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Market Conditions Spell Good News For Life Insurance Policy Holders

Homeowners often fail to review their life Insurance when searching for the cheapest mortgage deal, but with both the cost of cover and their mortgage balance having fallen, many could make substantial savings just by switching life insurance providers.

Many borrowers with repayment mortgages are unaware that to ensure there is sufficient life insurance to repay their mortgage, life insurance companies assume an average interest rate for the life of the mortgage, often around 10%.

As many borrowers have not paid anything like 10% recently, and have made overpayments, their mortgage balance may well be significantly below the amount of life insurance cover.

This gives them the opportunity to reduce the level of insurance and save money, or with the cost of life cover now cheaper and competition stiff, get the same amount or even increase their cover for the same monthly outlay.

One L&C customer recently increased their life assurance from £390,000 to £423,000 to cover their new mortgage, but managed to reduce their premium, saving themselves around £130 per month.

L&C’s Richard Morea said:
The UK population is massively underinsured as a whole, so taking advantage of smaller mortgage balances and reduced premiums provides a great opportunity to make better provision for our families, without breaking the bank.

For more information and no-fee advice, life insurance policy holders should call free on 0800 0731932.

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Identity Burglary Crime Wave is Hitting Homeowners

LV= has revealed in a new report that one in seven burglaries last year was carried out solely in an attempt to steal the homeowner’s personal details.

A quarter of all burglary victims in the past year fell prey to ID fraud as a direct result of a break in. The research from home insurer LV=, which questioned both burglary victims and convicted fraudsters, reveals the scale of the crime and fraudsters’ tricks of the trade.

‘ID burglary’ is estimated to cost the UK over £150 million per year to rectify and according to the report the number of home burglaries involving personal data theft is predicted to rise by 33% year on year if ID fraud continues to increase at its current rate.

The LV= report found that credit cards, coupled with a form of ID such as a bank statement, utility bill or National Insurance number, are prized items on the black market as they make it easier for fraudsters to steal an identity. Individual identity documents can change hands for around £15, whereas fraudsters will typically pay £150 for a ‘bundle’ of personal identity information.

One fraudster said: “So many people make my job really easy by sticking all the key documents together in one place. And for all the family too, so you often get three or four identities for the price of one, so to speak.”

While ‘identity burglars’ are becoming more common, even thieves after more traditional items such as purses or wallets are likely to take the opportunity to steal personal details as well, because they know they can sell these on. Around 94% of handbags, wallets and purses contain at least one form of personal identity document.

To help assist the growing number of people affected by ID fraud, the LV= home insurance policy now includes free access to a special identity fraud helpline.

John O’ Roarke, managing director of LV= home insurance, said: “As the trend for identity fraud increases, we would strongly urge homeowners to take appropriate measures to limit their chances of being targeted by thieves and fraudsters. As well as installing home security measures such as burglary alarms and security lights, homeowners should ensure they store personal documents securely and if possible separately to minimise the risk of ID theft.”

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Stop Foreclosure On Your Home, Work With A Loan Modification Specialist

The HRP Office, www.hrpoffice.com, is open in Surfside Beach, South Carolina and ready to assist clients with their mortgage needs. The owner, Dr. Michael W. Cantrell, Sr. and his staff are experienced loan modification specialists. Their long time strong relationship with most major banking institutions enable them to work faster, smarter and less expensively than other loan modification companies. Clients of HRP, LLC quickly come to recognize them as the experts in helping them get their loans successfully modified.

What kinds of situations can the HRP Office, www.hrpoffice.com, help their clients with?

Homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments
Homes currently in foreclosure 
Homeowners have an ARM that has adjusted higher or will adjust higher in another month or two
Homeowners who have a legitimate hardship
Reduced income, reduced hours, pay cut, loss of job, relocation, demotion
Homeowners who went on Disability or Workers Compensation
Excessive medical bills
Back taxes that are currently being paid back 
Death of household provider
Failed business

The staff at HRP, www.hrpoffice.com, guarantees their services 100%; they are an industry leader in loan modifications. With a staff of licensed attorneys as well as experienced processors and negotiators, they work together to handle each and every case with the utmost care and concern. Lenders have very specific guidelines that must be met before they will agree to modify a loan. HRP knows what those guidelines are and how to get their clients the very best possible option available. They work for the homeowner, not the lender, so your best interests are their main concern.

What can the HRP Office, www.hrpoffice.com, do for their clients?

