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Axiom Prepaid Holding’s CEO Steven Foster will grace the cover of Total Prestige Magazine’s January 2020 issue

Axiom Prepaid Holding’s CEO Steven Foster will grace the cover of Total Prestige Magazine’s January 2020 issue

LONDON, 31-Dec-2019 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — It seems only fitting that in a year filled with new product launches, new office openings and expansion across three continents, that Axiom Prepaid Holding’s CEO would grace the cover of Total Prestige Magazine’s January 2020 issue. After all, Steven Foster, a 40-something entrepreneur and banking industry veteran, has been at the helm of a company that has exceeded its growth expectations and then some, arguably vaulting the company to a leadership position in the prepaid card and app solutions arena. And Total Prestige profiles exceptional members of the business club of the same name, which is comprised of some of the world’s best-known business leaders as well as heads of start-ups and emerging businesses.

In 2017, Foster and his business partner, Steven P. Urry, set out to disrupt the banking industry with the launch of Axiom, which uses advanced digital tools to power prepaid Visa® and Mastercard® products, programs and services for consumers and businesses. They had one ambitious mission in mind: Simplify banking for all people – globally.

“We’d been firsthand witnesses from inside the banking industry to the significant shift in the availability of financial products. But it was notable to us that it was not carrying over to the prepaid space. No matter what country we visited, there was a gap in access to products engineered for the unbanked and global traveler. We decided to go all-in on launching a business that would turn the prepaid model upside down and give all consumers and businesses easy-to-use, digitally driven products and services,” said Foster.

That goal appears to have resonated broadly as this year alone, their enterprise:

• Expanded into Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, and Greece in Europe and grew the business in the Americas
• Entered the Asia-Pacific region
• Introduced brand- and revenue-building White Label Programs
• Rolled out hundreds of thousands of new prepaid cards, a plethora of new white label programs, including one that caters to the unique needs of millennials and Gen-Z
• Opened new offices in Romania
• Continued to invest in high-tech digital products to ensure the highest levels of intuitive, secure, compliant backend systems

As noted in the Total Prestige article, those accomplishments do not come without hard work and sacrifice. This year alone, Foster flew 725K miles for business and manages a workday that typically goes from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m.

“You can’t be an effective company leader if you aren’t in touch with your customers and employee teams. I meet them where they are to be sure I understand how their geography and culture may affect banking needs in each market. I try to give 150 percent every day so I can go to sleep knowing I did everything I promised and more for Axiom’s clients, my business partners and employees,” he said. “I have to spend a lot of time away from my wife and son so I want to be certain that the time I spend on-the-job truly counts.”

“I’m very honored to be chosen for this feature article but I am just one part of the much bigger Axiom story. There would be no article if the company was not accomplishing what it set out to do. That has only been possible through the collective efforts of the entire Axiom team and my partner and friend, Steve Urry – and we are just getting started,” said Foster.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

British Gas Sees Profits Fall But Many Homeowners Still Suffer

British Gas has announced that its profits for 2011 have fallen 30% compared to 2010, following what it has called a year of turbulence and challenge. Its parent company Centrica, however, has posted a slight increase in profits.

The flat overall results for Centrica will do little to quell the anger of homeowners across the country who are paying over the odds for their energy bills. And with energy prices expected to rise further in the coming months and years, fears are growing that vulnerable and financially excluded people will be faced with a choice between heating and eating.

Ofgem have announced intentions to make the energy market simpler and easier to navigate but in the short-term many will be left struggling to pay their bills for the rest of the winter and beyond. The value now lies in looking beyond the Big Six and households need to be proactive in seeking the best deals, which are increasingly being offered by smaller energy companies.

Danny Jatania, CEO of consumer champions Pockit believes that now is the time for UK households to take control of their spending.

He said, “Fortunately the weather was mild last year but still it didn’t stop energy customers feeling the pinch when it came to paying their bills, even though their consumption was lower overall. The reason many are suffering is because of the overly complex energy market. The news of SSE scrapping its confusing range of tariffs is encouraging but this approach must be adopted much more widely throughout the industry if customers are to be able to make savings on their bills.

“At pockit we are encouraging people to monitor their spending more effectively and the best way to take control of your energy usage is to find deals that offer the free installation of smart meters, which ensure that customers only pay for the energy they use.” The backlash against the Big Six has been sparked by estimates that 5.5million UK households are in fuel poverty and 3,000 winter deaths are caused by fuel poverty every year. The financially excluded are faced with a bewildering range of tariffs and the prospect of estimated bills charging them for energy that they have not used. With many people turning their backs on payment options that generate debt, such as credit cards, inaccurate estimated bills can have a devastating effect on the households of those who cannot afford to wait for compensation payments.

Danny continued, “Millions of consumers are paying more than is necessary for their energy. The aim is for the energy market to become more competitive, which will see prices being driven down and the emphasis being placed upon the customer. While Ofgem is trying to encourage a more competitive energy market, households can take the initiative by shopping around and rewarding energy companies that are innovating and providing fairer deals.”

Pockit uses its prepaid MasterCard® to help its users to pay for their goods whilst saving money with leading retailers. Customers who use their Pockit Prepaid MasterCard® to pay for goods can earn generous in-store cashback from retailers including Marks & Spencer, B&Q, New Look, Halfords, Toys R Us and Comet. They can also earn additional benefits from partner companies in energy (First:Utility), insurance (Aviva), travel (Travelpack) and broadband (TalkTalk).

The company was founded by Danny Jatania and his sons, a family with a rich business heritage and a keen interest in consumer savings. www.pockit.com.

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Credit-Land.com Announces New 0 Balance Transfer Citibank Review

Leading credit review portal, Credit-Land.com, announces updates to all 0 balance transfer credit card reviews including the CitiBank Platinum Select Mastercard and Discover More cards.

As U.S. consumers continue to gain financial traction from the recession, the demand for 0 balance transfer credit cards continues to increase. Credit-Land.com announces the release of a fresh review of the CitiBank Platinum Select Mastercard now featuring 0% interest for 21 months. The Citibank card includes no annual fee and competitive rates after the introductory period lapses.

Not all site visitors credit scores are perfect, however, the need for quality credit card offers is no less significant. Credit-land.com now provides prepaid credit cards and other fair credit offers for shoppers with an average payment record and FICO score between 620 and 659 including the Capitol One Mastercard and six additional quality programs.

Of the number of balance transfer credit cards reviewed on Credit-Land.com, the Discover More card offers one of the largest number of months of 0% interest after the CitiBank credit cards. The Discover card features no annual fee and an industry leading APR similar to other top offers reviewed on the portal after the introductory period has elapsed.

Johnson Polk from Savannah, Georgia writes, “I just have not had any luck trying to find a quality new credit card offer to transfer my existing high balance from my college card. Using Credit-Land.com, I was able to find the perfect offer that is saving me a ton of money in interest fees while I pay down my card.”

Credit-Land.com staff are committed to publishing the most competitive credit offers for site visitors. Company experts continue to assess existing and emerging special offers for site visitors to ensure consumers can find the best credit offers possible.

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