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Russell Investments launches new online information suite

Russell Investments has launched a new dedicated website specifically for retail financial advisers.

The new online portal, available direct from the Russell Investments UK homepage, brings together the most relevant investment information from Russell’s extensive range of detailed and unbiased industry analysis and allows financial advisers to cut through the noise to hone in on the topics which are important to them.

Alongside this, advisers will be able to quickly navigate through Russell’s tools and investment services which can help them get under the bonnet of its funds, build and manage client portfolios, and enhance the value added to clients’ investments.

Adviser visits to Russell’s website have tripled since its launch in March which is a clear indication that the provision of online help and support is increasingly vital.

Danny Callaghan, head of IFA sales at Russell Investments, said: “Financial advisers need support so they can spend their time generating value for their businesses, and advising their clients. They are bombarded with news and investment information from a variety of sources and it can be difficult to steer a course through the content and find the relevant pieces.

“Russell has teams of experts across a wide range of investment capabilities and they regularly produce insightful and impartial commentary – so we have made advisers’ lives a bit easier by consolidating this into one place alongside the tools they need to help provide the best investment advice for their clients. We want to help them spend as much time with their clients and less time searching for information and support – our new online information suite does that.”

Via EPR Network
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