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LV= Promotes Best Practice For National Customer Service Week

LV=, the mutual insurance, investment and retirement group, is running a series of training and activities to promote and reward excellence in customer service as part of National Customer Service Week.

LV= is dedicated to delivering the best possible customer service all year round and will be using National Customer Service Week as an extra opportunity to highlight the value that customer service plays within organisations.

In addition to highlighting and rewarding those staff who have demonstrated customer service excellence, the group will be running a series of initiatives during the week such as problem solving training and ‘back to the floor’ sessions for senior management.

Two staff award schemes have been set up to celebrate the week. The LOVE awards are for employees who demonstrate Living Our Values Everyday (LOVE) and the Unsung Heroes awards are for staff to nominate colleagues who have gone the extra mile to improve an internal process or system.

In the general insurance business, each site has initiatives promoting great customer service throughout the week including managers’ mystery shopping and awarding prizes for great examples of customer service, quizzes themed around customer service, dress down and dress up days, job swaps and awards for the friendliest members of the customer service team.

Initiatives being rolled out specifically in LV=’s Bournemouth office include a dress like a rock star day, a ‘Know your Claims’ team quiz and retention spot prizes.

LV= handles more than 18,000 customer calls a day and has won numerous awards for its customer service, including the 2010 Moneywise award for best customer service in car insurance. The LV= general insurance call centre also won call centre of the year* in the 2009 National Customer Service Awards and is short-listed again for the same award this year.

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LV= Launches New Viral Game

LV= has announced the launch of “LV= Heartsville”, a new viral game that offers a number of prizes to be won.

Aligned with the theme of the current LV= TV advert, the premise of the new game is to fly a hot air balloon over the fictional town of “Heartsville” and avoid any obstacles that could ground the balloon. While the game boasts easy and user friendly game play, it becomes more challenging as the player progresses through the game.

Players can share the game with their friends via Facebook and create leagues to make it even more fun. A free prize draw is also available to users with prizes including two tickets for a Virgin hot air balloon ride, a Fortnum & Mason hamper or a £50 shopping voucher.

LV= Heartsville” has been created in order to assist the company in capturing customer data, increase LV=’s brand awareness and drive traffic to the company website, with LV=’s key products such as car insurance and life insurance getting a mention in the game.

Alan Lay, web content manager at LV= said: “We think it’s a great game, lots of fun to play, with some great prizes up for grabs and you can indulge in some friendly competition by setting up leagues with friends and family. “Heartsville” brings a little extra cheer to our audience, creating a buzz and engaging them with the brand, then driving them to our website to show them how we look after what they love in life.”

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LV= Asset Management Equities Team Celebrates Year Of Strong Performance

One year after joining LV= Asset Management (LVAM), the fund management arm of mutual insurance and investment group, LV=, Graham Ashby and his team are celebrating an impressive set of numbers for both the LV= UK Equity Income Fund and LV= UK Growth Fund.

Graham joined from Credit Suisse and has been the lead manager of the LV= UK Equity Income Fund since 1 September 2009. During the year to 31 August 2010, LV= UK Equity Income Fund returned 12.18% versus a FTSE All Share Index figure of 10.57% and an IMA UK Equity Income sector average of 8.22%, marking it as 1st Quartile and 6th Percentile*.

Under the stewardship of Michael Crawford, an experienced manager who has worked with Graham for over 10 years, LV= UK Growth Fund returned a much improved performance of 9.29% against the FTSE All Share Index’s 10.57% and an IMA UK All Companies sector average of 8.62%*.

Graham and Michael also brought Marcus Chandler and Mira Bhogaita with them from Credit Suisse. Together with long-standing LVAM fund manager Chris Price, they make up LVAM’s UK Equities team.

The UK equity portfolios have a ‘backbone’ of stocks which have a proven record in creating value for shareholders and where fundamental analysis indicates that these high returns are sustainable.

