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Payday Loan Company Continues Partnership With Build Africa Charity

Online payday loans provider Payday Express is continuing to support the Build Africa charity as part of an ongoing partnership.

Payday Express currently sponsor the charity’s Village Savings and Loan Associations project, which is made up of self-managed groups of people whose members pool savings to help those in need. These groups receive no external capital and use what they have to provide members with a safe place to save their money, access to loans, and a place for them to contribute to a welfare fund.

Payday Express believes that the charity gives families the opportunity to save and invest their way out of poverty. The online payday loans company makes payments every two months, which will help to establish six Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) groups in a year.

Kristina Winch, administrator at Payday Express, said: “The donations we provide to Build Africa helps communities transform their futures.”

And success has already come as a result of this sponsorship, with money going towards helping Top Ten – a new savings and loan group set up by Build Africa in a poor rural village in Uganda. The Top Ten group has 30 active members, one of whom is Suzan.

Suzan saves 5,000 Ugandan shillings each week (equivalent to approximately £1.20) and borrowed from her group when she and one of her six children became ill. The money was used for medical help which she would otherwise not have been able to afford, and to rent an acre of land on which to grow maize.

Call centre manager at the payday loan company, Carl Mountain, said: “Payday Express staff donate to various charities month to month, but it’s great that in addition to this the company regularly sponsors such a great cause as Build Africa, to help communities in Africa save their way to a better life.”

Find out more about Build Africa’s Village Savings and Loans Associations here: http://www.build-africa.org/pages/village-savings-and-loans-associations.html

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Payday Express Launches ‘Be Fair’ Fair Trade Month For April

UK provider of no fax payday loans, Payday Express, has made April “Be Fair” month and is encouraging staff to think about and use Fairtrade products.

The move follows the success of Payday Express’s “Be Healthy” month, held during March.

The usual tea, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate provided for all employees at the payday loan company have been swapped for Fairtrade equivalents, and the company is aiming to continue the use of fair trade brands and products wherever possible in the future.

Payday Express also bought each of its staff a fair trade chocolate to celebrate Easter.

Sarah Carroll, operations manager at Payday Express, said: “We like to raise awareness of different causes at Payday Express and this month’s focus on fair trade is going down well. Staff are learning things they did not know about the types of fair trade products they could buy and the value they can add to the lives of producers.”

The staff notice board, situated in the kitchen, is adorned with posters and information about Fairtrade products, including food, beauty products and cotton. The board also displays information about what Fairtrade is all about and how it helps farmers to earn a fair price for the products they produce and export. Information about the cost of Fairtrade produce is also provided, along with a price comparison with non-Fairtrade products, which shows that there is often little or no difference between the two.

The online payday loans provider already holds a dress down day every Friday and collects £1 from all employees, with the money collected being donated to the chosen charity of the month – this month’s chosen charity is the Fairtrade Foundation.

Marketing administrator at Payday Express, Cigdem Husseyin, said: “The Fairtrade Foundation is a very worthy charity, helping farmers acquire a better deal for their produce, to consequently help give them and their communities a better life.”

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Payday Express Supports Staff Development

Payday Express continues to demonstrate its commitment to staff development with training programmes and mentoring schemes for those looking to build their careers within the company.

The latest to benefit from this commitment to training and development are Laura Kent, Louis Dixon and Lauren Harding – all of whom are or have been seconded to various teams within the business.

Laura Kent started at the payday loan company in May 2010 and spent her first 12 months as a customer support agent. During her time in this role Laura was given the opportunity to get involved in quality monitoring as well as group training for all new starters at the contact centre.

She was singled out as an employee with drive who wanted to progress her career at the no fax payday loans company. She was offered a secondment as a customer relations officer and is now working permanently in this role.

Laura said: “The company recognised my drive and determination and has supported my career path change as a result.

“It has helped me to develop and continue to progress and I really appreciate being encouraged to challenge myself.”

Two other contact centre employees, Louis Dixon and Lauren Harding, are currently on secondment within the training department. They have been on Train the Trainer courses and are getting involved with group training, inductions and quality management on a daily basis.

