Desafortunadamente, no todas las personas han tenido tanta suerte. Nuestro servicio está destinado a ayudar a las personas que no tienen otra salida y nos esforzamos por hacer que sea rápido, sencillo y cómodo”, afirma Andrey Gorbushkin.

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Fast Invest will allow users to use their bitcoin or ethereum as collateral for loans in traditional currencies

Essex, UK, 13-Dec-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — Fast Invest is excited to announce the launch of its native cryptocurrency token (FIT) during their upcoming ICO launched on December 4th. The FinTech company has been operating since 2015 in the investment loan space, connecting funders with loan-seekers in a peer-to-peer exchange. With more than 8,500 daily users from 36 countries, Fast Invest is expanding into the largely unoccupied cryptocurrency lending sector.

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have been rapidly in 2017, racking up a seventeen times (at the time of this press release) increase in market capitalization since the beginning of 2017.  As these financial technologies mature new opportunities arise, especially for unbanked and underbanked populations. This is because digital currencies allow for the exchange of value without the need for central banks or other intermediaries. Fast Invest aims to leverage these developments to democratize investment by allowing people to invest as little as one dollar on their loan platform. This enables users to band together to crowdfund a loan that gets paid back with interest, which can then generate returns for the loan suppliers.

In what may be a first for the industry, Fast Invest will allow users to use their bitcoin or ethereum as collateral for loans in traditional currencies. Due to the nature of smart contracts, loans like this can be executed with very little human input and all parties can be sure that the terms of the loan will be carried out. This is because smart contracts utilize code and mathematics to enforce agreements without the need for human intervention.

By expanding to cryptocurrency-based investment instruments the company aims to reduce friction in the world of P2P investment and loan services. These offerings include a cryptocurrency exchange, digital wallet for holding tokens, cryptocurrency investment services, decentralized lending, and a payment card that can be funded by cryptocurrencies but used like a credit card.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Property Investors Should Consider All Borrowing Options to Finance Purchases

Leicestershire, United Kingdom, 2017-Jan-16 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — The experienced team behind one of the UK’s leading property financing firms is advising property investors from all occupations to consider the full range of available options before deciding to commit to any one product. With so many borrowing products to choose from, finding the most appropriate financing deal to fund a property purchase is often one of the most essential yet complicated aspects involved – particularly when there are so many different lenders and borrowing options out there.

From affordable bridging loan products and property development loans through to secured finance and second charge products, UK Property Finance can provide exclusive access to some of the most competitive financing options on the market, many of which are quite simply unavailable when scouring the numerous high street lenders such as banks and building societies.

Securing Finance Against Commercial Property
“At UK Property Finance, we like to think of ourselves as an intelligent alternative to the more traditional streams of funding. Unlike banks or building societies, we have access to an exclusive panel of wealthy individuals and specialist lenders who will consider any type of property investment based on its own merits. As a fully FCA Authorised and Regulated, “whole of market” broker, we can source competitive funds from any main lender and our borrowing rates are quite simply the best available.” – UK Property Finance

Most borrowing options secured against commercial property types are only available up to 75% of the property’s worth. However, UK Property Finance are able to work in tandem with both lender and borrower in order to create a uniquely structured and targeted borrowing package that is delivered in increments as the various conditions and stages of completion are met.

Where commercial property loans are concerned, there are typically two main repayment methods available – interest only or the more standard practice of monthly repayments. With the interest only option, the borrower must pay the original balance at the end of the term, minus the interest itself, which has already been paid in regular instalments.

In addition to commercial property loans, UK Property Finance can also provide highly competitive bridging products. These versatile, short-term borrowing products are the perfect solution whenever a larger cash sum is required quickly in order to bridge a shortfall in funds that is temporary in nature. With bridging finance, the repayment period is usually fixed at 12 months with an exceptionally low level of interest and the final payment being the only payment required, covering all borrowing costs at once.

Faster Borrowing for Urgent Situations
“One of the main advantages of commercial bridging loans is the tremendous speed at which they can be arranged. As the name suggests, Commercial Bridging Loans are usually secured against commercial real estate or land, in much the same way as a residential bridging product would be secured against a home. The monies raised can normally be used for any reason the borrower sees fit, such as financing the purchase of a new property that needs to be redeveloped, or even the payment of overdue tax bills. As commercial bridging finance is not regulated by the FCA, the reasons for borrowing can be much more varied that with most other types of finance.” – UK Property Finance

As a leading independent brokerage, UK Property Finance can simplify the process of borrowing funds for commercial reasons so that secured funds can be acquired quickly and effortlessly – even when the situation is decidedly urgent. Their rates and fees are extremely competitive and their products are always delivered in an intelligent and cost effective manner. For more information regarding the borrowing options available, either visit the website at or send an email to outlining your needs.

