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Confused.com Launches New Partnership With Quotemehappy.com

Confused.com has launched a new partnership with Quotemehappy to offer insurance to careful drivers. Quotemehappy.com is an insurer that is specifically set up for careful drivers who want reliable, low-cost policies.

Confused.com’s comparison service makes it easy for customers to compare car insurance and with the new relationship with Quotemehappy.com, customers have even more choice.

Quotemehappy.com offers a comprehensive policy to careful drivers. The insurance brand keeps its costs as low as possible by operating online and premiums are also kept down as Quotemehappy.com is very clear about who it will and won’t insure. For example, it will not insure new drivers, those with older or more expensive cars or drivers who have had more than one at-fault claim in the last four years.

Marco Distefano, Managing Director of Quotemehappy.com, said: “Quotemehappy was created to give careful drivers a fair pricing and personal service when getting car insurance.

“At Quotemehappy.com we have negotiated some fantastic premiums with our specialist panel of insurers and see Confused.com as the ideal partner to ensure that this brand continues to reach the maximum number of potential customers as possible, whilst further enhancing Confused.com’s commitment to provide a specialist quote for every client, from every background with any specific needs.”

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at Confused.com, continued: “At Confused.com we want to offer our customers the right cover at the right price by offering genuine value for money, a quality product and competitive prices for careful drivers. Adding Quotemehappy.com to the ever increasing number of insurers that we compare prices for is a great result.”

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Confused.com Reveals £203m Worth Of Car Damage Caused By Misleading Sat Navs

New research from Confused.com has revealed that Sat Navs have caused over £203m worth of damage to drivers on UK roads, through accidents caused by misleading directions. With the Department for Transport holding its first ever Sat Nav Summit in March, the issue of misleading Sat Navs has become an ever-increasing problem across the nation.

A staggering 83% of British drivers have admitted to being misled by their Sat Navs, resulting in over half the country (52%) screaming at their devices. 68% of the drivers end up with longer journeys and clock up unnecessary miles while 45% of British drivers have confessed to feeling angry and frustrated while behind the wheel, which in turn has led to 31% of British motorists red faced, spending between£100 – £500 on Sat Nav related car damage.

Whilst it’s mainly men who blame their car damage on their Sat Nav, women are more likely to admit that it leads them astray. Women also get more frustrated than men, with 57% of female drivers freely admitting that they scream at their Sat Navs, a shocking 12% higher than male drivers.

On a national scale, drivers in the East Midlands fared the worst with their Sat Nav relationship, with 57% shouting at their Sat Navs and 50% feeling frustrated behind the wheel. Northern Ireland has proved the most docile with only 31% getting angry at misleading Sat Nav directions. 80% of Scots claimed to be given misleading directions constantly by their Sat Navs leading to over half (51%) of Scottish drivers screaming at their devices. The research did however pinpoint the Welsh city of Aberystwyth as the worst for Sat Nav anger management with an alarming 75% admitting to regularly losing their temper.

With the amount of Sat Nav accidents occurring across the country, and the pending Sat Nav legislation, Confused.com is calling for British motorists to register their Sat Nav blackspots from around the UK on Confused.com.

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at Confused.com, said: “As car insurance costs continue to rise, it’s never been more important to keep your motoring costs as low as possible. Our research has shown that the Sat Nav is not always the blessing it was once hailed to be and increasingly, motorists appear to be sighting the device as a source of frustration and danger. We hope that our Sat Nav blackspot map will not only help reduce risk, but we also hope that frustrated drivers get back behind the wheel a little happier.”

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Confused.com Research Reveals The Decline Of The Driving Test

Confused.com has unveiled that 13 per cent of people know someone who is driving on roads without a driving licence, identifying a menace on today’s roads, the driver that hasn’t taken their driving test.

The research shows that there has been a dramatic fall in the number of people learning to drive in a short time period as a result of huge rises in the cost of motoring. According to figures from the Department for Transport, between April and August this year, fewer than 640,000 driving tests were taken in the UK. This represents a 5 per cent fall on the same period in 2010, and a huge 15 per cent decrease when compared with the same period the year before when learners sat almost 750,000 tests.

This drop in the number of people learning to drive also correlates with a 2.7% or£22 hike in the cost of comprehensive car insurance in the second quarter of 2011 and a 24% rise in second quarter year-on-year prices.

As a result of the increasing cost of motoring, 20% of people say they cannot afford to be on the road or take their driving test, with 21% of the age group 18-24 claiming they are most affected by cost.

Research has shown that drivers under the age of 25, and particularly men aged between 17 and 24, are those who are faced with the most dramatic rises in the cost of car insurance. In the second quarter of 2011, the average cost of a comprehensive policy for a male driver under age 20 broke through the £4,000-a-year level for the first time. This was an increase of almost 25 per cent on the previous year.

Gareth Kloet, Head of car insurance at Confused.com, said: “A new shocking trend is emerging where people no longer bother taking their driving test. As the price of car insurance increases, we are seeing that the rate of people taking driving tests is falling. This is worrying as it suggests not only that drivers are going to be tempted to drive uninsured but now they might be tempted to not even take their driving test in the first place.

“With more than 28.5 million cars on the road, people must drive safely, so they need to take their driving test and ensure their vehicle has adequate car insurance. People will need to be as savvy as ever to find the cheapest and best deals for them by shopping around on comparison sites.”

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