The team also believes that UK equity portfolios should also be diversified in absolute rather than relative terms. As a result, they seek to ensure adequate diversification by limiting the exposure to individual stocks and adopting a ‘benchmark aware’ rather than a ‘benchmark driven’ approach to portfolio construction.

Recently, in response to demand, LVAM has moved to a quarterly income distribution for the LV= UK Equity Income Fund, which helps with clients’ cash flow and is also in line with the trend for UK companies to pay dividends quarterly; an institutional income share class has also been added.

In July this year, LV= UK Equity Income Fund received a Standard & Poor’s ‘A’ rating and in addition, both Graham Ashby and Michael Crawford are ‘A’ rated by Citywire.

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LV Announces Strong Performance In First Half Of 2010

LV=, the mutual insurance, retirement and investment group, has announced a strong performance in the first half of 2010, with sales and trading profits significantly up on the same period of 2009.

Life cover sales are up 40% to £63.5m on an APE (Annual Premium Equivalent) basis, compared to £45.2m in the first half of 2009. This includes retirement business seeing a 36% increase with an APE of £48.3 (H1 2009: £35.4m) while protection and savings businesses saw a 55% increase with an APE of £15.2m (H1 2009: £9.8m).

General insurance GWP (Gross Written Premiums) were up 37% to £546.4m (H1 2009: £397.5m), this includes including new business GWP up by
39% to £85.0m (H1 2009: £61.3m). The results also confirm that LV= is now fourth biggest private car insurer (according to FSA returns 2009).

In asset management (LVAM), investment performance shows continued strong outperformance against benchmark for the with-profits portfolio. 85% of eligible funds are ranked in the first or second quartile of their peer groups for performance in the first six months of 2010 while H1 2010 sales exceed the total for 2009 (excluding third party institutional sales).

Mike Rogers, LV= group chief executive, commented: “Although the market environment remains challenging, our focus has paid off enabling us to
continue to grow profitably across the LV= Group. Our trading performance in terms of both sales and profitability was significantly up on the same period last year.

“In the life business, pensions and annuities spearheaded a strong performance, driven partly by legislation change moving the retirement age from 50 to 55. Profitability in life was also enhanced by improved cost control and by our development of new IFA accounts.

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LV= Research Suggests That Poor Sighted Drivers Put Lives At Risk

LV= has revealed new research conducted amongst motorists that shows many drivers are still getting behind the wheel, despite having poor eye sight.

The research conducted by LV= car insurance reveals that 4.2 million drivers who don’t currently wear glasses admitted their vision was ‘not perfect’ although they still drive and 1.1 million drivers who are prescribed glasses or lenses for driving said they don’t always wear them whilst behind the wheel.

Among the 53% of motorists that don’t currently wear prescribed glasses or lenses, the statistics reveal that nearly a quarter (23%) confess that their eyesight is ‘not perfect’, and around one in ten (11%) admit to finding it difficult to see at night and one in twenty (6%) say they struggle to see in poor weather.

Yet despite these problems a third of these motorists say they haven’t had their eyes tested in the last five years with a further one in eight (13%) saying they either had a test over ten years ago or they have simply never bothered.

Aside from the number plate reading test in the driving exam, drivers are not currently legally required to have an eye test until they are 70 years old, although medical experts recommend that all drivers have an eye test at least every two years, regardless of whether they think their eyesight is okay for driving.

And in a test among 256 randomly selected drivers, one in ten (9%) were unable to make out a number plate just over 20 metres away on their first attempt. This rose to 18% of all drivers aged 55 and over5.

If motorists drive when they cannot see clearly and do not meet the visual requirements, they could be fined £1,000, receive three penalty points or be disqualified from driving. If drivers are involved in an accident caused by their lack of vision they could be charged with reckless or dangerous driving and potentially face a prison sentence.