Payday Express also provides a trainee team leader course to agent-level employees who have leadership potential.

The focus on supporting staff in career development is paramount at Payday Express and new roles are always advertised internally to give employees the chance to progress or to embark on new careers within the company.

Richard Turner, Payday Express’s HR adviser, said: “We support and encourage staff development so that our employees can reach their potential and pursue their chosen career paths. It is always great to see individuals grow within the company.”

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Payday Loan Company Sets Up Wii Fit For Staff To Promote Be Healthy Message

Online payday loan company Payday Express has declared March as a ‘Be Healthy’ month, to encourage staff to make healthy lifestyle choices.

As part of this, the company – which provides no fax payday loans – has set up Wii Fit Plus in the kitchen area, to enable members of staff to take a few minutes of exercise before and after work, or during their lunch breaks. The company also hopes the move will show that exercise can be fun, and that it can easily be built into a busy daily routine.

The company has also put up a ‘Be Healthy’ themed noticeboard in the kitchen, which gives staff information on how to drink and eat healthily, including useful tips on how to reduce the intake of salt and sugar, and how to increase levels of calcium, for example. Staff can also take advantage of free green tea tasters while reading up on the health benefits of the drink.

A daily email is also being sent with the subject line of ‘Be Healthy – Tip of the Day’. Each email includes tips, such as: “Take the stairs up to the office rather than the lift for some daily exercise”, and information on local gym membership deals.

“I think the ‘Be Healthy’ month is brilliant as it inspires you to make healthy choices,” said Therese Rydberg, marketing executive at Payday Express.

“The tips that are given on the board and in the emails are interesting and make you realise that being healthy is easier than you might think,” she added.

Throughout March, the company has also arranged for weekly deliveries of fruit to be distributed to each team. Each Monday fruit bowls are filled with a variety of fruit, such as pears, apples, bananas, plums, and clementines.

Carl Mountain, contact centre manager at Payday Express, said: “It’s great to provide our employees with the impetus to be healthy.

“People certainly seem to be enjoying the fruit, which is encouraging them to get at least one of their fiveaday and, as the saying goes, healthy bodies develop healthy minds.”

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Payday Express Sponsor Employee To Do NSPCC Gherkin Challenge

UK payday loan lender Payday Express has sponsored a staff member to take part in the NSPCC Step Change 2012: The Gherkin Challenge.

Marketing assistant at Payday Express, Cigdem Husseyin, took part in the challenge on Sunday March 4 to raise money for ChildLine, where last year counsellors at NSPCC responded to about 670,000 calls and online communications from children in distress.

All participants raced up 1,037 steps over 38 floors in the iconic London building that has been nicknamed The Gherkin.

Cigdem wanted to take part in the NSPCC Step Change challenge as she felt it is an incredible charity, and one that she has always supported.

“I admire the work that the NSPCC does to support children that are in danger.

“I have always supported the NSPCC and I wanted to support the charity further by taking part in this great event to help raise money,” said Cigdem.

She trained hard for the event, and ensured that her training programme was integrated into her working day, by taking the stairs up to the Payday Express office on the fourth floor every day, rather than the lift.

Individuals who took part in The Gherkin Challenge were asked to raise a minimum of£250 each, but Payday Express, provider of payday loans online, decided to support Cigdem by giving a generous donation of £500.

In addition to this £500, individual staff members made donations and offered her lots of encouragement in the build up and on the day of the event.

Sarah Carroll, operations manager at Payday Express, said: “We are always happy and proud to support our employees who undertake challenges to raise money for great causes.”

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Payday Express supports staff volunteer work

Lauren Johnson discovered senior staff at Payday Express were more than happy to help support her after she said she wanted to volunteer as a Metropolitan special constable.

The UK payday loan company places great importance on staff development and wellbeing and didn’t hesitate when it became clear that Lauren would need greater flexibility to combine her job as a contact centre agent with her voluntary position as a special constable with the Metropolitan Police.

