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Young Drivers Face Catch-22 Conundrum Reports Tiger.co.uk

The recent publication of The AA’s 2010 Insurance Premium Index has again highlighted the growing problem of increased car insurance costs for younger drivers. The Index estimated that insurance for 17-22 year old drivers increased by over 58% in 2010. This equated to a massive £829, increasing average premiums for this age group to over £2,250 – more than the cost of many first cars.

The team at Tiger.co.uk, a motor insurance comparison site, has highlighted another statistic about young drivers that also needs to be considered. The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) has estimated that 5% of motorists – over 1.2 million – are driving without insurance and 20% of these (243,000) are 17-20 year olds.

The same organisation estimates that the high level of uninsured driving has contributed towards the extraordinary level of inflation in car insurance premiums, adding about £30 to the cost of policies for legally insured drivers.

When viewed together these statistics lead to a worrying conclusion: as car insurance becomes increasingly unaffordable for younger drivers, so they may be increasingly tempted to drive without any insurance at all. This, in turn could lead to a rise in uninsured drivers’ compensation costs, again fuelling further increases in car insurance premiums.

A spokesperson for Tiger.co.uk commented: “The relationship between escalating insurance premiums and the growth of uninsured driving is inescapable. It could well lead to a “Catch 22” situation whereby having more uninsured drivers contributes to increased premiums causing drivers, particularly young drivers, to risk driving without insurance – which is of course a criminal offence. We would recommend that young drivers take the following steps to try and get cheap car insurance:

• Use car insurance comparison sites like Tiger.co.uk to make sure you get car insurance quotes and compare policies and get from a wide range of insurers.

• Consider taking the Pass Plus exam after passing your driving test – premiums can be reduced by up to 30%.*

• Have a look at ‘pay as you drive’ policies such as those offered by Insure The Box and Coverbox – both of which are available via Tiger.co.uk’s comparison service (the only car insurance comparison site to offer both of these insurance brands).

• Choose your car carefully – go for something in a low insurance group.

• Drive carefully and build your no claims discount as this can significantly reduce your premiums.”

The spokesperson also reminded young drivers shopping for cheap car insurance:
“Don’t be tempted to get an older driver to “front” your policy for you. This practice of having an older more experienced driver as the main driver on a policy is illegal and can lead to insurance being void.”

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Insure4USA.com Goes Social With Twitter for Expands Social Outreach

Insure4USA.com, a leading independent online insurance service has adopted social networking site, Twitter, to keep in close contact with its growing list of followers. According to Alex, CEO of Insure4USA.com, the insurance industry thrives on information and communication. Moreover, the industry is best suited to leverage social networking to the fullest. A huge workforce, a client base of various ages, and the constant need to liaise with various partners such as doctors, claims adjusters, and regulators, to name a few, can be best met through social networking.

Alex says, “People have changed the way they access information online and seek quicker and more personal attention when they look for affordable insurance. There is a variety of information to share with our customers concerning changes in insurance rules, policy updates, quotes, and much more. In this respect we found Twitter to be a powerful tool that reaches not only peoples computers, but their cell phones as well.”

No longer does the industry need to take a conservative approach to new technologies and business practices. Social networking is all about sharing information, and when it comes to an important issue like life, health, or even auto insurance, Insure4USA.com feels it must go the full distance to enhance internal communication. The website now whole-heartedly embraces social networking and plans to expand its horizons to other sites as well.

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What To Ask When Getting Home Insurance Quotes

Homeowners insurance rates are rising in many states. As such, it’s more important than ever for homeowners to find ways to save money on their home insurance policies. Just as important to homeowners, they need to be aware of what factors affect their home insurance premium. As a recently published article on InsuranceAgents.com states, too many homeowners are not aware of what questions to ask agents and thus are unable to determine what is important when it comes to designing a policy.

The InsuranceAgents.com article, “What To Ask Agents: Homeowners Insurance Quotes Shopping,” lists different coverage options and questions homeowners may want to discuss with their agents. Doing research beforehand will result in homeowners being more confident and becoming aware of what specifically they want in a home insurance policy.

First, homeowners need to know what factors affect whether they find affordable or costly home insurance quotes.

