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APT from SunGard – Top Choice For Risk Management

The APT solution from SunGard is proving to be an invaluable product for risk management companies.

Neptune Investment Managers, a company recently named Best Boutique Fund Group at the 21st annual Money Marketing Financial Services Awards, have chosen to use Sungard’s APT across their funds. Neptune currently has over £7 billion assets under management.

Gavin Creary, risk officer at Neptune Investment Management, said, “The integration of APT is designed to augment our risk management processes and will help add significant value company-wide.”

APT will be used across Neptune’s UCITS funds. “UCITS is fast becoming a global regulatory standard,” said Dushyant Shahrawat, senior research director at TowerGroup, a Corporate Executive Board company. “As organizations try to mitigate risk, investors value the transparency UCITS offers as risk reporting has become an important compliance mandate for investment managers.”

APT is an alternative investment solution offering flexible risk reporting, portfolio construction and rebalancing via optimization, and related professional services.

Rob Mackay, chief operating officer of SunGard’s APT business unit, said, “APT will help Neptune’s fund managers gain a clear perspective on the drivers of risk and return. APT’s flexible analytics are easily integrated into Neptune’s existing infrastructure, helping it benefit from robust risk management and risk reporting.”

APT serves more than 200 asset managers, hedge funds, private banks, prime brokers, pension funds, funds of funds, wealth management groups, consultants, administrators and custodians globally. APT is a data-rich solution meaning that customer data requirements are minimised. It also offers the widest range of global multi-asset class coverage.

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SunGard APT Reporting Results

Amid the changing regulatory regime in Germany, SunGard Financial systems and Ampega Gerling GmbH, the asset management division of the Talanx Group, can report the successful implementation of the investment manager’s new risk management reporting systems.

In line with the regulatory requirements of Germany’s Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistleistungsaufsicht (‘BaFin’), APT will help the Ampega Gerling investment manager report and monitor Value at Risk (VaR) on a daily. The daily figures will then be analysed in batches of ten day periods to determine whether any outliers highlight a breach of the rules to be investigated and reported to BaFin, which requires reporting of breaches once a quarter.

SunGard Financial Systems provides mission-critical software and IT services to institutions in virtually every segment of the financial services industry. Their APT system can be implemented in buy-side operations to assist with portfolio analysis, risk management and regulatory reporting.

Rob Mackay, chief operating officer of SunGard’s APT business unit, said, ‘APT’s flexible batch risk reporting capability is a cost-efficient and effective solution that helps asset managers meet internal and external risk reporting requirements. Ampega Gerling is one of a growing number of German investment managers utilising APT’s risk management, BaFin compliance and risk reporting capabilities.’

Market risk management and transparent reporting is increasingly demanded by institutional and private investors but is only one of the financial management solutions offered by the SunGard.com/APT system, which can also be customised and scaled to provide portfolio construction and optimisation functions.

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