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LV European Ex-UK Growth Fund Adds Sterling Hedged Share Class

LV= Asset Management (LVAM), the fund management arm of insurance, investment and pensions group LV=, is enhancing its LV= European ex-UK Growth Fund with the addition of a Sterling hedged share class, in response to growing demand from institutional and discretionary clients.

The new Institutional Income GBP Hedged Share Class is a further designation of the Institutional Income Share Class launched last month. It allows clients to mitigate currency risk on their investments but also to express any strong currency views by providing for free switching between hedged and unhedged share classes without having to realise the investment or incur any capital gains tax liability.

Julian Thomas, Head of Product Development and Management, LVAM, commented: “LV= European ex-UK Growth Fund has achieved a remarkable track record of consistent performance for its clients over a number of years. In order to widen its appeal to investors, the Sterling hedged share class aims to reduce the underlying currency risk of the portfolio’s assets by hedging currencies to which the portfolio has material exposure.

“We believe this gives LVAM a competitive advantage by offering a product that few others do, allowing a greater number of potential clients to access the Fund’s strong performance.”

Matthew Wright, Head of Sales, LVAM, said: “We know that there is demand for this type of product from clients and indeed, we already have strong pipeline interest ahead of bringing it to market. This is further evidence that LVAM is prepared to extend the investment options of an impressively performing fund to meet client needs.”

LV= European ex-UK Growth Fund was launched in 2003 and is managed jointly by Mark Page, Richard Falle and Laurent Millet. Last month it secured an OBSR ‘A’ rating and it carries an ‘AA’ rating from Standard & Poor’s. It is the only fund to have outperformed both the benchmark index and IMA Europe sector average in every year since 2004*.

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LV= Reports Kids Come First As Parents Increase ‘Back To School’ Spending To £709 Million

LV=’s new Cost of a Child study has found that parents will spend £709 million* on ‘back to school’ basics including uniforms, stationery, sportswear and winter coats as parents prepare to kit their children out for the start of the new school year. This is equivalent to parents spending an average of £122 on their children. This rises to£139 for secondary school aged children, compared to £96 for infants. Parents living in London spend the most preparing for their kids to go back to school at £158 on average.

Despite many families continuing to feel the squeeze in the current economic climate, 46% of parents expect to spend a greater amount this year on ‘back to school’ items than last year. When asked to consider the financial pressures of kitting their kids out for school, 48% said they are feeling the strain of having to spend ‘excessive amounts’, rising to 64% among parents in the North East.

54% parents are considering using low cost suppliers for back to school items, such as supermarkets to buy basics like uniform and stationery, and 23% are considering second hand items, including hand-me-downs and goods from charity shops or eBay. This rises to 70% and 41% respectively for families in the South East.

Mark Jones, LV= head of protection, said: “It is surprising that many parents are responding to increased money pressure this year by spending more on back to school basics; clearly kids come first despite the downturn. And it’s even more surprising that many parents are spending more despite looking at ways to be frugal and economise, by purchasing from cheaper suppliers such as their local supermarket or eBay.”

The annual LV= Cost of a Child study shows that parents are now likely to have to shell out more than £201,000 on raising a child from birth to the age of 21**. This equates to £9,610 a year, £800 a month or £26 a day. Education (not including private school fees) remains the second biggest expenditure behind childcare, costing parents £52,881 over a child’s lifetime – an increase of 4% on last year.

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LV= Warns Of £264m Repair Bill For Alcohol-Fuelled Home Accidents

LV= is warning that accidents caused by Brits drinking and partying at home this summer is predicted to leave UK homeowners with a total repair bill of £264 million*.

New research by LV= home insurance suggests that the explosive combination of the football world cup and hot weather has fuelled a boom in alcohol-related accidents, as Brits increasingly hold parties at home. Based on last year’s breakages, 73,000 TV/computer/games console accidents, 686,000 stains on carpets, and 955,500 breakages have already happened this summer.