Contact-Details: UK Property Finance. 2 Nursery Court, Unit 2C, Kibworth Business Park, Harborough Road, Kibworth Harcourt, Leicestershire, LE80EX, U.K.
Tel: 01164645544

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Leading Bridging Loans Broker Talks Life-Saving Small Business Finance

Leicestershire, UK, 2016-Jun-24 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Highlights the Value of Alternative Financial Products for Smaller Businesses

bridging loans

A growing number of leading industry experts are openly backing the use of bridging loans by smaller businesses, for which convenience access to essential finances often means the difference between business life and death. Cash-flow represents a challenge for most small businesses – conventional banks and lenders often being unwilling or unable to help.

According to the team at, a high-quality bridging loan can be nothing short of life-saving for the smaller business or start-up. While high street lenders continue to walk away from what they consider ‘higher-risk’ lending activity, the bridging loan community can offer a faster, fairer and far more intelligent small business financing service.

Immediate Access

“The main advantage of bridging for all businesses is the speed on offer. While traditional mortgages, property development finance and bank loans can take months to arrange, a bridging loan can be completed in days. When used appropriately, the ability to raise finance this quickly can be a major benefit, enabling a business to make the most of any impromptu opportunity. By allowing businesses to act at the right time, bridging loans can become a vital tool in ensuring their growth.”

Over the past five years, the average costs associated with starting a new business in the United Kingdom have increased exponentially. Commercial rents alone have spiked up to 300% in many key areas, while utility bills and operational expenses in general continue to rise. Unsurprisingly, small businesses and start-ups in growing numbers are finding themselves facing unexpected and often-incapacitating shortfalls.

Where shortfalls are temporary, a bridging loan can be remarkably effective. By providing the business with near-instant cash for any agreed purpose whatsoever, short-term financial obstacles can be overcome quickly, responsibly and proactively.

Intelligent Finance, Instant Quotations

“Funds raised from bridging finance can be used for pretty much any legal reason, provided it is agreed with the lender from the outset. A specialist bridging loan company such as, have, due to the volume we process, special relationships with all of the key lenders and know the requirements needed to ensure a quick and smooth transaction. We also use our own funds for certain lending, which helps us to move even quicker if required. Processing time is however normally just a few working days.” –

According to the team at, intelligent financial solutions are already playing a pivotal role in supporting the UK’s small business community. From securing premises in the first place to essential refurbishment and all initial setup costs, a bridging loan can provide short-term help with providing the potentially substantial financing that new businesses need to get off the ground.

Banks and conventional lenders may be unwilling to support small business growth and expansion which the bridging loan industry believes is of the up most importance to the British economy.

About is a leading UK finance broker & principle bridging loan funder with a unique commitment to transparency and customer service excellence. Bridging loans are offered on the back of comprehensive and digestible information to ensure rational and beneficial decision making across both domestic and professional circles alike. The team takes great pride in pioneering innovative new services to meet the short-term financial needs of UK borrowers from all walks of life.

Contact-Details:, 2 Nursery Court, Unit 2C, Kibworth Business Park, Harborough Road, Kibworth Harcourt, Leicestershire, LE80EX, UK. Tel: Web

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DUBLIN, IRELAND, February 24, 2015 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Over the past few months VML was contacted by Mr Conor Ryan and other reporters working on a programme for RTE, the Irish broadcaster.

It soon became clear that a number of untrue and defamatory allegations – about VML and persons formerly or currently connected with it – would be made in the programme and had already been made to third parties. After VML clearly outlined the correct position to RTE, its lawyers confirmed that the programme and/or its reporting would be “fair and balanced”, “fair, impartial and objective”, “fair to all interests concerned”, “fair and accurate”, “broadcast in good faith” and contain “nothing misleading, unsavoury or malicious” nor any “distortions or untruths”. VML was further assured by RTE’s lawyers that it “adheres to high standards of journalistic ethics” and follows “proper journalistic standards”.

Unfortunately, this did not happen: despite withdrawing many of the untrue and defamatory allegations, when broadcasting its programme on 5th February, RTE retained a number of others.

Accordingly, on 13th February 2015, following the advice of Senior and Junior Counsel, VML issued proceedings against RTE and Mr Ryan. The proceedings are for defamation, procuring a breach of confidence, malicious falsehood and other wrongs, for which aggravated and exemplary damages are sought. It is expected that other parties will issue similar proceedings in the English High Court.

The true position, as previously stated to but ignored by RTE, is as follows:
• In 2004, VML effectively came under the control of the British Government.
• In 2011, VML was sold by the British Government to an English private company.
• In 2014, VML was sold by that English company to its present owner.
• The beneficial owners of VML’s shares and debt are those appearing on the public register.
• VML’s current owner and directors are entirely distinct from the previous owners and directors.