“These days it’s about money, money, money. The whole reason to invest in insurance is to guard against financial loss. But no one wants to take out a second mortgage just to pay the premiums. So of course homeowners will need to know what factors (credit history, age and condition of the home, pets, lifestyle, etc.) cause home insurance quotes to skyrocket and which factors yield the most affordable rates,” the article states.

Also, to determine that your agent is someone whom you can trust to help you customize your home policy, you may want to conduct quick informal interviews with the agents who offer you home insurance quotes. Your agent should be reliable, trustworthy and experienced (find one with at least a few years’ worth of insurance experience.

“Check with your state’s insurance department to make sure any agent you interview is licensed. Better yet, ask the agent for proof of their license. Furthermore, conduct interviews with any agent you’re considering giving your business to. As a homeowner, that’s your right,” according to the article.

Homeowners should also look into what special hazards their area presents; any additional risks to your property need to be included in your home insurance policy to make it more thorough. Read the article on InsuranceAgents.com to discover more questions to ask your agent and educate yourself on the importance of a home insurance policy.

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Learn How to Customize Business Insurance Policies

With any insurance policy, the consumer should take the time and care in making a checklist with their insurance agent to make sure all their bases are covered. Only a personally tailored business insurance policy stands the chance of being efficient while also providing the necessary amount of coverage, according to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com.

“When venturing out and starting your own business, it’s important to financially protect it with a quality business insurance policy,” states the article titled, ‘Make Your Own Business Insurance Policy Checklist.’ “Having all of the right coverage options and necessary inclusions will protect you from serious financial loss later.”

Here are several necessities that should be included in any business insurance policy. Without these, a business insurance policy is pretty much obsolete. Depending on the nature of the business, some types of coverage should be emphasized while others should be minimal. Talk to a licensed professional about the needs of your specific business.

-Reparation/replacement coverage for any damaged property or assets
-Liability coverage with high enough limits
-Reimbursement of any income loss if the company temporary ceases productivity (this is known as interruption insurance)
-A deductible that fits within the framework of the company’s budget
-Optional: workers compensation and health insurance for employees

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How Underwriters Shape Insurance Quotes

Not many people know that all the factors that go into determining how high or low insurance quotes will be are determined by underwriters. Although they’re aided by a computer program, underwriters must analyze all applications the insurance company they work for and determine whether the applicant will yield high quotes, low quotes, or is just altogether uninsurable.

According to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com, underwriters are the life force of any insurance company. “Their opinions play an integral role in the success of a company because if an underwriter is too conservative, the company will most likely lose customers to competitors,” states the article, titled ‘Understanding the Significance of Underwriters. “On the other hand, if an underwriter makes too liberal of decisions, the company will have to pay an excessive amount in claims.”

Underwriters don’t do it alone though. They are placed with the huge burden of keeping the insurance company they work for afloat and have the assistance of computer applications to determine how to manage risk more efficiently. With the help of the program, underwriters determine how risky the applicants are and can thus determine how high or low their quotes will be or if they are just too risky to insure.

It is important to know what factors go into determining risk. Whether it is auto, health, home, or life insurance, there are a different set of factors for each type of insurance. “As an individual looking to obtain an insurance policy, it is imperative you familiarize yourself with some of the factors that underwriters use to judge potential policyholders before applying,” the InsuranceAgents.com article states.

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In A Down Economy, Consumers Look For All Possible Ways To Cut Costs. InsuranceAgents.com Suggests Looking Online For Insurance Quotes

Looking Online For Insurance Quotes

You can preserve your energy doing things you like doing as opposed to doing things you have to do. Finding competitive insurance quotes usually falling in the latter category.

According to InsuranceAgents.com, locating the lowest possible insurance quotes is not only easy and free but takes very little energy and can be done without ever having to leave the house.

“Not many people these days have dozens of hours to spend driving to insurance companies’ offices, consulting with insurance agents face-to-face and doing background research on each carrier,” according to the InsuranceAgents.com article.“But with online insurance quotes, you can let the quotes come to you and simply relax with all that time you saved.”