After extensive training to become a special constable, volunteers are required to carry out at least 16 hours of work per month. Cash advance loans provider Payday Express offered to support Lauren’s volunteer work by giving her flexibility around her hours of work in order for her to carry out the voluntary hours required within a month.

Lauren wanted to train as a special constable so that she could give back to her local community in Bromley.

“I wouldn’t have been able to honour my volunteering hours without the support I’ve been given by the company, for which I’m really grateful,” said Lauren.

Operations manager Sarah Carroll said: “We are very supportive of staff members who take on volunteer work in the community and are really pleased that Lauren is feeling fulfilled by the post.”

In addition to the support offered to those staff wanting to volunteer in their local community, Payday Express, provides internal training programmes to ensure all those within the organisation achieve their full potential.

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Payday Express makes British Heart Foundation charity of the month

Payday loans company Payday Express has made British Heart Foundation its charity of the month for February – a choice inspired by St Valentine’s Day.

In addition to the company’s regular Friday dress down days –when staff are asked to donate £1 each for coming to work in casual clothing – Payday Express held an additional dress down day on St Valentine’s Day, specifically to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

All staff were asked to wear red clothing and donate the usual £1 each. Those who chose not to wear red were asked to donate £2. For St Valentine’s Day, the office was adorned with red balloons and decorations. This and the workforce’s red outfits made the office look very romantic. In addition to red clothing and decorations, team leaders across the business organised themed incentives. High achieving team members were given the chance to play a version of the TV game show Red or Black, with the winner of the red card receiving a prize. These rewards included a meal for two at London restaurant Marco Pierre White.

Marketing assistant at Payday Express, Cigdem Husseyn, said: “Whether people had partners to celebrate Valentine’s Day with or not, they all had fun at work!”

Carl Mountain, contact centre manager at the cash advance loans company, said: “Payday Express staff are always great at getting into the spirit of occasions and Valentine’s Day was no exception.

“The team leaders did well to link their incentives into the theme, and we were all pleased to extend the theme to our chosen charity of the month, the British Heart Foundation.”

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Payday Express holds internal Trainee Team Leader Program for 2012

UK provider of payday loans online, Payday Express, has once again demonstrated its commitment to staff development with the hosting of the first Trainee Team Leader Programme for 2012.

Emma Furlong, group trainer at Payday Express, and the company’s operations manager Sarah Carroll, began the first programme for 2012 on February 10, with the aim of developing budding team leaders in different areas of the business. Six staff, from the company’s contact centre, collections, marketing and business development teams, will participate.

The programme involves weekly catch-up sessions in which participants receive coaching on management skills, as well as the chance to discuss exactly what the team leader role entails. They also get to share ideas and experiences and impart knowledge they have learned. They will work as acting team leaders while on the course in order to put their learning into action and will also get the chance to swap roles and run different teams as part of their on-the-job experience.

Operations manager, Sarah Carroll said: “Staff development is extremely important to us at Payday Express. This course gives high-achieving agents the chance to take the next step in their careers.

“Its success comes from giving them the chance to take what they learn in the training room each week and immediately practise it on the job. It’s also valuable for them to get the chance to discuss mistakes and difficulties with people in the same position as them,” she added.

Marketing executive, Therese Rydberg, said: “I am excited to get the opportunity to take part in this programme as it will help me to grow and take the next step in my career.”

The programme is designed to be suitable for employees from all departments within the payday loan company and is geared towards developing broad skills that can then be applied to their own jobs and teams.

To kick-start the programme, each participant is required to produce a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis on his/her own team, along with a personal development plan, which is then re-visited at the end of the course.

The programme also includes the following sections:
– Conducting monthly staff reviews
– Handling and steering conversations – this is a vital section in the programme and is revisited throughout, as it covers conversation and communication with peers, staff, management and customers
– Effective reporting
– Carrying out effective team incentives
– Interview techniques
– Coaching and development
– Absence management and operational overview
– Dealing with expressions of dissatisfaction
– Reporting upwards (to management)
– Process suggestions and implementation.

