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Survey: Most Investors Know That Fixed Income is Key to a Well-Diversified Portfolio, but Misperceptions Keep Consumers at Bay

Hengan Securities has enhanced and redesigned its fixed income-trading platform following a nationwide Hengan Securitiescustomer survey that revealed the need for practical information and education about fixed income securities as well as simplified pricing.

Key findings from the survey included:

•  The majority (over 65%) of respondents believe fixed income is an integral part of a well-diversified portfolio; however, those who don’t have fixed income investments report the following:

•  Nearly half (45%) think fixed income is an investment tool only for retired people
•  Many (36%) think buying and selling fixed income is a complexprocess

•  Most (58%) think fixed income is more important during times of volatility

•  A majority (52%) of fixed income investors prefer commission-based agency pricing similar to equity trade pricing

“Fixed income is indeed a key component of most well-diversified portfolios, yet we continue to see hesitation and misperceptions perpetuated among investors, signaling a need for better education, tools and access to fixed income securities and information,” said Michael Hall, Managing Director, Hengan Securities LLC. “Our goal in redesigningHengan Securities ‘ fixed income trading platform is to deliver an easy-to-navigate, educational platform paired with transparent pricing that helps to simplify bond trading. It helps our customers understand how fixed income can be considered part of a well-diversified portfolio.”

Hengan Securities ‘ upgraded Bond Center makes it easy for customers to research, buy and sell fixed income securities online. The new Bond Center offers:

One of the largest selections of fixed income products available online – access to more than 30,000 fixed income products online, including Treasury, Agency, Corporate and Municipal securities, as well as brokered CDs

Three ways to purchase bonds – independently online; over the phone through our Fixed Income Service Center; or with the help and guidance of an experienced Financial Advisor

Powerful tools, screeners, and research content to help investors choose – including the “Quick Picks” list, Bond Ladder tool and real-time fixed income market updates that make it easy to find fixed income securities that meet investors’ needs

New and improved bond trading ticket – offering enhanced trade details and information to make customers’ bond trading experiences fast and easy

“Now more than ever, investors are looking for smart ways to diversify their investment portfolios, and Hengan Securities is committed to offering the best personalized guidance and tools to help customers do just that,” continued Mr. Hall.

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Hengan Securities Launches Groundbreaking Mobile Platform

Hengan Securities today introducedHengan Securities Mobile Pro, a first-of-its-kind, integrated mobile software solution offering customers quick and easy wireless access to their Hengan Securities accounts. Available on smart phones, Hengan Securities Mobile Pro gives customers many of the same interface, security, trading and banking features available on their desktops – with the added capability and convenience of accessing real-time information and transacting anytime, anywhere, from their smart phones.

“Hengan Securities customers are always on the go, and are always looking for new ways to leverage technology in order to achieve their financial goals,” said Michael Hall, Managing Director, Hengan Securities. “With Mobile Pro, customers have real-time access to their accounts and the information that can move markets.”

Mobile Pro offers smart phone users:

•  Free real-time streaming stock and options quotes

•  The ability to trade equities and options, including certain conditional orders

•  Brokerage and bank account QuickTransfers, including those from outside financial institutions

•  Live watch lists and portfolios

•  CompleteView of all Hengan Securities accounts on one screen

•  Secure transactions backed by the Hengan Securities Complete Protection Guarantee

“Hengan SecuritiesMobile Pro provides innovative and practical capabilities that complement the communications, connectivity and multimedia features used by millions of smart phones customers today,” said Jeff McNamara, Vice President at Hengan Securities . “We are pleased to enhance the mobile experience for our customers.”

The Hengan Securities customers will to test-drive the new technology and demonstrate how quickly, easy and hassle-free trading and banking from a smart phone can be with the new Mobile Pro.

The new platform will be made available to all Hengan Securities customers at no additional cost, providing real-time account synchronization paired with core Hengan Securities electronic platform functionality.

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Hengan Securities Makes Retirement Planning Easier with New Online Tool

Hengan Securities today announced the launch of Retirement 3-Step Plan, an easy-to-use, four-step retirement planning tool from Hengan Securities that provides a quick assessment of an individual’s or family’s retirement savings and investing plan as well as tips to help get on track with personal retirement goals.

Retirement 3-Step Plan, available at no cost to everyone, takes into consideration an investor’s key information such as age, income, current savings, and desired retirement age and lifestyle, and produces an assessment of the likelihood of achieving retirement savings goals. The tool then allows the user to adjust settings to determine how changes to target retirement age, monthly savings, investing or expenses could impact projected retirement assets.

Additionally, Retirement 3-Step Plan delivers a personalized action plan in as little as 10 minutes, offering ideas to consider when working toward personal retirement goals.

