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Wealth Managers – Reasons to Own Gold Bullion

Gold is undervalued. Why? The main reason is inflation. Rising prices eat away at your income and purchasing power whether you know it or not. Gold that sold for $850 per ounce in 1980 would be worth approximately $4,000 to $5,000 today when you adjust for inflation. So Gold today is a steal by historical standards. Another way to determine the real value of Gold is to compare it to the stock market. In October of 2007, Gold was selling for roughly $750 an ounce. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average soared to approximately 14,000. Do the math. This means you needed 18.66 ounces of Gold to buy the Dow. Now fast forward to the present. If Gold sells for about $1600 an ounce while the Dow trades around 13,000, then it only costs 8.12 ounces of Gold to buy the Dow. It’s just one more reason why Gold is cheap by historical standards — and why Gold will continue to rise.

Gold is a life preserver for investors when prices rise and currencies decline as well as during periods of economic crisis. With the United States and other nations now printing money to spend their way out of recession, conditions are ripe for rising inflation and a declining dollar. That’s why more and more investors are going with Gold to protect and grow their wealth.

Demand for Gold is growing. It’s not only because smart investors are turning to it as the best way to protect and grow their wealth. There are many other reasons as well. Demand for Gold is also rising because millions of people in China and India are buying Gold as they join the ranks of the middle class at an unprecedented rate. Meanwhile, many central banks are buying Gold as a way of reducing their exposure to a declining U.S. dollar. That’s what’s happening on the demand side. Now consider supply. Gold mines can’t dig enough of the stuff out of the ground to keep up with rising demand. It’s Economics 101. It’s supply and demand. The conditions are now in place for Gold to spike.

Wel believe gold should be considered as an investment for the clients of wealth managers. Richard W. Davey Organization is a consulting firm that helps wealth managers of financial institutions purchase gold bullion on behalf of their clients.

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Watch out for Fake Gold Bullion Bars

When you buy gold bullion bars these days you expect the metal to be pure gold but recently fake bars are being sold around the world and one of them was detected in the U.K. filled with tungsten. Detecting fake gold bullion is important to ensure that you retain the value of your gold bars.

When you purchase gold bars you expect them to be real gold bars, not fake. Fake gold bullion bars are those which have had the gold drilled out of them and the gold replaced by tungsten. Tungsten is a similar weight to gold and so the difference is not easily detected at once. But if you weight the bar there can be enough of a difference to warrant further inspection.

Many of these ‘gold’ bars can be in existence undetected as it is rare that anyone actually tests every individual gold bar they have. So when you buy gold make sure your product is pure gold and not fake. You can check for tungsten in the gold bars by melting them down and separating the different metals. Each metal melts at a different temperature so for example tungsten melts at a higher temperature than gold. This can be an expensive project.

Another way to detect fake gold bars is to weight them but the different weight between tungsten and gold is very hard to detect.

Here the ultrasonic instrument is coming to your rescue. It shows you whether the big gold bar has metal of consistent characteristics(pure gold). Or if it has a void area with tungsten buried below some millimeters of fine gold. Testing small bars, even if they are sealed in plastic foil (less than 0.5 mm thick) takes only a few seconds.

Finally, when you are buying gold bars make sure you are dealing with a reputable dealer and if you are buying large quantities of bars check them with an ultrasonic instrument.

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Banks May Soon Be Able To Buy Gold As Tier 1 Capital

The Basel Committee for Bank Supervision, the maker of global capital requirements and whose Basel III rules form the basis for global bank regulation, is studying making gold a bank capital Tier 1 asset. The purchase of gold may drive up its demand worldwide. In addition, gold should increase the value of the banks total capital.

Goldbullionadvisors.com is a consulting firm which helps the banking industry secure gold bullion from its worldwide suppliers. Most banks will purchase physical gold and retain possession of the bullion in their vaults to enhance its capital.

Under the proposal gold would carry a zero percent risk weighting under tier 1 capital. Gold is coming back into the banking system. We are in a world where currency wars are being fought daily, and as the system continues to collapse under its own weight of paper printing, gold will be the go to asset and possibly the last man standing.

For more information about our firm, please visit www.goldbullionadvisors.com

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