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Payday Express Hold Graduate Recruitment Day To Grow Analytics Department

UK provider of cash advance loans, Payday Express, has held its first graduate recruitment day to attract young analytical talent to its rapidly expanding company.

The payday loan company invited 15 university graduates to attend the day and to undergo an intensive assessment process, consisting of a group task, presentation, interview and case study discussion. The objective of the recruitment day was to find promising analysts to join Payday Express’s analytics team, to help support and shape important business decisions.

After the gruelling process, one candidate was successful and has been offered the position.

Tim Trailer, managing director of risk and analytics, said: “It’s important to put a lot of effort into making sure we recruit the right talent, as the risk and analytics team plays a crucial role in giving management the information it needs to make business decisions, and in ensuring our processes are optimised.”

Analytics has been identified as a key focus area for the payday loans lender in 2012, with the aim of optimising operations and business strategy based on in-depth reporting and analysis.

The business plans to hold regular recruitment days, to offer high-achieving graduates entry level positions within the analytics team.

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Leading Payday Loan Company Implements New And Improved Induction Plan

Payday Express, a UK provider of payday loans online, has announced the implementation of a new and improved staff induction plan.

The move was made to ensure that staff training and development remains high on the agenda for Payday Express, a business that prides itself on understanding the value of ensuring all staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively and efficiently carry out their roles.

Richard Turner, HR adviser at Payday Express, said: “Payday Express is passionate about learning and development and makes every effort to ensure that this starts from the moment a new recruit joins the organisation.”

The induction, which marks the start of a training programme, involves being introduced to the company, its mission statement and its principles, before being given extensive training on anti-money laundering, data protection, customer service, learning styles and other key skills and knowledge areas.

After a revamp of the process by operations manager Sarah Carroll and group trainer Emma Furlong, the induction is now much more interactive and people-focussed – a change that has been introduced to ensure all new starters feel part of the team straight away. While the old induction programme involved open discussions, the new one takes interaction to a new level by incorporating group break-out tasks and quizzes designed to ensure that information has been taken in and understood.

The process also involves interaction between experienced team leaders and new starters, after which each group of new employees must deliver a presentation on what they understand about the different roles and teams within the company to be.

Sarah Carroll of Payday Express said: “Getting the new starters to engage with tenured staff is very effective as it means they’re not passively absorbing information and instead are actively participating in their own learning.

“So far this has proved to be a successful addition to our induction programme,” she added.

Group trainer at the payday loan company, Emma Furlong, said: “The induction is beneficial as it provides a great platform for new starters to integrate into the company, and gives them knowledge and insight into company values and functions to foster the right mindset for their role and future career.”

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Payday Express sets up contact centre support team to improve customer service

Payday Express, UK provider of cash advance loans, has restructured its workforce with the aim of dedicating further resources to customer care and support services.

This week, the payday loan company set up a new contact centre support department to take on administration duties previously performed by the customer services team, with a view to freeing up valuable time for advisers to be on hand to answer customer calls with increased efficiency.

Administrator positions within the newly formed team were offered internally and five experienced contact centre agents moved into the new department, with one external recruit completing the new team. Experienced contact centre team leader, Alison Eller, moved across to become a support team leader.

“I’m looking forward to heading up the support team. They are people with very strong administration skills, who will help make the various contact centre functions more efficient,” said Alison.

The contact centre support team will be focusing on answering customer emails as quickly as possible, as well as carrying out all administration functions within the contact centre department. Agents in the contact centre can now focus on their core competencies and offer the best possible service in response to information and queries on payday loans.

“Payday Express is continually focused on having the right people in the right roles to optimise the service offered to our customers,” said contact centre manager Carl Mountain.

“Setting up a new administration department enables employees whose strengths lie in this area to specialise in this, and for us to bring in new talent, while also building up the contact centre teams with employees that have strong customer service skills,” he added.

The latest re-organisation of the business follows the decision made in October 2011 to create a business development department to improve the customer journey through the applications process.

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Monthly donations from Payday Express support Build Africa projects

Monthly donations from payday loan company Payday Express to development charity Build Africa have helped to set up two Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) groups and will help set up six more over the next 12 months.