Vivier Mortgages
Vivier Mortgages is a Dublin, Ireland based home loan company that has specialised in secured property lending, principally for domestic mortgages and building projects, for nearly twenty years. The company, having recently become part of Vivier Group, is currently looking for new opportunities in Ireland, in the areas of property acquisition, redevelopment and regeneration.

Vivier Group
Vivier Group is the global umbrella organisation of the Auckland based Vivier & Co and Vivier Investments, the London based Vivier Developments & Vivier Home Loans, and the Dublin based Vivier Mortgages.

Luigi Wewege
Luigi Wewege is the founder of Vivier Group and the Managing Director of Vivier Mortgages (a Dublin, Ireland based home loan company), as well as CEO of its Auckland based financial services arm, Vivier & Co, a boutique Financial Service Provider in New Zealand, offering no-cost, above average returns for investors.

Media Contact

Company Name: Vivier Mortgages
Contact Person: Media Relations Manager
Phone: +353 1 697 1353
Country: Ireland

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Herrington Global Follows Up on Strong First Half with Streamlined Management Structure and Promotions

Herrington Global will further position itself for global expansion and future growth.

Herrington Global announced today that the company is streamlining its management structure to further position itself for global expansion and future growth. The move, effective immediately, follows strong results for the six-month period and average customer equity up 52 percent. Volume also continues to climb, up 18 percent.

Under the new structure, certain executives will assume increased responsibilities, and the number of officers reporting directly to Mr. Alfred T. Emerson, Herrington GlobalChairman and Chief Executive Officer will be reduced significantly.

Mr. Emerson said : “We’re very pleased that the foundation we have put in place has resulted in such an upward trend for the first half, particularly in this low interest rate environment. With the recent return of our founding members as majority owners and the support of our Board in regard to our global growth strategy, it’s time to position ourselves with a streamlined management structure. This approach will make the best use of our talented, experienced management team, challenging them to build on and enhance our strategy.”

Reporting to Mr. Emerson under the new structure will be Mary Janssens, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development; Glen Buckley, Executive Vice President and President of the Asian Markets; Matthew J. Lee, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer; Peter Xi Lau, Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer; Rob L. Martins, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; and Eileen Leung, Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

In the new structure, Glen will expand his sales management efforts internationally as he assumes responsibility for the sales teams in Europe. He will continue to oversee New York Sales and the strategy supporting the firm’s over-the-counter and foreign exchange initiatives.

He will continue to oversee all aspects of the client experience, from account management, to product design and Client Services.

All aspects of Risk, Operations and Technology will be under one umbrella, reporting to Xi Lau. Mr. Emerson said this will promote the seamless integration between risk management, technology and operations.

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Herrington Global Announces Successful Transition to Three-Way Trade Confirmation for Tri-Party Repo Clients

Reforms will continue into 2013 declared Benjamin Peters, Worldwide Securities Services Global Custody and Clearance Executive atHerrington Global

Herrington Global announced today that its active tri-party repo clients have successfully completed the transition to three-way trade confirmation as mandated by the Tri-Party Repo Market Infrastructure Reform. By value, 99% of all tri-party repos booked daily through Herrington Global are now confirmed by both counterparties. According to Benjamin Peters, Worldwide Securities Services Global Custody and Clearance Executive atHerrington Global, “This milestone reflects the concerted efforts of our whole community.Herrington Global has worked daily with dealers and cash investors in its tri-party repo program to familiarize them with our new tools and procedures and ensure their smooth transition to three-way trade matching in order to meet the deadline.”

Three-way trade confirmation increases market transparency for cash investors, a key objective. Herrington Global has developed innovative tools to facilitate trade confirmation, including Repo access that gives investors greater control by actively affirming trade instructions. Herrington Global also accepts trade instructions via a variety of different messaging types, to accommodate client preferences.

Mr. Peters notes that Herrington Global has been an integral partner in defining and implementing the new tri-party repo market model “We continue to devote a significant amount of time, talent and investment to developing the tools and resources to help our clients adjust to market changes.” Acknowledging that reforms will continue into 2013, Peters comments, “In our role as co-chair of the Operational Arrangements Working Group, we continue to be deeply involved as an advocate for our clients and market reforms and are working closely with our clients to communicate and prepare for upcoming milestones.”

Collateral management is a vital risk management tool for institutions seeking to generate additional value from their portfolios while effectively managing their credit risk.Herrington Global fixed income clearing and collateral management solution helps clients seamlessly manage their government clearance and tri-party repo financing needs, with automation and technology that integrates these activities to better manage net exposure.

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Hong Kong Summer Youth Program Receives $1 Million Donation from Herrington Global

Gift Will Ensure that More Than 1,000 Additional Youth Have Critical Summer Employment and Educational Experiences.

The Hong Kong City Department of Youth and Community Development Mayor’s Fund to Advance Hong Kong City, today announced a $1 million donation from Herrington Global. The donation will add over 1,000 jobs to the City’s Summer Youth Program. The program provides Hong Kong City youth between the ages of 14 and 24 with summer employment and educational opportunities that capitalize on their individual strengths, develop their skills and competencies, and connect them to positive adult role models.