Of last year’s accidents 56% admitted that alcohol was involved and 31% stated the guest who did the damage was ‘quite drunk’ when the accident happened. A further 44% admitted they were ‘a bit tipsy’ at the time. The most common accident was broken glass or crockery (29%), followed by spillages causing damage to furniture (22%) or stained and damaged carpets (20%).

LV= is warning homeowners to ensure they opt for accidental damage cover as part of their home contents insurance, so that if any serous mishaps occur they are not left out of pocket paying to put the damage right.

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LV Reports Holidaymakers Ignoring Vital Vaccinations

LV= has reported that holidaymakers are putting themselves at risk of serious illness by not having recommended travel vaccinations, as GPs report a rise in the cost of jabs.

According to travel insurer LV=, more than a quarter (26%) of holidaymakers travelling in the past 12 months went without the recommended vaccinations for illnesses such as Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Diphtheria.

The LV= report found that most of the holidaymakers who didn’t have jabs (19%) simply didn’t bother to seek medical advice and so were unaware of the health risks they could potentially face and one in fifteen (7%) actually ignored medical advice to be vaccinated.

The research found that cost is contributing to holidaymakers’ reticence to have the appropriate vaccinations, with more than one in ten (12%) who didn’t have vaccinations doing so for financial reasons. As part of the LV= report, GP practices were also questioned about their vaccination prices and close to half (43%) reported a rise in the cost of vaccinations over the past five years. The cost of Malaria tablets has increased most steeply, increasing by more than 11%.

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LV= Discovers Wealthy Young Brits Make Easy Target For Thieves

Research from LV= Streetwise has revealed that many young brits are making themselves easy targets for thieves as 92% of 13-15 year olds carry a mobile phone on them whilst out and about with their friends, 74% carry cash and 42% leave the house with an iPod.

The clothes and gadgets carried by the average young teen on Britain’s streets are worth £246*, singling them out as targets for thieves, while 21% of 5-8 year olds carry a mobile phone** and 17% carry cash when they’re out and about with friends.

Many young people carry valuable items like a mobile phone because their parents want to keep them safe. Among 5-15 year olds, as many as 62% said their parents ask them to keep a mobile phone with them. But mums’ and dads’ attempts to protect their children when they’re out on their own may be inadvertently increasing the risk of theft, as 11-16 years olds make up a third of all mugging victims***.

Furthermore, by focusing their concerns on outside threats such as stranger danger, parents could be blinkered with regard to their children’s safety knowledge in and around the home. The LV= Streetwise research shows that 38% of 5-15 year olds would not know how to leave the house safely in the event of a fire, and 15% don’t feel they are able to cross the road safely.

The LV= Streetwise research findings also reveal parental confusion over when it’s right to give their children more independence. 49% of parents**** said they are so unsure about what is the right age to allow certain freedoms to their kids, that they make up the rules as they go along.

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LV Launches Innovative Recruitment Advertising Campaign

LV=, the insurance, investment and pensions group, has announced the launch of a ground-breaking recruitment advertising campaign. The campaign uses unique technology that enables jobseekers to interact with existing LV= staff and find out about the jobs on offer before even applying.

The poster and taxi campaign includes five different poster designs each featuring a different LV= employee who has their own story to tell. The campaign invites jobseekers to take a photo of the poster with their mobile phone and send the image to LV= via MMS or email, using short code 67777 and adding the keyword ‘LV’. Using image recognition software, LV= will then identify which employee was on the poster, and make a pre-recorded call to the jobseeker in which that actual employee says what they do at LV= and what it’s like to work there.

The campaign features imagery around LV=’s iconic green heart and uses a wide range of media including online, social media, outdoor and the innovative poster and taxi campaign. The innovation is continued on LV Careers where jobseekers can interact with existing staff as well as hear from Mike Rogers, group chief executive and apply for jobs online.

There is also a charitable element to the campaign, as for every text received through the campaign LV= will donate 10p to its nominated charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital.

