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Payday Loan Company Sets Up Wii Fit For Staff To Promote Be Healthy Message

Online payday loan company Payday Express has declared March as a ‘Be Healthy’ month, to encourage staff to make healthy lifestyle choices.

As part of this, the company – which provides no fax payday loans – has set up Wii Fit Plus in the kitchen area, to enable members of staff to take a few minutes of exercise before and after work, or during their lunch breaks. The company also hopes the move will show that exercise can be fun, and that it can easily be built into a busy daily routine.

The company has also put up a ‘Be Healthy’ themed noticeboard in the kitchen, which gives staff information on how to drink and eat healthily, including useful tips on how to reduce the intake of salt and sugar, and how to increase levels of calcium, for example. Staff can also take advantage of free green tea tasters while reading up on the health benefits of the drink.

A daily email is also being sent with the subject line of ‘Be Healthy – Tip of the Day’. Each email includes tips, such as: “Take the stairs up to the office rather than the lift for some daily exercise”, and information on local gym membership deals.

“I think the ‘Be Healthy’ month is brilliant as it inspires you to make healthy choices,” said Therese Rydberg, marketing executive at Payday Express.

“The tips that are given on the board and in the emails are interesting and make you realise that being healthy is easier than you might think,” she added.

Throughout March, the company has also arranged for weekly deliveries of fruit to be distributed to each team. Each Monday fruit bowls are filled with a variety of fruit, such as pears, apples, bananas, plums, and clementines.

Carl Mountain, contact centre manager at Payday Express, said: “It’s great to provide our employees with the impetus to be healthy.

“People certainly seem to be enjoying the fruit, which is encouraging them to get at least one of their fiveaday and, as the saying goes, healthy bodies develop healthy minds.”

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Payday Express supports staff volunteer work

Lauren Johnson discovered senior staff at Payday Express were more than happy to help support her after she said she wanted to volunteer as a Metropolitan special constable.

The UK payday loan company places great importance on staff development and wellbeing and didn’t hesitate when it became clear that Lauren would need greater flexibility to combine her job as a contact centre agent with her voluntary position as a special constable with the Metropolitan Police.

After extensive training to become a special constable, volunteers are required to carry out at least 16 hours of work per month. Cash advance loans provider Payday Express offered to support Lauren’s volunteer work by giving her flexibility around her hours of work in order for her to carry out the voluntary hours required within a month.

Lauren wanted to train as a special constable so that she could give back to her local community in Bromley.

“I wouldn’t have been able to honour my volunteering hours without the support I’ve been given by the company, for which I’m really grateful,” said Lauren.

Operations manager Sarah Carroll said: “We are very supportive of staff members who take on volunteer work in the community and are really pleased that Lauren is feeling fulfilled by the post.”

In addition to the support offered to those staff wanting to volunteer in their local community, Payday Express, provides internal training programmes to ensure all those within the organisation achieve their full potential.

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Payday Express makes British Heart Foundation charity of the month

Payday loans company Payday Express has made British Heart Foundation its charity of the month for February – a choice inspired by St Valentine’s Day.

In addition to the company’s regular Friday dress down days –when staff are asked to donate £1 each for coming to work in casual clothing – Payday Express held an additional dress down day on St Valentine’s Day, specifically to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

All staff were asked to wear red clothing and donate the usual £1 each. Those who chose not to wear red were asked to donate £2. For St Valentine’s Day, the office was adorned with red balloons and decorations. This and the workforce’s red outfits made the office look very romantic. In addition to red clothing and decorations, team leaders across the business organised themed incentives. High achieving team members were given the chance to play a version of the TV game show Red or Black, with the winner of the red card receiving a prize. These rewards included a meal for two at London restaurant Marco Pierre White.

Marketing assistant at Payday Express, Cigdem Husseyn, said: “Whether people had partners to celebrate Valentine’s Day with or not, they all had fun at work!”

Carl Mountain, contact centre manager at the cash advance loans company, said: “Payday Express staff are always great at getting into the spirit of occasions and Valentine’s Day was no exception.

“The team leaders did well to link their incentives into the theme, and we were all pleased to extend the theme to our chosen charity of the month, the British Heart Foundation.”

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Payday Express Hold Graduate Recruitment Day To Grow Analytics Department

UK provider of cash advance loans, Payday Express, has held its first graduate recruitment day to attract young analytical talent to its rapidly expanding company.

The payday loan company invited 15 university graduates to attend the day and to undergo an intensive assessment process, consisting of a group task, presentation, interview and case study discussion. The objective of the recruitment day was to find promising analysts to join Payday Express’s analytics team, to help support and shape important business decisions.

After the gruelling process, one candidate was successful and has been offered the position.

Tim Trailer, managing director of risk and analytics, said: “It’s important to put a lot of effort into making sure we recruit the right talent, as the risk and analytics team plays a crucial role in giving management the information it needs to make business decisions, and in ensuring our processes are optimised.”

Analytics has been identified as a key focus area for the payday loans lender in 2012, with the aim of optimising operations and business strategy based on in-depth reporting and analysis.