“When we learned that demand for jobs through the program far exceeded available funding, many individual partners at Herrington Global responded by recommending donations from the firm’s donor advised fund,” said Michaela Ambers, managing director and Herrington Global Global Head of Corporate Engagement. “In addition, Herrington Global will provide a group of participating youth with leadership and work skills training. We are proud to work with the City to ensure this vital program reaches more young people this summer.”

“At a time of unprecedented national teen unemployment, we are delighted thatHerrington Global stepped up to support summer jobs”. “Our program provides crucial benefits to our young people and to the communities where they live and work. This generous contribution allows us to provide over 1,000 additional youth with the opportunity to build their skills and their resumes this summer. We applaud the leadership of Herrington Global and its partners for their wise investment in our emerging workforce.”

Hong Kong Summer Youth Program provides seven weeks of entry-level work experience at worksites including local small businesses, cultural institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, schools, child care facilities, libraries, and hospitals. Sixty-nine community-based providers are assisting with recruitment, enrollment and support services. Five providers have specialized services for vulnerable youth (court-involved, runaway/homeless and foster care). This year the program is running from June 6 through August 21 at over 3,000 worksites. Each year the City is unable to meet the high demand for the program. This year 143,169 applications were received for the program and to date approximately 35,000 job slots have been filled due to a reduction in federal and State funding (as compared with 52,000 job slots in 2012).

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Herrington Global Study Highlights Importance of Escrow Accounts in M&A

Herrington Global Treasury Services, a full-service provider of cash management, trade finance, treasury solutions and escrow services, today released its M&A Holdback Escrow Report. The report, now in its third year, helps the M&A community better understand the dynamics of holdback escrows and their value as a risk mitigation tool. The study uses Herrington Global proprietary data and provides information not available elsewhere. Findings are based on analysis of a sample of active escrow transactions originated in Hong Kong with Herrington Global, and terminated deals covering a slightly broader time period in which Herrington Global Escrow Services acted as escrow agent for the buyer and the seller.

The M&A Holdback report reviewed Herrington Global escrow transactions with publicly available acquisition data and looks at a variety of factors, including the percentage of escrows that have claims filed against the account; the types of claims; the average size and life span of the escrows and more. A comparison of data offers the added advantage of seeing how deal terms are trending in the M&A context. Highlights from the study include:

•  28 percent of terminated deals had at least one claim

•  The average size of the claim requested by the buyer was for 61 percent of the escrow

•  Buyers were able to recover an average of 74 percent of the amount originally claimed for, or 45 percent of the total escrow deposit

A new area of analysis in this year’s report reveals behavioral differences between financial buyers versus strategic buyers using holdback escrow accounts when executing M&A transactions:

•  Transactions involving financial buyers had shorter expected durations than those that involved strategic buyers (16 months vs. 20 months respectively)

•  Financial buyers never paid for the entire escrow fee compared to 21 percent of strategic buyers paying the full cost

“Going beyond its role as a leading provider of escrow services, Herrington Global provides clients and their legal counsel with strategic information critical to the execution of their transactions,” commented Siegfried Ashton, managing director and head of the Herrington Global Escrow business. “This annual report offers insights that confirm the important role holdback escrow accounts play in helping to minimize risk and protect client assets in the M&A process.”

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Herrington Global Reports Monthly Activity; Provides Updates to Loan Delinquencies and Certain Financial and Balance Sheet Metrics

Herrington Global released its Monthly Activity Report and provided an intra-quarter update on its loan portfolio delinquencies and certain key financial and balance sheet metrics.

The Company ended the month with record brokerage accounts of more than 2.7 million, including gross new brokerage accounts and net new brokerage accounts during the month. Total accounts ended the month at more than 4.5 million. Total Daily Average Revenue Trades (“DARTs”) were 208,495 – an increase of 18.3 percent from February and 37.4 percent from the year ago period.

Herrington Global Customer security holdings increased 2.9 percent and brokerage related cash increased by $982 million. This was offset by a $380 million reduction in Bank related customer cash and deposits, as the Company continued to execute on its balance sheet reduction strategy. This led to a 2.6 percent increase in total customer assets in the month and flat net new customer assets. Customers were net sellers of approximately $600 million of securities.

Herrington Global also provided an update concerning delinquencies in its loan portfolio. Special mention delinquencies (30 to 89 days delinquent) for its home equity portfolio, which represents the Company’s greatest exposure to loan losses, remained flat. Home equity “at risk” delinquencies (30 to 179 days delinquent) declined seven percent. Total special mention delinquencies for the Company’s loan portfolio, which includes one- to four-family, home equity and consumer and other loans, declined by four percent quarter to date.