LV= is currently recruiting for staff in many of its 28 offices across the UK. Locations of particular focus include its head office in Bournemouth plus LV= offices in Bristol, Croydon and Huddersfield. The majority of jobs on offer are within LV=’s general insurance division.

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LV= Announces Improvements To Its Protection Range

LV= has announced that it has improved its term rates for higher sums assured, re-priced its FPP Term Assurance, Family Income Benefit and Gift Inter Vivos products, as well as cut prices on its accident and sickness cover under its Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection product.

The changes to the term rates for higher sums assured, typically between £150,000 and £300,000, come soon after LV= re-priced its critical illness cover, meaning LV= is now leading the way on price for many term assurance contracts.

Mark Jones, head of protection at LV=, said: “These improvements will help us offer customers a combination of great experience, proven ability and competitive prices. We make no bones of the fact we are keen to expand our customer base for term assurance, especially at the higher sums assured end of the market.”

LV= has also improved all of its accident and sickness rates for lower risk occupations under its award winning Mortgage & Lifestyle protection product.

Mark Jones concluded: “The re-pricing of our accident and sickness rates within our Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection product for lower risk occupations is a clear demonstration of our strategy for marrying competitive pricing with market leading product innovation. We are very pleased to be able to reduce all of these premiums, as this further enhances an already top class proposition for mortgage advisers.”

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LV= Announces Income Protection Enhancements

LV=, protection and retirement specialist, has announced that it has made enhancements to its income protection policy, resulting in another coveted Defaqto 5 Star Rating.

LV=’s income protection policy (which forms part of the protection menu, the Flexible Protection Plan) now includes Guaranteed Increase Options, which means policyholders can increase their cover without any medical or financial underwriting if they:
– Increase their mortgage
– Get married or register a civil partnership
– Have or adopt a child
– Have an increase in basic salary as a result of promotion, changing employer or gaining qualifications.

The policy now also includes Back to Work Support, meaning LV= may provide financial support and advice to help policyholders return to work with confidence.

Plus, LV= has added a Career Break Option where policyholders will be covered (for up to a maximum of £1,500 a month) if they decide to take a break from work. If they then return to the same job within 24 months they’ll be able to go back to their original amount of cover and premium without the need for any medical questions (provided they haven’t made a claim during this period).

Mark Jones, LV= head of protection, said: “These new enhancements further improve our already strong income protection proposition, and will help advisers offer greater flexibility and support to their clients.

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LV= Finds Dodgy DIY Improvements Damage House Values

New research by home insurer LV= has revealed that in the last few years as many as 4.05m homeowners have undertaken electrical jobs without professional help, 3.3m have attempted plumbing work and 1.35m have carried out structural work such as removing walls. 900,000 have undertaken major building works, such as loft conversions, and 450,000 have tackled potentially dangerous gas repairs.

According to the LV= survey, many homeowners admitted undertaking these works in an attempt to improve the resale value of their homes. However, the effects of doing these jobs badly can reduce the sale price of a property by more than 5% in some cases.

John O’Roarke, managing director of LV= home insurance, said: “With house prices falling or stagnating in some parts of the UK, it’s understandable that many homeowners should try to bump up the value of their properties through DIY home improvements.

“But although nine out of ten people in our survey (88%) recognised that jobs like gas work should only be left to the professionals, nearly 0.5m Brits are still prepared to give it a go. Not only could bungling these jobs be dangerous, and costly to put right, but if they caused a serious problem with the property it could invalidate the home insurance cover.”

The LV= report surveyed both homeowners and estate agents, and reveals a myriad of conflicting opinions when it comes to the impact of DIY improvements. 21% of home owners believe that redecorating adds the most value to a house, followed by kitchen refurbishment (14%), garden work (12%), and bathroom replacement (6%).