The way InsuranceAgents.com works benefits you, the potential customer. Once you enter your information and it is received by insurance companies and agents, a bidding war ensues with your business being the goal these agents have their sights set on. This means you have the upper hand, you are in the pilot’s seat, and you can compare and contrast each of their offers to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Also, if there is one thing everyone can agree on it is that you can never save enough money. Feel free to ask the agents competing for your business what savings or discounts they can offer or you are eligible for. You will be surprised to find how much money you will save in the end.

“[Y]ou can be sure they’ll be some of the lowest quotes around, because the agents are trying to get your business,” according to InsuranceAgents.com. “Then you can compare multiple online insurance quotes and policies, and find the coverage you need for the price you want. Also, the search is free!”

Nobody likes their free-time being consumed with the search for insurance quotes, so let InsuranceAgents.com do the work for you. It’s simple, fast, and free.

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Does Shopping for Insurance Quotes Hurt Your Credit Score?

With the economy slumping and people relying on credit more than ever, the last thing anyone wants to do is limit their access to credit by damaging their credit score. When you apply for insurance quotes these days most companies will pull your credit to judge what premium they will be charging you. The idea of inquiries showing up on your credit sounds like a very negative thing, but according to a recent article on InsuranceAgents.com, it’s actually no big deal.


Applying for insurance quotes does not negatively affect your credit score. There is no reason to not shop around for a better rate on your insurance, especially in tough economic times like these when every penny counts.

The insurance company may be pulling your credit, but it’s important to know the difference between what’s called a “hard pull” and a “soft pull”. According to the article, “When it comes to credit checks, there are two types of inquiries: ‘hard pulls’ and ‘soft pulls’. A hard pull refers to credit inquiries for acquiring credit, like from a credit card company or a lender. A soft pull is an inquiry that will review your credit score, much like an agent would to determine an insurance quote. … [T]he insurance company’s name will be listed on your report, but the inquiry will not lower your credit score.”

Though insurance quotes won’t affect your credit, it’s important to understand that your credit does affect your insurance quotes. The InsuranceAgents.com article continues, “While shopping for insurance quotes may not lower your credit score, it is important to know that a good credit score can lower your insurance quotes! Insurance companies and agents that see a potential client with a high credit score will consider you a low-risk client … They will then be able to offer you more affordable insurance quotes. Good credit saves you money in many different arenas of your life, including insurance.”

The best thing you can do if you have good or bad credit is to shop around for insurance quotes. Using services like InsuranceAgents.com you can compare up to five insurance quotes at a time and find the lowest rate.

For more information, visit InsuranceAgents.com.

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What are the risks that this financial crisis might pose to the insurance industry?

It’s great when you are confident in safety of your money in general, and in your insurance company’s reliability in particular.

Unfortunately, the credit crisis affected virtually every sphere of life, and in times of the financial turmoil, like it is going now, many began worrying about its consequences for insurance and wonder to what extent the insurance industry was affected.

What are the risks that this financial crisis might pose to the insurance industry? What if my insurance provider won’t be able to pay for the claim? Should I switch the insurer, or even quit my insurance cover? All these questions are very urgent for many people today.

First of all, you should know that there is no reason to worry if you are satisfied with your insurance company and the way they work. Have they paid for the claims in time? Were there any problems with their quick and adequate respond to your claim? Make sure that you are aware of your insurer’s latest rates, and if they are ok for you, you can rest assured (whatever it meant).

Additionally, there are independent sites where you can learn practically every insurance company’s rating. The rating shows the company’s stability and reliability from an independent point of view, whether it will be able to meet its obligations in future, i.e. to pay for claims. According to the rating you can always decide if you should “quit” or switch your insurer.

Some more good news for you:

– an insurer’s activity is strictly regulated, and in most cases an insurance company is not involved in those risks which unregulated industries are vulnerable to; besides, the industry is now under tight control because of the banking crisis, which doubles reliability;

– in case an insurer is in bad financial condition, it will get aid from the state insuranceregulators, for the purpose of anticipating its bankruptcy, and the state which the insurer belongs to will take measures to save the company; moreover, it is a strict obligatory rule for insurance companies to pay into guaranty funds; so, a policyholder has nothing to worry about anyway, as he/she is going to get the money even if the insurer is insolvent;

– in some states there is a so called pre-assessment system,

– a kind of a pool for insurers to annually contribute money to, so as to secure future claim- payments.