Pre Qualify a case at no cost to the homeowner
Provide the homeowner with access to their account online 24/7
Prepare a comprehensive modification package to best position each case for success
Engage in hard line negotiations with lenders to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients
Stop collection calls on overdue mortgage payments
Postpone imminent sale dates so the homeowner can breathe easier

Custom Analysis for Each Client
The staff of the HRP Office, www.hrpoffice.com, understands that everyone’s financial situation is unique, which is why they offer comprehensive, personalized, and proven modification programs that get results. The legal experts at HRP understand the importance of providing individual services that are tailor made to effectively meet the personal financial needs of their clients.

100% Guarantee
Dr. Michael Cantrell and his staff take pride in their level of service and client support and are committed to providing the most rewarding experience possible. HRP’s, www.hrpoffice.com, web-based software allows their clients to have access to their account 24 hours a day 7 days a week. People can check the status of their loan modification case at any time. Clients can also contact their HRP team members via email, fax or phone at any time. Dr. Cantrell had this to say about HRP “Our specialized attorneys, paralegals, negotiators, processors and customer service professionals are unmatched. We provide customized, personal attention to your individual situation and we emphasize customer support and long term solutions for you. Simply put, we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry, and our results-oriented negotiators take pride in consistently meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. Ultimately, we provide clients with renewed financial optimism and a valuable savings of time and money. In addition, our company has the resources, banking relationships, ethical standards and legal expertise that other companies cannot offer which can translate into significant benefits for our clients.”

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It’s Not Too Late To Save Your Home – Hotline Offers Free Consultation

The Lincoln National Group is pleased to announce the opening of their free foreclosure prevention hotline. The hotline and the assistance it offers is arriving just in time to help US homeowners as the US foreclosure rate has reached alarming proportions. In 2008, 2.3 million American homeowners faced foreclosure proceedings which was an 81 percent increase over 2007. One in 54 housing units received at least one foreclosure notice during the year. Foreclosure filings were reported on 303,410 US properties in December 2008, up nearly 41 percent from December 2007. And the situation doesn’t look like it is getting better any time soon with US homeowners facing layoffs, shrinking investment portfolios and falling home prices.

Last month, 11.6 million people were unemployed and the unemployment rate rose to 7.6%. Over the past 12 months, the number of unemployed has increased by 4.1 million. It doesn’t appear that the foreclosure prevention programs currently implemented nationwide have had any real success in slowing down this foreclosure tidal wave. Recent government legislation appears to have done little more than delay the inevitable foreclosure proceedings for thousands of homeowners.

Lincoln National Group is stepping in at this crucial time to help US homeowners avoid foreclosure and save their homes. The experts at Lincoln National Group, an affiliate of the law firm of Debra Tsadok, have the knowledge and the ability to prevent foreclosure. They have the solutions. With their extensive experience they help homeowners every step of the way and do everything possible to prevent foreclosure. After performing an assessment of the homeowner’s situation and an analysis of the homeowner’s financial situation they negotiate with their lender to achieve the best outcome.

The free foreclosure prevention hotline manned by the experts at the Lincoln National Group can help with a wide range of problems. What preventative steps should be taken if a homeowner loses his job and fears he won’t be able to pay his mortgage on time? What should a single parent do if she falls behind in her mortgage payments? What options are available to those who have already received foreclosure notices? The Lincoln National Group hotline is open from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm at 201-541-6680. It is open from Monday through Friday.

About Lincoln National Group
Lincoln National Group is dedicated to helping US homeowners avoid foreclosure and save their homes. They offer a variety of foreclosure prevention options. For more information please call them at 201-541-6680 or visit their website:
Lincoln National Group.

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Loans for Home Improvement Projects Soar Reveals Lloyds TSB

New research from Lloyds TSB Personal Loans has revealed that over half (55 per cent) of estate agents nationwide have reported an increase in homeowners taking their property off the market in favour of making home improvements.

Lloyds TSB Personal Loans, surveyed 500 UK estate agents and over 1000 home owners to understand how would-be sellers are responding to the cooling housing market*. The research is published as Lloyds TSB revealed a 19 per cent, year on year increase in personal loan applications for home improvement projects.

The findings reveal that three in five (59 per cent) homeowners who had been looking to sell their property have put plans to move on hold due to rising concerns over property prices. Half of those staying put are opting to renovate their existing property instead.

Fifty five per cent plan to undertake improvements to boost chances of a sale in the current less buoyant market. However, almost a quarter (23 per cent) admit they are adapting their property to accommodate changing lifestyle needs and are keen to recoup any potential fall in house prices by adding long term value.