Meanwhile 69% of estate agents believe decorating will make no difference at all to the asking price of a property. 64% responded that garden landscaping won’t add value; whilst 22% said even a new kitchen won’t improve the price. Estate agents also believe that the sale price of a property could decrease by more than 5% in some cases, if ‘improvement’ work was done poorly.

Despite popular opinion, estate agents say that some of the most costly jobs are likely to have only a minimal impact on the asking price of a home. Those agents who believe that improvement work usually or always adds value reported that a new kitchen, if done well, can add around 2.5% to the price, while a good new bathroom or garden landscaping can each add 2.2%.

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LV= Reveals That Today’s Kids Have Less Freedom Than Previous Generation

According to new research from LV= Streetwise, a charity which educates children about safety, today’s parents don’t allow their kids the same liberties as they enjoyed when they were growing up.

24% of children aged 15 and under said they aren’t allowed to sleep over at a friend’s house, 60% are forbidden to use public transport on their own, and 43% can’t visit their closest park without a parent by their side. In contrast, just 4% of adults were banned from sleeping-over, 2% were forbidden to use public transport or go out on their own in familiar surroundings, like their local town or park.

The restriction on children’s outside activities appears to be a direct result of parents’ growing fears and anxieties. 65% of mums and 63% of dads believe the world is more dangerous now than it was when they were growing up. ‘Stranger danger’ is the biggest worry for 54% of parents, followed by bullying (47%), mugging (47%) and road danger (34%).

On average, children today can look forward to walking to school on their own by the age of 11, use public transport on their own at 12, and babysit their brother or sister by the time they’re 14, compared with the respective 9, 11 and 12 years of age of their parents generation. However many parents know they’re being tougher on their children with 36% feeling uneasy that their kids don’t get the same opportunities as they did to experience freedom as a youngster.

The new research findings mark the launch of the unique LV= Streetwise safety roadshow, which helps to educate children about safety in the home and outdoors using a converted ‘bendy bus’ featuring a life-size kitchen, lounge, and road and rail hazard simulators. The roadshow will be travelling round county fairs and other outdoor events across the UK this summer.

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LV=’s Annual Results For 2009 Shows Strong Growth Despite A Difficult Year

The latest figures show that LV= achieved a rise in its underlying profit across the year from £41.9m to £44.2m (2008: £2.3m) and a loss in 2006, with the general insurance business making a profit of £7.0m (2008: loss of £30.1m), meaning it went into profit one year ahead of plan.

LV='s Annual Results For 2009 Shows Strong Growth Despite A Difficult Year

Mike Rogers, LV= Group Chief Executive, said: “Despite another difficult year of continued recession and market turbulence, the turnaround of the LV= business continues according to plan. Our core mission of helping our members and customers to look after what they love has enabled us to do more business with more customers.”

LV= customer satisfaction results for 2009 increased to 96% overall compared with 2008 and the number of customers and members grew by 12% to over 3.8m (2008: 3.4m). LV=’s financial strength demonstrated across the year enabled significant holdings in long term growth assets (around 74% of the fund at the year end), should also benefit members’ returns in the longer term.

Additionally LV= policyholders with a £50 a month 25 year savings endowment with-profits policy maturing on 1 March 2010 were at least 39% better-off than equivalent policyholders with four major proprietary companies. In fact the with-profits fund investment achieved a return of 15.4%, 2% above benchmark.

Mike observed, “Our strong investment performance underpins solid returns for our with-profits policyholders, ahead of most of the market, and we also remain strongly capitalised. In 2010, trading has begun strongly, with sales in the first quarter significantly up on the same period last year.

“A strong growth in underlying profit reflects our efforts in re-shaping the business and improving our organisational fitness. Improved awareness of the LV= brand, thanks to our distinctive marketing campaigns, has helped to support a strong sales performance across our life & pensions and general insurance businesses.”

2009 also provided LV with widespread industry award recognition for product quality across life & pensions, general insurance and asset management. These include a Moneywise ‘Most Trusted’ award for home insurance, several Which? recommendations and Defaqto 5 Star awards, plus a Best Lifetime Mortgage Lender award from What Mortgage?

