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With Gold Prices on the Rise, MyGold Says Now is a Great Time to Buy

An unexpected appreciation in the value of an item will most certainly attract the attention of investors and traders. At the moment, gold is at the center of attention, settling at $1,779 this week, with prices traded up to $1,784 per ounce. Analysts believe the price of bullion will easily reach $2,500 next year as central banks continue to launch cheap money policies and liquidities increase in global markets.

Financial experts believe that the price of gold could hit such an all-time high once the third phase of quantitative easing begins in the United States. If QE3 will further weaken the US dollar, central banks from all over the world are expected to switch a large part of their cash reserves into gold. In the first half of 2012 alone, central banks have purchased 254 tons of gold and the numbers could easily double by the end of 2012.

“Now it’s the best time to buy gold and silver bullion”, says CEO and owner of MyGold, an independent merchant of precious metals based in Auckland, New Zealand.“All investors consider gold a safe haven and a store of value. The risks in the currency market and the financial environment after the events of 2008 have increased investors’ attraction for gold. When all other assets turn out to be risky, gold is the only safe investment”.

Buying gold and silver from MyGold is made easy for customers through their user-friendly web interface and irreproachable customer service. All clients have to do in order to buy gold from MyGold is to access the range of bullion available on their homepage, fill out the enquire form and discuss all further details of the order with one of their customer support representatives. Customers describe their service as prompt and highly professional:

“Being a first time investor I was a little bit nervous about buying through a website, but the team at MyGold were happy to answer any and all questions I had to settle my nerves. Plus they keep in contact through the whole process, especially from purchase to delivery, the most important part. I am looking forward to the future when I can sell mygold bullion back to MyGold and perhaps buy more gold bars through them. One happy customer!” – Tyson.

Customers who want to learn more about the silver price or are interested in finding out how they can buy gold in NZ from MyGold can visit http://www.mygold.co.nz/

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Wealth Managers – Reasons to Own Gold Bullion

Gold is undervalued. Why? The main reason is inflation. Rising prices eat away at your income and purchasing power whether you know it or not. Gold that sold for $850 per ounce in 1980 would be worth approximately $4,000 to $5,000 today when you adjust for inflation. So Gold today is a steal by historical standards. Another way to determine the real value of Gold is to compare it to the stock market. In October of 2007, Gold was selling for roughly $750 an ounce. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average soared to approximately 14,000. Do the math. This means you needed 18.66 ounces of Gold to buy the Dow. Now fast forward to the present. If Gold sells for about $1600 an ounce while the Dow trades around 13,000, then it only costs 8.12 ounces of Gold to buy the Dow. It’s just one more reason why Gold is cheap by historical standards — and why Gold will continue to rise.

Gold is a life preserver for investors when prices rise and currencies decline as well as during periods of economic crisis. With the United States and other nations now printing money to spend their way out of recession, conditions are ripe for rising inflation and a declining dollar. That’s why more and more investors are going with Gold to protect and grow their wealth.

Demand for Gold is growing. It’s not only because smart investors are turning to it as the best way to protect and grow their wealth. There are many other reasons as well. Demand for Gold is also rising because millions of people in China and India are buying Gold as they join the ranks of the middle class at an unprecedented rate. Meanwhile, many central banks are buying Gold as a way of reducing their exposure to a declining U.S. dollar. That’s what’s happening on the demand side. Now consider supply. Gold mines can’t dig enough of the stuff out of the ground to keep up with rising demand. It’s Economics 101. It’s supply and demand. The conditions are now in place for Gold to spike.

Wel believe gold should be considered as an investment for the clients of wealth managers. Richard W. Davey Organization is a consulting firm that helps wealth managers of financial institutions purchase gold bullion on behalf of their clients.

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2009 SABEW Award For Mutualfundreform.com

The blog, www.mutualfundreform.com, has won the top award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) in the best small blog category. The winning award was made as part of the 15th annual Best in Business Journalism competition, recognizing top publications,Web sites and the best business news reporting during 2009.

The blog,  mutualfundreform.com, won the award primarily for its original 7,000-word investigative series into how little-understood mutual fund fees, revenue sharing deals, high commissions paid to wholesalers and different share classes all benefit mutual fund salespeople and executives more than individual shareholders.