The partnership began in September 2011, with Payday Express committing to support the charity in the regular set up of new VSLAs.

Build Africa describes VSLAs as self-managed groups that do not receive external capital and provide people with a safe place to save their money, access small loans and contribute to a welfare fund that members can draw on in emergencies.

VSLAs are currently being set up across Uganda and Kenya , with the help of volunteers from Build Africa as well as funds from Payday Express, as part of an ongoing project to give families the opportunity to save and invest their way out of poverty.

The Umoja B Savings Group and Upendo Savings Groups have already been formed with financial help from the emergency payday loans provider and each already has more than 30 active members. Both savings groups meet once a week to discuss the savings accumulated and to agree on how the money can be most wisely invested. For example, a business that is selling soft drinks in a local village can be extremely lucrative when the nearest town or trading centre is more than 3km away, and such a business can be supported and grown with help from a VSLA.

Sarah Carroll, operations manager at no fax payday loan lenders Payday Express, said: “The donations the company regularly provides to Build Africa are helping communities in Africa transform their futures.

“We look forward to receiving regular updates from Build Africa about the savings and loans groups that have been set up as a result of Payday Express donations. It feels really good to work for a company that is determined to help those less fortunate to save and borrow money to improve their lives.”

The Build Africa VSLA projects have already helped more than 30,000 people in more than 1,000 VSLA groups.

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Payday Express launches daily industry news portal

Payday loan company Payday Express has launched an industry news portal to give customers the latest daily news on everything from general credit and savings stories, to energy prices and consumer behaviour, spending and saving.

Each day experienced in-house journalists will write and publish interesting and pertinent articles to the Payday Express website, covering topics the company believes are relevant and interesting to customers.

News stories already featured on the Payday Express feed include: “Families urged to place children’s cash gifts into junior ISAs” and “Boost for overseas travellers as banks axe currency fees”.

Of the daily news feed, Liam Hills, an account manager at Payday Express, said: “I really enjoy reading the daily news articles and am sure that customers will find them informative too.”

Payday Express is hoping the daily news will inform customers and provide them with a one-stop-shop for all finance and consumer behaviour news and views, complementing the general information already available on the website.

Sarah Carroll, operations manager at the no fax payday loan lenders said: “We are always aiming to make improvements to the overall service we offer our customers, from the website through to our contact centre.

“This news service gives customers visiting our site the chance to keep up to date with current and pertinent news.”

The emergency payday loans provider is also planning to launch a blog in the New Year, with a view to offering quick and easy money-saving tips and more.

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Payday Loans Company Makes Strides With Recycling Programme

Payday Express has long since recycled paper and toner cartridges and made steps towards having a paperless office, but has now expanded its recycling efforts further with a new general waste recycling program.

Disposing responsibly of waste paper was only the start of Payday Express’s efforts to minimise its carbon footprint, and it has now teamed up with Revolution Recycling, a London-based provider of recycling services for businesses.

This now means that Payday Express and their staff can further reduce the negative impact on the environment by recycling their thin card, plastic, metal cans, and glass, and staff are impressed by how easy it is to be more environmentally responsible.

Administrator Kristina Winch said that the company-wide approach to improving awareness of what could be done was paying dividends.

“We have gone from strength to strength as a company in the way we have changed how our staff are encouraged to think about the environment”, she said.

“This new set-up will help us all play a bigger part in our ongoing efforts to protect the environment.”
And Payday Express, operations manager Sarah Carroll added: “Expanding our recycling policy is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility.

“Hopefully, now that they can see how easy it is to play their part, staff will take the recycling message home with them and put it into practice there too.”

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Payday Express Supports Make-A-Wish for their 25th Anniversary

Consumer finance provider Payday Express chooses a different charity to support each month, and this December it dedicated efforts to raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Make-A-Wish Foundation grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening illnesses (make-a-wish.org.uk), and the charity is this year celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Sarah Carroll, operations manager at the fast payday loans company, said: “Staff at Payday Express are always great at pulling together to support good causes and this December has been no exception.”

