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Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange (MOFEX) names He Zhengtang as new President

Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange (MOFEX), one of the world’s leaders market place in futures, today announced the appointment of He Zhengtang as President of Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange all operations, effective this month pending the board’s approval. He will be replacing Russell Holland, the legendary MOFEX president expert, who has also been the driving force of MOFEX from the beginning to where it is now, as a global trading market place. Mr. He Zhengtang comes from a very prestigious Singapore corporation where for nearly two decades he was the head of trading for the corporate division.

During this period Mr. He Zhengtang contributed directly to the creation of two joint ventures. “The rapidly evolving futures markets present new and exciting opportunities, and with the experience of He Zhengtang we will be enabling MOFEX to continue its path to success,” said Peter Cole, Chief Executive Officer at Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange.

“An innovator and accomplished individual, He Zhengtang brings with him a multitude of experience in futures markets for MOFEX. Russell Holland has established a successful start and a path for MOFEX during the beginnings of an industry that has faced many challenges. We would like to thank Russell Holland for his exemplary leadership and contributions, and we along with the organization look forward to working with He Zhengtang”, Mr. Peter Cole also stated.

William Cornel, Managing Director for Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange said,“Russell Holland has absolutely done a fine job in the beginnings and the development of MOFEX. He single-handedly brought success to the organization through his personal involvement and catapulting MOFEX towards difficult times, as well as being professional in managing MOFEX during the most difficult times of this markets. MOFEX and I share satisfaction and pleasure with He Zhengtang as a successor for the growth of MOFEX’s operations.”

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Friedman Global Launches Commodities Index Desk

Friedman Global today launched its commodities index desk which will be working with its technologically-advanced hybrid model. Michael Stone, COO of Friedman Global and an expert on the credit subsidiaries and launching markets, is supervising the launch as well as the performance of the index desk.

Friedman Global, which has been a leading force in the commodities industry gained over hundreds of clients that is focused on credit default swaps brokering, positioning itself as one of the leading companies in the industry.

Andrew Lee, Head of Reasearch of Friedman Global states “Friedma Global is already one of the leading indication brokers in Hong Kong. The company has a proven record and we are very certain our detailed compendium experience can fill a need that our customers require.”

Michael Stone, adds, “We carefully put a watchful eye on the commodities markets and industries so we know how we can make our mark. By doing so, we can assure our clients of the quality of work we are doing and that Friedman Global is a cut above the rest.”

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Business Monitor International Launches Special Report On MENA Crisis

Business Monitor International has revealed a special report recently launched on its website that looks at the key risks to global recovery and stability following the crisis in the Middle East and North Africa.

The report states that the wave of popular protests that have swept across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) since January 2011 constitutes the biggest shake-up to the region for at least a generation, and its impact will be felt for many years to come. The unrest also poses the biggest risk to the global economic recovery this year, not least because of its effects on the oil and gas industry with the price of oil continuing to increase.

Although rising inflation has fuelled discontent, the protests are being driven by more fundamental issues, such as a lack of democracy, high unemployment and poor opportunities for social advancement.

Business Monitor International deemed Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, and Yemen to be most at risk of further unrest, although the company emphasises that virtually no state will be completely immune to public protests.

Egypt will remain in a delicate transition to democracy, and if the people’s hopes are dashed, further protests could erupt. In Bahrain, the growing demands of the Shi’a majority could transform the polity, with major implications for Saudi Arabia, which fears unrest among its own Shi’a minority in the oil-rich Eastern Province.

Libya’s descent into civil war represents the most immediate risk to the region and Europe. The country’s oil supplies are of key significance to the EU, but southern European countries also fear a massive influx of refugees from the country. In addition, chaos and lawlessness in Libya could allow Islamist extremists to establish a greater presence in the country.

More broadly, the crisis in MENA has served notice to authoritarian regimes around the world that they are not immune from popular uprisings. Governments in Venezuela, Belarus, several African countries, Central Asia, North Korea, Myanmar, and even China will become ever more vigilant to the possibility of public unrest.

As far as global financial markets are concerned, the combination of supply-side risks to oil and massive political uncertainty in a strategically important region is bad news for risk trades. Business Monitor International’s global macro team has modelled a ‘worst-case scenario’ in which oil prices spike to US$200/bbl. The company’s special report also reveals that Asia’s economic growth is particularly vulnerable to high oil prices, because most countries in the region import more than 90% of their oil needs.

European economies are also likely to be hit by high oil prices the company reveals, and policymakers in the continent will also be wary of the security risks of Libya’s descent into chaos. However, one relative beneficiary is likely to be Russia. Although there are several Russian oil firms with stakes in the Libyan oil market, high oil prices are generally positive for the Russian economy, provided that any price surge does not tip the global economy back into recession.

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TradingFloor.com Releases Video on the German Economy

TradingFloor.com, the home of Saxo Bank’s trading commentary, financial research and analysis, has released the video ‘Why the German economy continues to outperform in Eurozone’.

Despite a minor correction in industrial orders in December, the German economy continues to stand out from the rest of the Eurozone members in terms of growth. In the video Mads Koefoed, macro strategist at Saxo Bank’s Tradingfloor.com, discusses the performance of Europe’s largest economy versus the 16 other Eurozone members.

