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Confused.com Launches New Online Live Chat Service

Confused.com is encouraging people not to be put off buying life insurance as just over a third of Brits (35%) admit they find it a complicated issue, with the age group 35-44 finding it the most complicated.

To help tackle this issue Confused.com has launched a new online Live Chat service. This new web service allows Confused.com to communicate, chat and engage with visitors to their website and answer any questions they might have regarding life insurance quotes or insurance terms. Some other advantages of live chat include facility to call back and real time assistance with application process.

Life insurance can be seen as a complicated and difficult purchase and worryingly 18% of Brits say they don’t understand why we need life insurance. 35% of the under 24’s agree with this statement, but even more surprisingly 1 out of 10 of the over 55’s also agree.

In fact in the UK 38% of people feel life insurance isn’t necessary, and if it is necessary it is aimed at the age group 41-50, meaning that as a nation we are under-insured and clearly misunderstand what life insurance really is.

However an average life premium costs 74p a day and has many added benefits which include future financial protection, protection from major debts and securing your family’s standard living.

With many people not seeing the necessity of life insurance, these additional benefits may sweeten the offer, allowing policyholders and their families to be covered in the future should the worse happen.

Matt Lloyd, Head of Life Insurance at Confused.com said: “Many people do not understand the need for life insurance and what benefits it actually provides. The main benefit of life insurance is peace of mind – knowing your family will be looked after financially in the future.

“With the introduction of our new Live Chat solution, Confused.com customers can ask our representatives any questions or issues they may have and they will get a real time response. People can make sure they get the right policy that fits their requirements and get help in doing so. Our research has shown that 55% of the UK hasn’t tried to get life insurance via the internet and those that have done so -12%- have found it difficult.

“So Confused.com’s new service will improve the customer’s experience as well as the customer service efficiency though real-life interaction. It will help customers understand clearly what life insurance is and what benefits it can offer the policy holder and their loved ones.”

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Confused.com Launches Exclusive Motor Brand Pink Pound

Confused.com has launched an exclusive motor brand called ‘Pink Pound’ on its insurance panel.

Pink Pound Insurance is a division of Right Choice Insurance Brokers specifically set up for gay and lesbian customers and cannot be found on any other major comparison site.

Every customer has the right to get a fair chance at getting car insurance and Confused.com, with its relationship with Pink Pound, allows every customer to be treated individually. The launch of the exclusive brand allows homosexual couples to get auto insurance discounts just like other couples.

‘Pink Pound’ insurance takes customers individual situations to identify ways of reducing their premiums, to obtain competitive rates, using some gay specific schemes whilst at the same time giving the most professional service.

Mike Joseph, Managing Director of Pink Pound said: “Pink Pound insurance was created to give the LGBT community the product, pricing and personal service that is lacking from most standard offerings.

“At Pink pound we have negotiated some fantastic premiums with our specialist panel of insurers and see Confused.com as the ideal partner to ensure that this brand reaches the maximum number of potential customers as possible. Whilst further enhancing Confused.com’s commitment to provide a specialist quote for every client, from every back ground with any specific needs.”

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at Confused.com continued: “Adding Pink Pound to the ever increasing number of insurers that we compare prices for is a great result. We do not discriminate against anyone as it’s all about getting the right cover at the right cost and insuring that everyone has an equal opportunity in getting these deals.”

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