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Protection Specialist LV= Has Published Its 2009 Protection Claims Record

Protection specialist LV= has published its 2009 protection claims record, which shows that 90% of claims were paid across both income protection and critical illness policies during the year.

LV= paid out nearly £40m to its protection policyholders last year, including £11.9m in income protection claims, and more than £7.9m in critical illness claims. Over the years, LV= has maintained a consistent track record of paying protection claims with a steady upward trend in the percentage of claims accepted.

Mark Jones, LV= Head of Protection, said: “Our consistently high and improving claims payment rate illustrates our firm commitment to support customers in their time of need, and to limit the risk of customer confusion at the point of applying for a policy. This success is in part down to investment in our tele-interviewing capability, exploring the reasons for non-disclosure rejections and putting measures in place to reduce them, and in intelligent underwriting.

“When people make a claim on a protection policy, it is often at an extremely difficult moment in their life. As such it is absolutely vital that we are a provider that can be trusted, not just to pay claims, but also to treat claimants in a human and professional manner.

“Our transparency in publishing protection claims statistics reflects our policy of openness. We want to make sure that advisers and consumers alike are fully aware of why claims can be rejected, so that we can all play a part in keeping rejections at a minimum.”

2009 protection claims data from LV= reveals that:
– The top four causes of income protection claims over the last 12 months were mental disorders (29%), musculoskeletal disorders (20%), circulatory system disorders (11%) and cancers (11%).
– The average age of a female income protection claimant was 44 years, with male claimants two years older on average at 46 years.
– The average income protection claim paid out for a period of eight years.
– Cancer claims accounted for six out of ten critical illness claims (61%), rising from 57% in 2008.
– The average critical illness claims payment in 2009 was £72,500, up from £63,820 in 2008.

LV= has produced separate guides detailing its income protection and critical illness claims performance for 2009. These guides are designed for financial advisers to use with their clients to help them understand why it is important to disclose full information when they apply for a policy. The guides also demonstrate the ‘more than just a cheque’ benefits from LV=, which include the Extra Care claim support service.

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LV=, Insurance, Pensions And Investments Group, Has Announced That It Is Opening New Offices In Huddersfield

This is in addition to LV=’s road rescue company, Britannia Rescue, which is already based in Huddersfield town centre, employing around 100 people. The new LV= offices will be in Folly Hall and are scheduled to open in July 2010. This will also become the new home to Britannia Rescue, which will be moving from its current offices in Station Buildings, where it has been based for over 20 years. Having celebrated its 25th year of operation in Huddersfield last year, Britannia Rescue has reached capacity at Station Buildings and needs to move to enable the business to expand further.

LV=, Insurance, Pensions And Investments Group, Has Announced That It Is Opening New Offices In Huddersfield

As well as the Britannia Rescue management team, LV= will open a new 24-hour call centre in Folly Hall to deal with both calls from LV= car insurance customers who have been involved in an accident, and Britannia Rescue breakdown calls. The 24-hour service will also be expanded to LV= home insurance customers during 2010 and the new office is set to become the company’s primary 24-hour call centre.

The new jobs there will be advertised later in the year and will include customer service advisor roles, team leader positions and management opportunities.

LV= is a leading mutual financial group with over 3.6 million members and customers. The company offers a wide range of financial products including insurance, pensions and investments.

The new LV= office at Folly Hall will have the capacity for around 175 people. It is located 10 minutes from the station in a Grade II listed building which has been renovated as part of the regeneration of Huddersfield’s Waterfront Quarter.

Simon Stevens, general manager of LV=’s Huddersfield operation, said: “We are delighted to be expanding in the town. Huddersfield has been a fantastic base for our Britannia Rescue business and with our positive experience here we are confident that Huddersfield will also be a great location for part of the LV= car insurance claimsoperation.