David Wishart, director of personal loans at Lloyds TSB, said: “In recent months we have seen a significant increase in home improvement personal loan requests. For the last decade homeowners have been able to sit back and rely on rising property prices to increase the equity in their home but sadly this is no longer possible. If you want to trade up and avoid substantially increasing your mortgage, you’ll need to add value to the house you’re currently in.”

TV presenter and property finder, Phil Spencer, commented on the research: “The current cooling of the property market is making homeowners think twice about selling up and many are opting to improve instead. In a buoyant market, people taking on a home improvement project could get away with less than perfect preparation or some slapdash sums, as their mistakes were covered by rising property prices. However, in today’s environment it is vital you plan any project thoroughly to ensure maximum return on investment.”

Lloyds TSB quizzed both estate agents and homeowners on the features most likely to help a property sell in the current climate. The findings reveal the top improvements likely to appeal to buyers are:

New kitchen (79%)
New bathroom (59%)
Extension (47%)
Loft conversion (29%)
Re-decorate (25%)

David Wishart continued: “Whether the motivation is a quick sale, adding long term value or accommodating changing lifestyle needs, it’s vital homeowners consider the financial investment they’re about to make. A personal loan can provide a hassle free, affordable way of spreading the cost.”

To help homeowners add value to their home Lloyds TSB personal loans has teamed up with Phil Spencer to create the Move or Improve Guide, offering practical advice and insider tips on the do’s and don’ts of home improvement. An audio podcast and PDF version of the guide is available to download free of charge.

About Lloyds TSB Student banking
Lloyds TSB Bank plc and Lloyds TSB Scotland plc are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and signatories to the Banking Codes. Lloyds TSB Bank plc Registered Office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN . Registered in England and Wales no. 2065.

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Sixty per cent of homeowners not interested in environmental issues

Only one in six home movers believe that the introduction of HIPs (Home Information Packs) will speed up the buying process and just one third believe they are a good idea, according to a new survey by thinkproperty.com, a major new, independent consumer property portal which offers estate agents an online sales and marketing channel to deliver better value, improved lead generation and excellence in customer service.

The survey, which had over 3,100 respondents, revealed that more than one third of home movers are confused about Home Information Packs and one third of home owners were not aware of their introduction in June. A third of respondents believe HIPs will slow down the property market, twenty per cent commented that HIPs will increase property prices (http://www.thinkproperty.com/soldhouseprices.htm), seventeen per cent believe HIPs will lower property prices and thirty per cent believe that the introduction of HIPs will not change how they buy property (http://www.thinkproperty.com/findanagent.htm).

In spite of home movers’ lack of support for HIPs, the vast majority would modify their property to make it ‘green’ if the Government incentivised this with offers of green mortgages and lower council tax. Over two thirds of home movers do not believe the Government is doing enough to build greener homes, and sixty per cent say the same of new home developers.

One hundred per cent of respondents agreed that the Government should help home owners to fund fuel efficient boilers to improve energy efficiency, followed by roof insulation (eighty per cent), double glazing (seventy per cent), solar panels (sixty one per cent) and wall insulation (forty seven per cent). Just seventeen per cent felt that the Government should financially help home owners with energy improving devices.

However, the results highlighted a general lack of interest in green properties, with sixty per cent claiming that they didn’t want more information on green property issues. In fact, less than two thirds of home movers claimed to be interested in the environment, with nearly sixty per cent commenting that ‘there are more important things to be worrying about’. The view from one in five respondents was that it is too expensive to switch to environmentally friendly products, with over one quarter of home movers commenting that ‘the only people that are interested in the environment are sandal-wearing hippies’.

Already, seventy per cent of home movers claim to have double glazing, sixty per cent have roof insulation, fifty seven per cent use low energy light bulbs and forty per cent run a fuel efficient boiler. Over two thirds of home movers claim to recycle and three quarters say they switch off all unused lights.

Low energy lighting should be compulsory for all new home builds according to over seventy per cent of respondents, followed by solar panels (fifty five per cent) and grey water systems (forty two per cent).

Mark Goddard, Managing Director of the property portal (http://www.thinkproperty.com/) comments: “Clearly the introduction of HIPs is not popular with home movers and many think that the Government should be doing more to help home owners improve the energy efficiency of their homes.”

About ThinkProperty
ThinkProperty.com (http://www.thinkproperty.com/) provides an accountable marketing channel to today’s modern property professional and already averages 400,000 property details available from around the UK every day.

ThinkProperty.com is owned by Trader Media Group which has an unrivalled reputation for bringing buyers and sellers together in huge numbers through its dealer software products and market leading consumer websites and magazines.

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