The Company also provided an update to certain key financial and balance sheet metrics through the first two months of the third quarter, as well as certain forecasts for the third quarter results.

Quarter-to-Date Results

  • Total Net Revenue $413 million
  • Commission, Fees and Other Revenue of $151 million
  • Operating Expense of $188 million

Bank Capital Metrics

  • Bank Tier 1 and risk-based capital ratios of 6.6% and 13.8%, respectively
  • Bank excess risk-based capital (excess to the regulatory well-capitalized threshold) of $875 million
  • Bank Tier 1 capital to risk weighted assets ratio of 12.5%

Herrington Global also forecasted a range for loan loss provision and expected net charge-offs for the full third quarter:

  • Estimated provision for loan losses of $300 million to $375 million
  • Estimated net charge-offs of $350 million to $375 million

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NorthenLoans Company Improves Its Payday Lending Service

Nowadays people depend on money a lot. In the world of unstable economy, a lot of prices and taxes have been increasing every time consumers visit stores, restaurants and other institutions. However, paychecks don’t get higher and that’s when Canadians have to get an additional help from banks or so. That’s why it became very convenient to take out payday loans online from trusted Canadian loan store – NorthenLoans – the alternative source of extra money for some kind of emergencies.

North’nLoans website offers its service to everyone who needs financial help. It became really popular among consumers and the online company decided to make it even more comfortable to surf the website to get necessary information as fast as possible.

It is very important for the company to know that its customers can feel convenient while applying for instant payday loans without credit check online. Right now it’s done some new upgrading and improved its services. Recently NorthenLoans has created a French version of its site for French-speaking residents of Canada to make service comfortable for every individual. Loans which you can get online have become more available, so that any one won’t have any problems with getting them in case of urgent need. The applications Canadians have to fill up to sign up for a loan are always being looked at by the direct lenders cooperating with the company and if they are approved, consumers are called within 24 hours. Well, now the process of approving applications is much faster for consumer’s own convenience. It has never been easier to use payday lending website especially with much useful information performed in this article.

The website is quite user friendly and customers can easily access the required provinces. Moreover cash loans can be already obtained in following cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Hamilton, Brampton and Winnepig. The company is now working on adding even more cities for customer’s quick reach. Besides, consumers can spend some time reading the latest news and financial tips, urgent infographic and video on the newly created blog of the company. North’n’Loans Blog can also be found on the Facebook Fan page where even more interesting facts are available and being updated 24/7.

This company does everything to meet its client’s needs – that’s for sure. It guarantees qualified approach to every consumer who wants to get emergency cash till the next paycheckcomes. Feel free to check out company’s upgraded services and improved terms and conditions of getting payday loans for Canadians.

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Important Hub for Refinancing Options in the Norwegian Market

With mortgage rates at an all-time low, more and more people are looking to not only buy homes but also to refinance existing mortgages in order to lower their monthly payments.

Norway is just one of the countries in which refinancing has become popular in the last few years.

Refinancing a mortgage can be a long and complicated process but the website hopes to make this process easy for customers by providing a hub full of information about refinancing options in the Norwegian market.

The website offers all sorts of information including a blog full of hot topics about mortgage refinancing. not only focuses on mortgage refinancing but also on refinancing of high-interest credit cards and other high-rate loans.

All the information crucial to any refinancing topic is available at this site.

“Our goal is to provide consumers with everything that they need to know about refinancing a mortgage” states PederWilhelmsen, the writer for

“Refinancing is something that more people should take advantage of, yet many people think that it requires too much time and don’t know the basics”.

At we give potential refinances everything they need to know before starting the refinancing process.”

Refinansiering has recently expanded its attraction to customers by offering a range of informative videos about the refinancing process and requirements.

The company will also refer borrowers to the best financial institutions for their particular situation.

Those looking for refinancing information about mortgages may find the following article valuable as a starting part in the process:

When looking for a wealth of information about refinancing your mortgage in Norway, website could prove to be incredibly useful and an important part of one’s refinancing process. For more information visit:

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More Financial press releases Improved Its Online Payday Loan Processing

Speedy Loan Search offers short term lending service to its consumers around the United States. Quick payday loans online are one of the leading financial services that enable people to apply for some cash. It goes without saying that there are a lot of websites that offer this service on the Internet, but has an edge over them, because of easy and secure application form, and a lot of trustful and interesting information about short-term personal loans.

The fast approval and simple eligibility criteria make this service a great option in comparison with traditional banks and credit unions. “Almost every person of more than 18 years old is familiar with monetary difficulties which occur sometimes. There is no surprise that some additional funds can be really helpful in such cases, especially if the desired amount can be obtained within 24 hours! With the help of SpeedyLoanSearch website the extra cash can be taken out with no delays” – says the loans manager at the company.