Throughout December, Payday Express organised a number of different ways for employees to contribute to the charity, including a Christmas party, a programme which allows staff to pay a pound to dress down on Fridays, and collection points for loose change.

Employees at the company, which provides cash loans until payday, contributed £5 towards the Christmas party, which gave them entry to the venue and disco, free food and drink, and chips for the casino tables. Staff were also able to buy additional £5 vouchers for casino chips on the night. All of the money raised on the night – £435 – will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Caroll added: “The staff were more than happy to link their Christmas party fun with helping to raise money for the fantastic Make-A-Wish charity, to be able to bring some joy to children who need a bit of cheer in their lives.”

Other money raised from dress-down Fridays and collection pots will be collected and donated to the charity at the end of the month.

Payday Express administrator Kristina Winch said: “At Payday Express we are dedicated to helping important causes.

“We aim to involve ourselves as much as possible in areas where we can benefit the less fortunate.”

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Payday Express Welcomes New Head Of Collections

Payday loans company Payday Express has appointed Andy Davidson as its new head of collections and both the company and Andy have high hopes for the future.

Andy joined Payday Express’s senior management team on November 9 and brings a wealth of experience, having been head of collections at Cabot Financial for the past three years.

While at Cabot Financial he managed more than 200 staff and achieved year on year collection performance improvements. Before that Andy worked at CitiGroup for more than 20 years, starting as assistant branch manager and leaving the company as senior district manager.

Andy said: “I’m really enthusiastic about joining Payday Express. It’s an exciting time for the company, as the online payday lending industry continues to grow. Joining the already strong leadership team at this time can only be a good thing.”

Payday Express has seen improvements in performance by the collections department in recent months, and Andy aims to achieve continual performance improvements. He will grow the team and help to develop employee talent, as well as oversee the implementation of new technologies to improve efficiency within the department.

Chris Gillard, who worked with Andy at CitiGroup and is now the business development manager at Payday Express, said: “It’s exciting that Andy is joining our management team.

“He is an enthusiastic and dedicated head of collections, whose management skills and experience will be extremely valuable and will help us to sustain business success.”

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Payday Express Staff Rally Round After Cristian’s Bike-Crash Ordeal

Staff at payday loans company Payday Express have shown unprecedented support for well-respected colleague Cristian Brownlee by fundraising after he was seriously injured in a motorbike crash.

Cristian suffered terrible injuries, including broken ribs, a punctured lung and broken sternum, as well as fracturing six vertebrae while riding to work on Friday October 21.

Employees at Payday Express have always been very fundraising-focused. They donate the proceeds of their weekly Dress Down Friday collections to different charities each month and get involved in events such as Children in Need and Movember. This time, with a cause closer to home, they upped the ante to help Cristian and his family during his lengthy hospital recovery.

Led by Adam Kenton and Laura Kent, who arranged bake sales and fancy dress days, as well as asking for donations, staff raised £652. This was matched by the company, bringing the total to £1,304.

As part of the fundraising efforts, employees auctioned some of their possessions, such as a Swarovski necklace, a PS2 slimline and an Only Fools and Horses DVD box set. Lunch dates with staff members, Lauren Pettit and Louise Dixon, were also auctioned.

“I have been telling Cristian all about what’s been going on in the office each time I visit him. I’ve also shown him photos of our dress up day,” said Adam.

“It feels good to be part of such a caring and supportive team.”

Cristian, who has always been a high-achieving Payday Express team member, said:
“Both myself and the nurses cannot believe the amount of support received from my colleagues.

“This has all been a pretty painful experience, both physically and emotionally, but they have really helped to take away the pain. I can’t wait to get out of here and start processing some loans!”

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Short-term Finance Solutions Company’s Staff Join Movember Madness

Prolific fund-raisers at the Kent-based financial services company, Payday Express, aren’t ones to turn down a charity challenge– and so, as has become an annual tradition, they’re once again fully embracing this year’s Movember national appeal.

The company’s male staff are putting their money where their mouths – or rather, their top lips – are and changing their own looks, as well as the face of men’s health, by boosting awareness and raising money for research into men’s health, and in particular prostate and testicular cancer.