The business plans to hold regular recruitment days, to offer high-achieving graduates entry level positions within the analytics team.

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Payday Express sets up contact centre support team to improve customer service

Payday Express, UK provider of cash advance loans, has restructured its workforce with the aim of dedicating further resources to customer care and support services.

This week, the payday loan company set up a new contact centre support department to take on administration duties previously performed by the customer services team, with a view to freeing up valuable time for advisers to be on hand to answer customer calls with increased efficiency.

Administrator positions within the newly formed team were offered internally and five experienced contact centre agents moved into the new department, with one external recruit completing the new team. Experienced contact centre team leader, Alison Eller, moved across to become a support team leader.

“I’m looking forward to heading up the support team. They are people with very strong administration skills, who will help make the various contact centre functions more efficient,” said Alison.

The contact centre support team will be focusing on answering customer emails as quickly as possible, as well as carrying out all administration functions within the contact centre department. Agents in the contact centre can now focus on their core competencies and offer the best possible service in response to information and queries on payday loans.

“Payday Express is continually focused on having the right people in the right roles to optimise the service offered to our customers,” said contact centre manager Carl Mountain.

“Setting up a new administration department enables employees whose strengths lie in this area to specialise in this, and for us to bring in new talent, while also building up the contact centre teams with employees that have strong customer service skills,” he added.

The latest re-organisation of the business follows the decision made in October 2011 to create a business development department to improve the customer journey through the applications process.

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Payday Express Uses ‘Stars’ Scheme Alongside Charity Contributions

Short term loans provider Payday Express has explained how it combines a peer recognition program with a charity scheme to maintain staff morale and encourage social responsibility.

Operations manager Sarah Carroll, who began working at the instant approval payday loans company two years ago, introduced a ‘Dress Down Friday’ imitative which allows staff to dress casually on the last day of the working week if they contribute £1 towards a charity fund.

At the end of each month, a donation is made to a charity chosen by a group of employees who have been named ‘Payday Stars’ for that month. Another scheme introduced by Carroll, ‘Payday Stars’ is a peer recognition programme which encourages staff to nominate any of their colleagues whom they feel are deserving of special attention that month, as a result of performing exceptionally well or going beyond the call of duty to fulfil their responsibilities.

The entire company is informed of the nominations and a winner selected from each department. Each of them is then awarded £20 in shopping vouchers, and the winners collectively decide which charity should benefit from the month’s ‘Dress Down Friday’ funds.

Charities to have previously received donations from payday advance loans company Payday Express include NSPCC, the Alzheimer’s Society, the Teenage Cancer Trust, World Horse Welfare and Stepping Stones Nigeria, among many others.

Payday Express Contact Centre Team Leader Alison Eller said: “We’re very proud of our ‘Payday Stars’ program, which enables staff to receive recognition from peer nominations, and to be rewarded for exceptional work.

“An added bonus is allowing the winning staff members to select a charity that is close to their hearts to be the recipient of our combined donations for the month, giving them the chance to make a difference and give to those less fortunate.”

Collections Agent Steven Marshall added: “It’s great seeing the letters of thanks from the monthly charity we’ve donated to and knowing we’re doing our little bit each week to help different causes.

“I really like the fact that Payday Express has a ‘give back’ focus and that they also encourage staff initiatives to support causes such as Red Nose Day and Movember – often with hilarious results!”

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Payday Express Remains Strict on Fraud

The Fraud Liaison Team at short-term loans provider Payday Express has spoken out to warn potential fraudsters that just because customers can expect a quick service online, it does not mean that security will be compromised – and offenders will be prosecuted wherever possible.

Much of the payday loan industry has risen to meet customer demand for speedy digital services, which do not require paper-based applications, meaning that funds for loans till payday can be received quickly – often within as little as an hour.

Such practices can attract the attention of online fraudsters, who are keen to grab credit online wherever possible without the need to forge documents. However, forward-thinking fast payday loans company Payday Express has tackled this risk head-on by implementing a variety of identity verification checks and other measures designed to prevent fraud via its online application system. This means that the vast majority of fraudulent applications are declined at the outset.

Payday Express Operations Manager Sarah Carroll said: “It is impossible to stop all fraudulent applications, but our dedicated Fraud Liaison Team is able to make life a great deal easier for anyone who has been a victim of identity theft in connection with one of applications – and a great deal harder for any criminals attempting to exploit the quick and easy online service we offer our customers.”

The Fraud Liaison team assists fraud victims, investigates suspicious circumstances, and liaises with the police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) to report fraudulent activity. Reporting instances of fraud and attempted fraud helps to ensure that fraudsters are prosecuted wherever possible.

Employee Militza Smith has played an important role in the team, including assisting in breaking a fraud ring earlier this year through working with the police.

Militza said: “Seeing a fraud ring uncovered shows the value in victims of identity theft reporting the matter to the police.

“At Payday Express we work very hard to uncover any trends and links to other applications and accounts, to be able to provide as much information as possible to help the police to investigate identity theft and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

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