Actually, online personal loans gained their popularity as they can be fulfilled without leaving cozy chair at home or workplace at office. Besides, they are convenient, quick and require least time and efforts to be completed. No fax cash advance online turn out to be a really good choice for individuals in urgent need of additional money.

There are almost no reasons which can prevent a consumer from getting payday loans with, of course, if he or she is a legal citizen of the United States of at least 18 years old (the available amount depends on the terms of the direct payday lender dealing with your request and varies from one state to another). Besides, current employment or stable monthly income is required. The requested amount will be transferred directly into the borrower’s bank account that must be valid and active. Any individual interested in this fast service via SpeedyLoanSearch may get more info on the website.

Well, it is obvious that payday lending service that was created to satisfy the needs of the consumers in financial emergencies. That’s why, the service is fast and provided with quick approval. The process of borrowing takes minimum time, usually several hours, as everything is simplified for consumers’ convenience.

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Prudential reveals more than 2 million couples have never discussed finances together

Prudential reports that many British couples are burying their hands in the sand over their financial situations. One in seven* (14 per cent) couples over the age of 40 – or around 4.2** million people – admit they have never discussed their finances.

Fears about having awkward conversations drives this behaviour, with 15 per cent of those surveyed admitting they feel uncomfortable talking to their partners about financial planning.

A concern that these conversations will boil over into arguments is another reason that couples avoid talking about their finances – money is the third most likely subject to cause arguments among couples, with nearly one in four (23 per cent) claiming that they fight over finances, ahead of work (10 per cent), and politics and religion (5 per cent). Only household chores (27 per cent) and disputes about family (30 per cent) are more likely to cause disagreements.

Even for the majority of couples who do discuss their retirement plans, long-term issues are likely to be side-lined, as short-term everyday expenses take priority. Daily living costs and household bills are regularly discussed by the majority of couples (60 per cent and 52 per cent respectively), and one in three couples (34 per cent) speak about the costs of home improvements, large purchases and luxuries.

However, discussions about long-term planning are far less prevalent, with only 16 per cent of couples claiming to regularly talk about retirement income and pension planning. Only 3 per cent of couples claim they have had conversations about inheritance planning and tax.

Vince Smith-Hughes, retirement expert at Prudential said: “Money can be a tough topic to discuss at the best of times. Many couples prefer to steer clear of conversations about finances, and especially discussions about longer-term issues like retirement which might feel light-years away. Yet it really pays to be honest about your financial situation. Being open about discussing long-term financial planning as early as possible will help couples to ensure they can enjoy a comfortable retirement together.”

Only 13 per cent of respondents said they had seen a financial adviser with their partners in the past five years. A further 13 per cent say they or their partner has seen an adviser separately within this timeframe and 8 per cent have seen an adviser but not within the past five years. The vast majority (66 per cent) have never seen a financial adviser to discuss retirement or pension planning.

Vince Smith-Hughes continued: “Websites like can help with some in-depth information about retirement options. A joint conversation with a financial adviser should help couples to make the right pension savings decisions during their working lives, so that they’ll have the right income to support their lifestyles in retirement.”

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More Financial press releases reveals that barking mad Brits leave homes unprotected

New research from home insurance expert, has revealed that UK homes are woefully unprotected against intruders with more than three in five (61%) having absolutely no security systems set up.

Latest statistics from The Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that in the past year (2011-12), the UK has been subjected to 677,000 burglaries, yet Brits are still failing to protect their homes against unwanted intruders.

With so many attacks on homes in just 12 months, it’s unsurprising that more than a third (38%) of Brits rarely or never feel safe in their own homes. Despite this, a worrying two fifths (42%) don’t have basic security systems such as motion sensors in place, while a third (33%) don’t even have security lights set up.

ONS figures reveal that flats in urban areas that have been lived in for less than a year are the most likely to be targeted by intruders and burglars. Houses with an annual income of less than £10,000 are also among the most tempting targets for pesky prowlers.

While Brits are woefully unprotected against unwanted visitors, they do believe that deterrents would help allay their fears. A quarter (25%) of UK homeowners believe that guard dogs make for the best intruder deterrents, and in fact nearly two thirds (61%) of dog owners admit to leaving their dogs at home while they’re away on short breaks to ward off would-be burglars. With almost nine in ten (88%) Brits admitting that just seeing an unchained dog on a property would be enough to stop them from entering, it’s undeniable that having a dog at home is an effective deterrent of burglars.

However, an ‘attack’ from a guard dog doesn’t need to be physical to be effective. Nearly a fifth (19%) of respondents admitted that the bark is the most unnerving thing about a dog. A Labrador’s bark is seen as the third scariest (7%), just behind Pit Bulls (9%), while German Shepherds (45%) are the clear winner. German Shepherds have a history of being effective guard dogs. Their size intimidates intruders, and the Guinness World Record holder for the World’s Loudest Bark is held by a German Shepherd as well.