2009 SABEW Award For Mutualfundreform.com

The series, written by the site’s creator, Chuck Epstein, shows how these payments create conflicts of interest between shareholders and investment professionals which make it difficult for individual investors to obtain objective financial advice.

Other issues covered on the blog deal with the failure of SEC regulators, and the need for financial professionals to adopt the same fiduciary standards used by institutional investors and pension fund executives.

The site maintains that the need for mutual fund reform is essential since the load mutual fund industry currently has practices in place which essentially work against their own shareholders.

The creator of www.mutualfundreform.com is Chuck Epstein. He has been a senior writer for two large mutual fund companies and also won first place awards from the Mutual Fund Education Association (MFEA) in 2006, 2007, 2008 for writing and editing the best adviser and/or shareholder newsletters in the large-fund class category.

He also has held senior-level marketing positions with the New York Futures Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and written by-lined articles for over 50 financial publications.

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The Profit-Taker: Solid Advice On The Stock Market

This phenomenal financial game was invented by the author of an international best-seller. A top-ten best-selling author of John Wiley & Sons, New York is raving mad … giving away his new book. Not only is he making a gift of the sequel to his best-selling book… now he includes a ‘Live’ stock market game.

“Why should the billionaires have all the fun?”, says Professor Don Abrams, best-selling author of The Profit-Taker.

“Don’t lose your investing skills during these bad times”, says Professor Smarba, “Hone them!”.

He invented it to reveal the finer secrets of his proven, rapid, money-maker in both good and bad markets. And it’s free… Zip. Zero. Zilch. No registration. No required email. No ‘funny’ paper money. No catches.


The new free sequel reveals a proven strategy to grow rich – especially for late starters. It is a blueprint that awakens the self-actualizing quest to live long. Thousands are already playing the game. Modestly named ‘The Greatest Game on Earth’. It’s an adventure, not based on guessing – but on newly-gained knowledge. All this on www.profittaker.info.

Is your current investing on a grand, small or academic scale? Doesn’t matter. Is it fun? If not, the author says you’re doing something wrong.

The solution? Discover it here. Now you can control your own destiny…be your own person.

‘The Greatest Game on Earth” allows people the world over the opportunity to relish the ingenuity and pure fun of the Profit-Taker Concept.

The game provides ‘live’ examples for the free book ‘The Profit-Taker Equalizer for the Underdog’.

The game is aimed at investment professionals as well as beginners.

Unlike the ‘usual game’, it is the actual chosen common stock which decides your next move. No rolling of the dice. No dealing of the cards. No spinning of a wheel.

It’s the actual ‘game’ action that opens up possibilities. Opportunities!

Let the good times roll on www.profittaker.info.

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Venulum Is Seeing Strong Interest In Its Wine Investment Portfolio From Those Looking To Weather The Financial Storm

Venulum, the private wealth management firm based in the British Virgin Islands, is seeing increasing interest in wine investment from those looking to avoid the pitfalls of the current economic climate.

Venulum recognised that investors commonly turn to hard assets in market downturns, with the idea that by investing in something real, it won’t disappear although its value may decline modestly, hence the increased interest in the company’s wine investment portfolio.

The Liv-ex 100 Fine Wine Index was flat in August and fell 3.7% in September but compared with the battering the world stocks and bonds markets are experiencing, this drop could be termed relatively insignificant, since it still shows a year to date increase of 5.5% compared to the loss of 24.1% for the FTSE 100 for example.

Much of the downturn in the Liv-ex 100 in September was down to profit taking on top wines of the recently landed 2005 Bordeaux vintage, many of which have fallen from their peak prices of late spring this year by as much as 25%.

Dennis Winson, a periodontist from Maryland has been a Venulum client since 2003 and has invested in Forward Purchase Agreements.

“My annual returns to date have consistently been between 15-20%, but I expect they will be affected by the current market turmoil,” Mr Winson said. “I take a long term approach however, and as long as I don’t need to redeem early I expect the market to see an improvement in the next year or two.”

Stephen Kern, a general dentist from Washington State, has been investing with Venulum since 2004 and has a large investment portfolio in wine. “I began investing in wine because I am interested in it and enjoy drinking it,” he says. “My returns of 15-20% per annum didn’t look that exceptional in a bull market but compared to some of my other investments, they are now looking great.”

Mr Kern invested in Forward Purchase Agreements at a modest leverage ratio of approximately three to one and feels comfortable with the level of risk.

