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Credit-Land.com Announces New 0 Balance Transfer Citibank Review

Leading credit review portal, Credit-Land.com, announces updates to all 0 balance transfer credit card reviews including the CitiBank Platinum Select Mastercard and Discover More cards.

As U.S. consumers continue to gain financial traction from the recession, the demand for 0 balance transfer credit cards continues to increase. Credit-Land.com announces the release of a fresh review of the CitiBank Platinum Select Mastercard now featuring 0% interest for 21 months. The Citibank card includes no annual fee and competitive rates after the introductory period lapses.

Not all site visitors credit scores are perfect, however, the need for quality credit card offers is no less significant. Credit-land.com now provides prepaid credit cards and other fair credit offers for shoppers with an average payment record and FICO score between 620 and 659 including the Capitol One Mastercard and six additional quality programs.

Of the number of balance transfer credit cards reviewed on Credit-Land.com, the Discover More card offers one of the largest number of months of 0% interest after the CitiBank credit cards. The Discover card features no annual fee and an industry leading APR similar to other top offers reviewed on the portal after the introductory period has elapsed.

Johnson Polk from Savannah, Georgia writes, “I just have not had any luck trying to find a quality new credit card offer to transfer my existing high balance from my college card. Using Credit-Land.com, I was able to find the perfect offer that is saving me a ton of money in interest fees while I pay down my card.”

Credit-Land.com staff are committed to publishing the most competitive credit offers for site visitors. Company experts continue to assess existing and emerging special offers for site visitors to ensure consumers can find the best credit offers possible.

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