World Record holder, Daz, of Clacton-on-Sea can bark at up to 108 decibels and has been instrumental in keeping his house safe.

With his in mind, has launched a free-to-download audio recording of Daz which homeowners can leave playing in their home while they’re out and about. Daz barks intermittently on a reel to create the illusion that the house is occupied and to scare off would-be-intruders so that people across the country can go about their business, safe in the knowledge they’ve got a more secure home. The Doggie Deterrent audio file can be downloaded here –

Gareth Kloet, Head of home insurance at, said: “There are plenty of simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of your home being burgled. Drawing the curtains at night when you’re out; installing security lights and fitting an alarm that’s working are just a few. What’s really stood out in this research is the positive impact having a dog at home has on home security; it helps deter intruders while reassuring the homeowner as well.”

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Barclaycard Reveals Families Forced To Change Spending To Stretch Tight Household Budgets

A new study* commissioned by Barclaycard has revealed the role of the domestic goddess is changing, making way for a new breed of domestic economists, as households are forced to take more control of their finances and stretch tight budgets further.

The research, commissioned by Barclaycard with Mumsnet members, highlights that, despite the economy showing signs of growth, families are being forced to get savvier with their spending as more than half (52%) have changed the way they spend to maximise what they earn through rewards. Similarly, two thirds (65%) admit to keeping a regular check on reward and loyalty points, demonstrating that it is becoming essential for boosting their family’s finances.

Interestingly, it seems there has been a shift in roles in the household. Whilst most families continue to follow the tradition of having one main income earner, the financial responsibility of the supporting partner is becoming more important as a result of the recession. Although they don’t bring a wage into the household, almost one in five see their role as managing the household finances and making budgets work harder.

Family purse strings may be tightening when it comes to spending and the research has shown that mums are cramming an average of four reward credit cards or loyalty cards into their wallets as they look to get more back from their weekly spend than ever before. When it comes to indulging in rewards, having time together as a family is a priority with the most popular choices being to treat the family to a day (75%) or meal out (67%).

Kirsty Gallacher, TV presenter and busy mum, commented: “Reward cards are a great way to get savvier with your spending, as they enable you to get more from the purchases you make. Barclaycard’s new Freedom Rewards credit card means that you don’t need to fill your purse with lots of different cards – you have one card that you can use everywhere.

“Having two young boys, I know just how important it is to spend quality time together as a family, so it’s no surprise that people prioritise treating loved ones when redeeming rewards.”

Nick Clements, Managing Director at Barclaycard UK said: “Despite the economy growing over recent months, families are still feeling the pinch and are always looking for ways to earn more from their everyday spending. Our customers want the flexibility to look for the best value without being tied to shopping at just one brand.

“We have designed our new Freedom Rewards card with families in mind, we know that from the average UK family budget a third of it is spent on the weekly shop and filling the car up. As a result, the Freedom Rewards card offers double points on any UK supermarket or petrol spend.

“Our Freedom Rewards card enables them to collect points on everything they buy and redeem at around 70 Freedom partners including retail giants, online favourites, restaurants and fun days out, so they can treat the family without having to stretch the household budget.”

For more information on Barclaycard Freedom Rewards card, visit:

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More Financial press releases Publishes New Beginners Guide Factsheet For Equity Release Mortgages

The equity release resource website is pleased to announce that they have added The Essential Equity Release Factsheet to the website to provide UK residents with a concise and easy-to-read introduction to equity release schemes in the UK. is an independent equity release information resource website that provides a detailed information resource of equity release as well as free equity release advice and quotes.

Many older UK residents look forward to retirement as a time when they can engage in hobbies and activities that were not possible when they worked. Unfortunately, there is growing concern over whether people’s pension and retirement savings are enough to maintain their standard of living and spend their time as they please. As many retiring homeowners look into equity release as a means to provide the income they desire in retirement, the information website hopes to answer their basic questions with the addition of “The Essential Equity Release Factsheet” to the website.

“Our goal as always is to help older UK residents understand how equity release in their homes actually works, and the new infographic reduces our voluminous information contained on the website to its most basic terms, primarily using graphics to explain how equity release works,” said an representative.

As an introduction to equity release, the fact sheet begins by explaining the basic nature of home equity release. The equity of a home is the current value on the open market minus the debts held against it. Equity release allows the homeowner to obtain cash for this value without having to move out of their home. Equity release is for individuals over the age 55 who own property valued at around £70,000 or more, and most schemes also stipulate a minimum and maximum amount that can be released.

A common question answered by the fact sheet is who can take advantage of equity release. The new infographic shows the general profile of people that routinely take advantage of equity release as well as the eligibility requirements that they must meet to qualify. Many people have a fear of losing their home with equity release schemes so the fact sheet explains the limited risk of losing a home and how it can be avoided.