To those taking part, their moustaches are as much a symbol of their commitment to raising money for charity as the effort put in by anyone who runs or walks for a good cause.

Chris Gillard, Business Development Manager for Payday Express, has set up a Movember Financial team, through which staff can support their colleagues by pledging donations towards research into cancers affecting men.

Chris said “We already have moustaches – or mos – in a wide variety of colours, textures and styles around the office, and our female colleagues are being encouraged to get involved in the fun and support the cause by sporting fakes.”

“The company has also offered a prize for the staff member whose mo raises the most”.

“Movember is a fantastic charity that puts the spotlight on men’s health in a fun and innovative way. This fresh approach to fundraising is always lapped up by our staff – it’s not surprising that this campaign has so much support across the world.”

The Payday Express office walls are adorned with posters publicising the event, so that no visitor is in any doubt about their dedication to the cause – and of course, they are encouraged to make a donation before they leave.

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Short-Term Loans Company’s Strict Controls Help Lock Out Fraudsters

A tough approach to detecting and stopping fraudulent applications, along with a system of thorough verification checks and state of the art screening technology, are helping a leading payday loans company to nip fraud in the bud.

Payday Express, a provider of same day cash loans that people can access to see through a temporarily difficult time with their personal finances, have implemented sophisticated identity and fraud prevention checks on its website, which will detect many illegitimate attempts to obtain an instant cash loan and immediately decline them.

It warns anyone tempted to try to make fraudulent loan applications that it takes fraud very seriously and will do whatever it takes to prosecute anyone who does manage to take out a fraudulent loan and press for the maximum penalty to be imposed.

Once a dubious payday loan application has been detected and intercepted, all the details are investigated by Payday Express’s dedicated fraud prevention team. It sifts through all the details of these applications, aiming to find links between them and existing accounts, to gather as much information as possible to be passed on to the police for investigation.

As well as being passed on to the police, all fraudulent applications are also reported to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), which carries out its own wide-scale investigations and looks for links between reported cases from its members.

Sam Walsh, of Payday Express’s fraud prevention department, said: “Our department aims to minimise the distress experienced by the victims of fraud, and limit the company’s financial losses.”

And he warned: “We provide the police with as much information as possible to investigate fraud, and will press for the maximum charges to be brought against those responsible, and to recover the funds that were falsely applied for from our company.”

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Payday Loans Company Helps Build A Brighter Future For African Villagers Through Savings Scheme Sponsorship

Payday Express, a British provider of short-term consumer finance, is helping to promote the saving habit among hard-pressed villagers in Uganda and Kenya, through regular donations to the Build Africa charity.

Build Africa aims to establish a better long-term future for people in rural Uganda and Kenya by investing donations to build and develop schools and education, and by empowering adults to save their way out of poverty and make emergency finance accessible to community members.

Payday Express, a leading provider of fast payday loans in the UK has set up a monthly donation to Build Africa to sponsor the set-up of Build Africa village savings and loan associations (VSLAs).

These associations are set up and run as self-managed groups that work by pooling the savings of the group members. They offer members a safe haven for their money, which is in turn used to provide small loans for members, and helps maintain a welfare fund, offering short-notice emergency financial help to those who need it.

This month’s donation from the payday loan provider will go to support Umoja B VSLA group based in Kiryandongo District in Western Uganda.

Over the next year the funds donated each month by Payday Express will help Build Africa set up six VSLAs.

Payday Express administrator Kristina Winch said: “It feels good to work for a company with a strong focus on social responsibility. “We regularly donate money to various charities with our ‘pay a pound to dress down on Fridays’ programme, along with other ad hoc initiatives.

“But it’s great to be developing a long-term partnership with one charity that’s doing such a great job to help poor people improve their own futures.”

Operations manager Sarah Carroll added: “The work that Build Africa is doing with the VSLA projects to help poor families save and invest their way out of poverty is commendable, and we can’t wait for our donations to extend their reach into more communities.”

Via EPR Network
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