He said; “A leverage ratio of three to one compared to property investment at up to ten to one is relatively safe but margin calls could be worrying for me so my strategy going forward is to physicalise my portfolio through Venulum‘s new Wine Portfolio Strategy.”

Fears of a sustained major correction continue to appear to be relatively unfounded, with strong demand coming from the Far East in particular.

Giles Cadman chairman of Venulum, noted: “The market remains firm, with demand for the top wines from sought after back vintages especially strong. The emerging markets continue on as if the summer crunch hardly happened and we are quietly confident that fine wine will continue to outperform the majority of other asset classes through these turbulent times.”

About Venulum:
The Venulum Group is a multinational private wealth management firm headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. The Group manages the wealth of high net worth individuals, and specialises in alternative investments often not available to the general public. Venulum helps high net worth individuals balance their portfolios.

The Venulum Group was formed in 2002 and has expanded to include offices in five countries with service offices in a further two. Since 2002 Venulum’s client base has expanded rapidly, and they now have a substantial number of United States based clients.

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Venulum’s September Client Was A Great Success With Over 40 Clients And Their Partners Of The Private Wealth Manager Attending From All Across America

The Venulum September client conference was held on Friday morning and set out to clarify Venulum’s strategy for 2009 together with a review of performance of the Mutual Wine and Property Funds in 2008. Giles Cadman, Chairman of the group, was pleased to announce the overall returns for the Group had exceeded 15% in 2007 and was positive about 2008-2009 in light of the opportunities presenting themselves because of the deteriorating economic climate in the US and the impact felt in the UK and Europe.

“We are well placed to take advantage of the weakening property market in the UK as we have strong liquidity in the Property Fund,” explained Cadman, “We have been waiting for three years for the property market to cool so that we can acquire property within our yield criteria of between 7% and 9%.” The property team are now analysing three opportunities where values have fallen by over 50% in the past twelve months.

Rob Spalding, Business Development Officer from Pensco Trust Co was also a speaker at the conference. Pensco started trading in 1989 in New Hampshire and are an independent custodian of self directed IRA’s, specialising in non traded assets. Rob Spalding explained that as a regulated IRA custodian, Pensco are independent and are never in conflict with investors’ goals because they do not sell investment products nor provide investment or tax advice.

“At Pensco Trust, we combine proprietary technology, built specifically to facilitate smooth, safe processing of investment transactions with the greatest depth of in-house expertise in the industry” explained Spalding, “Clients benefit from our expertise on non-traditional IRA investing that comes from our singular focus. We are proud of our philosophy of sharing this expertise with our clients and prospects by providing free education on self directed IRA investing.”

Daniel Cann, Director of Folio Administrators Limited was also on hand to answer specific questions from clients throughout the weekend. Folio administers all of the Venulum funds. Having been founded in 2001, they have grown to be the largest fund service provider in the British Virgin Islands, currently providing full administration services to over 130 funds with approximately $5.5 billion of net assets under administration.

Daniel commented “We focus on tailoring our services to match individual requirements by employing specialist, highly qualified accountants and administrators. We utilize the best in fund administration solutions with PFS-Paxus and Bloomberg.”

The second session of the Friday morning presentation focussed on Venulum Wine Ltd and the different ways that Venulum invest in wine. “Wine is an asset class that Venulum believe is perfect for use in IRA and 401K investment vehicles,” Giles Cadman explained, “It can produce strong consistent returns as it benefits from diminishing supply as it gets drunk whilst demand increases as it improves with age.” Venulum Wine Limited has a team of experts and consultants who attend the annual tastings in Bordeaux and Burgundy to unearth those wines they think will provide the strongest investment returns. The company offers clients the opportunity to invest with different levels of gearing, from a straight forward full physical purchase to instalment contracts, En-Primeur agreements or forward purchase agreements.

Venulum are already planning conferences for 2009 on the West Coast and back at Greenbrier in the fall.

About Venulum:
The Venulum Group is a multinational private wealth management firm headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. The Group manages the wealth of high net worth individuals, and specialises in alternative investments often not available to the general public. Venulum helps high net worth individuals balance their portfolios.

The Venulum Group was formed in 2002 and has expanded to include offices in five countries with service offices in a further two. Since 2002 Venulum’s client base has expanded rapidly, and we now have a substantial number of United States based clients.

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