Mads Koefoed discusses two main reasons why he believes the Germany economy is continuing to outperform other countries in the Eurozone. Germany is turning part of its foreign exports away from other countries in the Eurozone and towards Asia. While Germany still continues to do a lot of trade within the Eurozone, by turning to Asia, where more solid growth is taking place, it is doing better than other Eurozone countries that have not moved some of their trade overseas.

Southern countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy have also seen higher cuts on public spending than have happened in Germany, meaning Germany should recover much stronger.

Mads is optimistic that the economic growth of Germany will continue throughout 2011 and hopefully into 2012, because while Germany is cutting costs, it is not doing it as harshly as other countries.

Northern areas of the Eurozone such as the Netherlands and France are expected to catch up with Germany first, though it looks doubtful whether the southern countries will make real advance any time soon. Mads mentions that other countries outside of the Eurozone, such as the UK, should catch up fairly quickly as well. While the UK may see a weak first half due to the rise in VAT and the public spending cuts, the second half of 2011 should see a strong rebound.

The Eurozone economy video is available to view on the Saxo Bank TradingFloor website.

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SGOFX Visitors and Culture Center

Singapore Options and Futures Exchange (SGOFX), today announced its plans for the construction of its new Visitors and Cultural Center facility. The center will be located the SGOFX office and will greatly expand the footprint of the exchange space. The facility measures 1200 square meters and includes raised flooring, provides 24×7 climate control through grade air handling units and provides electrical power redundancy through a combination of Uninterruptible Power Supplies and diesel back up power generator. The SGOFX Visitors and Cultural Center will offer visitors a variety of presentations, in English, on the main aspects of the Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange, its markets, trading systems, projects, indices and statistics.

SGOFX Visitors and Cultural Center is due for opening in April 2011 and is expected to receive 350-400 visitors a day. Here, visitors can watch 3-D institutional videos, lectures and simulations of trades carried out by a brokerage, in addition to learning about the history of the Exchange.

The space will as well provide visitors with the opportunity of enjoying works of art by renowned foreign artists and exhibitions of historic value.

“We are extremely pleased to announce the upcoming 2011 opening of our new Visitors and Cultural Center facility. This project is a major undertaking and our entire team handles the transition professionally and we now look forward to providing our customers an even better experience and understanding of the commodity markets and exchange insights”, said Mr. Samuel D. Brown, SGOFX press officer.

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Saxo Bank Launches New Morning Markets And Trading Notes On TradingFloor.com

Saxo Bank, the specialist in online trading and investment, has launched two new European morning publications entitled the ‘Morning Kickoff @ Saxo Bank’ and the ‘Saxo Bank Charts of the Day’ which will be published through the Tradingfloor.com site.

The trading Morning Kickoff @ Saxo Bank will deliver analysis and trading commentary on both short-term intraday events and the longer-term trends which are important to traders dealing Forex – foreign exchange or equity markets.

The Saxo Bank Charts of the Day, on the other hand, provides a snapshot of key graphical indicators traders should be watching to detect any changes in market trends and sentiment.

David Karsbol, Saxo Bank’s Chief Economist, said, “The creation of these two notes marks our (Saxo Bank / Tradingfloor.com) desire to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the market drivers without cluttering up an already information-overloaded world.

“We have balanced the need for fundamental information on what has happened, what is about to happen and what could transpire, with a set of charts to help understand the relationships between key instruments and indicators.”

Tradingfloor.com is a website bringing traders insightful commentary, analysis and research to keep them informed on strategies and news in Forex, FX-options, stocks,commodities and CFDs. Some of its key publications and channels include:

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Video Content From Saxo Bank’s Team Of Experts Added to Trading Floor Blog

Trading Floor, the forex, equity and commodities blog written and run by Saxo Bank’s strategy team, is now adding regular video comments throughout the European trading session.

The comments on macroeconomic indicators, financial issues and earnings releases will complement the Daily Trading Stance video released every morning and the weekly forex options and equity update released every Friday.

Videos are recorded in the studio on the Saxo Bank trading floor, minutes after the news is released. Saxo Bank’s chief economist, David Karsbol, said: “The advantage of video is that it fills in the gap between reporting the headlines and the more detailed research notes we publish.

He added: “We comment on macroeconomic indicators or earnings or central bank decisions in a way that is fast, but also allows us to give more detail in a way that allows our blog visitors to get to know us a little better.”

Trading Floor has been running since May 2009 and features expert commentary starting every morning with The Daily Trading Stance that Saxo Bank’s strategists distribute to clients giving a rundown of the main themes of the day in FX, equities, FX options and commodities.

The commentary is prepared by David Karsbøl, Equity Strategist Christian Tegllund Blaabjerg and forex expert John Hardy. Commodities expertise is provided by Ole S Hansen and Alan Plaughmann. Also commenting are Market Strategist Mads Koefoed and Research Analyst Robin Bagger-Sjöbäck.

The Daily Trading Stance, daily commentaries and Weekly Forex and Equities Update are available on the Trading Floor web site and on Trading Floor’s dedicated YouTube channel.

About Trading Floor:
Trading Floor is run by Saxo Bank – a global investment bank specialising in online trading and investment across the international financial markets. Trading Floor provides up to date forex news and market place analysis.

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