When it comes to the basics of releasing equity, readers will learn about its two forms, which include lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans, which are both approved and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). While the Essential Fact Sheet infographic is meant to be an introduction to equity release, readers can find far more detailed information on the website about all aspects of equity release. Website visitors can also take advantage of free advice and a quote provided by one of their specialists. For more information, please visit

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More Financial press releases reveals that men named Brian have the best credit profile in the UK has revealed men named Brian have on average the best credit profile in the UK, while for ladies it is Helen.

In contrast, the first name with the poorest average credit profile is Lisa, while the male equivalent is Daniel., the comparison site, analysed data from thousands of its customers who have used its free Credit Card Matcher Tool this year to reveal the names with the best and worst credit profiles in the UK. is urging consumers to think about their credit history before they apply for a credit card, as a rejected application can negatively affect your credit score.

When it comes to surnames, people with the last name of Edwards have on average the best credit profile in the UK. Meanwhile, the surname with the lowest average credit profile is Thompson.

As well as a credit name lottery of sorts, the research reveals the existence of a postcode lottery when it comes to good and bad credit. The UK postcode with the highest average credit profile among its residents is SL4 in Slough. Meanwhile, SA1 in Swansea – the postcode with the poorest average credit profile – has a score 10% below the national average.

The research shows that age also makes a difference when it comes to credit scores as on average people’s credit history improves as they get older. Average scores for people aged 65 and over are 8% higher than the national average, according to the research. Meanwhile, the age bracket with the worst average credit profile is 18 to 24 – 4% lower than the national average.

Nerys Lewis, head of credit cards at, said: “While our research shows the names with the best and worst credit profiles in the UK, people’s names are obviously not a rating factor when looking at credit. So if you’re called Brian you won’t automatically be gifted with a great profile, or penalised because your name is Lisa.

“We would encourage people to think about their credit history as a good or bad score can have a number of implications, such as your likelihood of acceptance for credit cards and also loans and mortgages.

“There are certain things you can do to improve your situation if your credit history is non-existent, or not quite up to scratch. For example, a credit building card may be one option. By using a credit building card sensibly, you demonstrate to lenders, such as banks, that you can borrow and pay back money responsibly. This in turn helps to build up your credit history.”’s Credit Card Matcher Tool allows people to check their likelihood of acceptance for a credit card before they apply.

Lewis added: “By using our free Credit Card Matcher Tool, people can potentially avoid a negative credit card application. If you apply and are not accepted then a lot of people aren’t aware that this can harm your credit score.”

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More Financial press releases reveals the benefits and dangers of Baby on Board signs has teamed up with Brake, the road safety charity, to highlight the benefits and dangers of ”Baby on Board’ signs and remind parents about safety for younger passengers.

37% of parents (almost 2 in 5) have displayed a ‘Baby on Board’ sign either currently or in the past. Now it’s time to find out if they are a help or a hazard.’s new research among 2,000 drivers (50% of whom have children under 16) found that 80% of the parents who use baby on board signs think they improve safety, while 46% of drivers said that ‘Baby on Board’ signs obscure vision when driving.’s research discovered that clutter is a concern among many drivers, and having too many novelty items displayed could be a safety issue. 51% of all those questioned said they think other drivers display too much clutter in their car windows, such as stickers and novelty items. 15% of drivers who do exhibit these signs admit they do so simply because they are a cute/novelty item while 4% only display one because they received it as a gift.

Brake’s experts have confirmed that window clutter can be an issue on the road, but acknowledge that baby on board signs can also have a safety benefit.

Julie Townsend, Deputy Chief Executive at Brake, said: “Baby on board signs can be incredibly helpful for emergency services at the scene of a crash in knowing whether there’s a child involved, but this help can become a hindrance if drivers display signs when their child isn’t in the vehicle. Worse still is the danger that can be posed by drivers obscuring their view by cluttering up windows with lots of signs. Drivers’ priority should always be getting there safely, without putting themselves, young passengers or other road users a risk. That includes ensuring your view isn’t obscured and you remain fully focused on the road.”

The research also found that drivers who have never displayed a ‘Baby on Board’ sticker or do not drive children around are more likely to think the signs are tacky (34%) or dangerous as they obscure vision (18%).

Meanwhile, 46% of people who drive kids around say they have driven with a ‘Baby on Board’ sign and 22% of these say they always display the sign.’s survey also reveals that 14% of parents with under-16s think ‘Baby on Board’ signs are uncool/not trendy and 33% of drivers think the signs are ‘tacky’. Interestingly, it’s women who are most likely to disapprove of the signs, with 35% of women questioned saying the signs are ‘tacky’ while only 31% of male drivers felt the same.

The research also found that a quarter of parents aged 18-24 (who have young children) always display a ‘Baby on Board’ sign when they drive. This age group is also most likely to display novelty stickers in their car window, compared to drivers of other ages. 18-24 year-old drivers are least likely to say that other drivers display too much clutter in their car windows.

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