As you may see, the sphere of insurance is rather protected from the threats of the world-wide financial crisis. Anyway, if you still have doubts, just shop around for a good and reliable insurance company, be careful and stay tuned.

About Insure4USA

Insure4USA has been offering free auto insurance, health insurancehome insurance andlife insurance quotes online since 2008.

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Mevsinc Launched Their Online Insurance Website To Assist More Customers In Obtaining Help With Their Insurance Quotes

Customers who use the MevsInc service are now able to complete a short application process 24-hours a day, 7 days a week in order to get the cheapest insurance quotes.

Unlike other websites that use nationwide services to fill customer insurance requests, MevsInc.com aims to provide its users with results from insurance companies that the individual can meet with face-to-face.

Founder of the MevsInc.com, Grigoriy Anoshenko stated, “Unlike other services that provide a 1-800 phone number and a website for customers to contact, we provide a local address, a local phone number and even driving directions if they are needed.”

The decision to go online with the website has allowed the MevsInc company to extend its normal operation hours to accommodate clients that required services beyond the standard 9-5 Eastern Standard Time operating hours.

The MevsInc.com website covers most insurance types with auto insurancelife insurancehealth insurance, and home insurance being at the forefront of their services. Users simply enter their zip code and fill in a short survey based on the type of insurance they are interested in purchasing.

Auto insurance quotes are available on any vehicle type and rate comparisons are provided to make sure customers receive the best rates locally. In addition, all insurance types (auto, home, life and health) provide discounts that have been established through exclusive partnership programs between MevsInc.com and local representatives.

The website includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section which points out not only the positives of insurance services but also the negatives. In addition, customers with questions are encouraged to contact the MevsInc customer service department for clarification of terms and offerings.

In the end, it is the customer who wins, both by receiving excellent rates on insurance and by being able to invest their resources locally with insurance companies that share the common goals of success with the customer.

For more information regarding MevsInc offerings, please visit their website.

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Finding Cheap Auto And Home Insurance Should Not Be Difficult At Cheap-Insurance-Rates.Com

Finding Cheap auto insurance should not be difficult. But talk to anyone and they will usually tell you what a pain shopping for insurance is. It’s such a pain that most people will stick with whatever company they’re with, even if they know they’re not getting the best rates, just because finding a new carrier, and getting quotes, is so time consuming and inconvenient. Cheap-Insurance-Rates.com is determined to change that. We think shopping for insurance should be fast, easy and convenient. We think you should be able to enter your information once, and get multiple quotes from multiple carriers. We think insurance companies should be coming to you and competing for your business and that you should be able to view and compare rates from different companies with no obligation and no credit check.

We’re not just about auto insurance either. We think you should have the same options when it comes to Home owners insurance as well. We don’t think you should have to fill out multiple pages of forms, each and every time you want a quote from a new company. Instead, we think you should have one simple, single page form to fill out, quickly and efficiently, right online, to get quotes and offers from a variety of reputable companies.

We’re so committed to these beliefs that we designed our site with the consumer in mind, making it fast and easy for you to get the quotes you want, from multiple prescreened insurance professionals. You enter your information, and we keep it safe and secure, sharing it only with our list of reputable agents who are able to meet your needs and offer you the best deals out there. Shopping for insurance has never been easier, instead of taking all your time making dozens of calls and filling out countless forms, you’ll have companies making you offers, and competing for your business.

Cheap-Insurance-Rates.com can help you meet all of your insurance needs by getting your quotes from insurance brokers for auto insurance, home owners insurance, life insurance, and even help you shop around for competitive rates for individual and family health insurance plans and pet insurance. You provide the information and we match you with prescreened professionals. Cheap Insurance doesn’t mean poor service or lack of options. It means you get the best deals possible, and we do the hard work for you. To find out more about our services, visit us on the web at http://cheap-insurance-rates.comor email sariji@gmail.com.

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