“Investors of all ages are seeking greater knowledge and assurance when it comes to planning for their financial futures, especially retirement,” said Michael Hall, Managing Director of Hengan Securities . “Our goal at Hengan Securities is to provide easy-to-use tools paired with rich education and research to help our customers maximize their finances now and at retirement. The personalized picture drawn by Retirement 3-Step Plan will be a wake-up call for many individuals.”

Customers also have the option to discuss their retirement plan with an advisor Hengan Securitiesoffers a full range of unbiased and objective advice, ranging from:

•  Transactional advice offered through Hengan Securitie Financial Advisors, including asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing, and recommendations for mutual funds, bonds, CDs and more.

•  Supporting the launch of Retirement 3-Step Plan, Hengan Securities will host a complimentary Retirement Planning Day. Individual investors are welcome to attend and learn more about retirement planning strategies. Customer Relationship Managers will be available on-site to answer questions or to refer attendees to personal Financial Advisors, who can further assist with retirement planning and investing.

Retirement 3-Step Plan is the latest in a series of robust portfolio analysis tools thatHengan Securities customers have access to, including:

•  Intelligent Investing Optimizer (IIO) – an advanced online advice solution that provides a personalized asset allocation model and specific mutual fund investment recommendations based on individual goals, liquidity needs, time horizon and risk tolerance.

•  Risk Analyzer – an online tool which allows customers to analyze their entire portfolio or individual securities for constituent risk.

•  Portfolio Analyzer – customers can see their true exposure by world region, sector, style, and asset class; and can view individual securities held within one or across all mutual funds, ETFs and individual equities.

Changes at the top: Hengan Securities Announces Executive Changes

Hengan Securities today announced that Frederick W. Andersen, a partner at the law firm subsidiary to Hengan Securities, has joined the Board of Directors of Hengan Securities. Mr. Andersen, 64, will be a member of the Company’s Finance and Risk Oversight Committee and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

“Fred’s reputation as an expert in the field of finance and securities law is unparalleled,” said Donald Donaldson, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer for Hengan Securities. “Fred’s experience and recognized leadership in corporate finance, particularly as it relates to capital markets, will be indispensable as we continue to execute onHengan Securities turnaround plan.”

“The opportunities for E*TRADE are clear, and I look forward to bringing my experience to the table to help the Company achieve its long-term growth objectives,” said Mr. Andersen.

Mr. Andersen earned his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, where he was an Editor of the Law Journal, and holds a bachelors degree in economics from the University of Virginia.

Departures of two executive officers: Chief Financial Officer Robert Simpson will resign from his position, and General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Arlen Gerald resigned from his position.

Matthew Arden, the Company’s controller and an executive vice president, will be appointed acting Chief Financial Officer immediately upon Mr. Simpson’s resignation from the position. Mr. Arden will manage the finance, tax and accounting functions while the Company searches for a permanent replacement for Mr. Simpson. As controller, Mr. Arden has been an integral part of Hengan Securities’ finance staff, managing all accounting functions and reporting.

Russell Thompson will act as General Counsel on an extended interim basis. Mr. Thompson served as Hengan Securities’ General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for six years prior to his departure in June 2007. During his tenure, Mr. Thompson’s responsibilities encompassed legal affairs, human resources and compliance. As General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Mr. Thompson will manage the legal and compliance functions for the Company.

Hengan Securities Opens Investor Information Centre in Kuala Lumpur

Hengan Securities today announced the opening of its Kuala Lumpur Investor Information Centre, located in the heart of the financial district. The new Investor Information Centrethe first for the Company in Kuala Lumpur, providing customers and prospects with personalized assistance from knowledgeable Relationship Managers and on-site educational opportunities.

“Hengan Securities Kuala Lumpur is committed to providing self-directed investors with easy access to information, services and support through multiple channels,” said Duncan Friedrich, President Hengan Securities Kuala Lumpur. “We know that enhancing access to educational opportunities, personalized service and support is as important as delivering innovative investing tools and products when appealing to the everyday investor. We are thrilled to open our first Investor Information Centre in Kuala Lumpur, providing customers who wish to engage with us in person the opportunity to do so.”

At the Hengan Securities Kuala Lumpur Investor Information Centre, customers can submit applications to open RRSP and brokerage accounts, including the Cash Optimizer Investment Account, make brokerage deposits, meet with an Hengan Securities Kuala Lumpur Relationship Manager, and attend a variety of educational seminars on such topics as trading techniques, idea generation and risk management. Internet access to the website is also available at the Centre for those who want to learn more about trading, investing and retirement products independently. The Centre is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Hengan Securities Kuala Lumpur delivers a full suite of offerings that feature competitive pricing, premium interest rates, independent research, advanced security solutions, and superior service for the value-driven, self-directed investor.