“We are committed to Huddersfield and to providing new jobs in the area. LV= is a fast-growing general insurer and when many other financial companies are making redundancies we are actually expanding. This means that not only is there the opportunity for local people to join us, but there are also great career prospects and the chance to move up in the company.”

Cllr Mehboob Khan, Leader of Kirklees Council, said: “It is excellent news that such a well known and respected company is investing in our area. We have a good relationship with LV= through their Britannia Rescue operation which has been based in the two for many years and we are delighted they have chosen to expand their operation in Huddersfield and create jobs for local people. Working with Kirklees businesses, from small traders to larger organisations, is one of the many ways in which the council continues to tackle the problems caused by the recession.”

Barry Sheerman, MP for Huddersfield, said: “The fact that LV= is expanding in Huddersfield is an excellent omen. Increasingly Huddersfield is being seen as an exceptional place to live and work, and in which to find talented and hardworking employees. The Folly Hall scheme adds to the innovative regeneration of our waterfront development and I hope that LV= and the town prosper together.”

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LV = Reveals Pet Sick Leave Costs UK Businesses £18 Million A Year

A new LV= commissioned report into the impact of pet illness and death on their owners’ work attendance has revealed that British businesses are losing £18 million* a year in lost workforce hours, as thousands of staff take ‘pet sick leave’ either to look after their sick animal or to grieve because their pet has died.

The UK is well known as a nation of animal lovers with nearly half of all adults in the UK owning a cat or dog. The new LV= pet insurance report found that one in ten dog or cat owners interviewed (11%) said they had stayed at home to nurse a sick pet, while 11% had stayed off work because they were so upset after their pet had died.

The 1.1 million pet owners who called in sick last year because their dog or cat was ill or had died, each took an average of 2.4 days off.

Rather than admit the truth to their employer, nearly a quarter of those who took time off for their pet (24%), told their boss they were staying off work due to their own ill health.

The LV= pet insurance policy, which covers cats and dogs, includes free bereavement counselling for the pet owner as standard. LV= is also one of the few insurers that will insure older cats and dogs, with no maximum age limit.

Emma Holyer, LV= pet insurance spokesperson, said: “It’s clearly an upsetting time when a beloved pet is sick or dying, and this report shows that many people suffer as much they would for a friend or relative. This has a significant impact on employers across the UK, as staff take time off because of their pets. To help owners through this difficult period, LV=’s pet health insurance policy now includes access to a free, confidential helpline on pet bereavement and illness. The helpline is manned by experienced therapists and counsellors to help pet owners get through troubled times.”

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LV = Launches New 50 Plus Plan TV Advert

LV=, the insurance, investment and pensions group, has launched its fifth TV advertising campaign to promote its ’50 Plus plan’. The new TV advertisement was created by creative marketing agency ‘redtag’ to promote the LV= life insurance policy.

The new TV advertisement has been developed with the LV= brand and features three different families, with each one giving their perspective on losing a parent. It highlights how the money they received from the 50 Plus insuranceplan provided by LV= helped them at a difficult time. The theme of the advertisement is to ‘Look after what you love’.

Geoff Bates, Head of Direct Distribution for LV=, said: “We get a lot of feedback on the reasons why our customers buy our product, and leaving a legacy that helps their family at a difficult time is at the core of those reasons. We are pleased that the new advertisement demonstrates so clearly that protecting families is at the heart of our business.”

Launched in October 2004, the LV= 50 Plus plan is aimed at 50 to 80 year olds, living in the UK. The over 50 life insurance policy provides guaranteed cover with a cash lump sum payable on death, without the need for a medical or answering any health questions.

Kevan Kelsey, Creative Director at redtag, said: “It’s a new approach that takes the tried and tested formula we know customers like and uses it in a dynamic and emotive way”.

The life insurance advertisement was previewed on Facebook and YouTube in December 2009 before being launched on terrestrial, satellite and cable channels in January 2010.

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