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SpeedyLoansearch.com Improved Its Online Payday Loan Processing

Speedy Loan Search offers short term lending service to its consumers around the United States. Quick payday loans online are one of the leading financial services that enable people to apply for some cash. It goes without saying that there are a lot of websites that offer this service on the Internet, but SpeedyLoanSearch.com has an edge over them, because of easy and secure application form, and a lot of trustful and interesting information about short-term personal loans.

The fast approval and simple eligibility criteria make this service a great option in comparison with traditional banks and credit unions. “Almost every person of more than 18 years old is familiar with monetary difficulties which occur sometimes. There is no surprise that some additional funds can be really helpful in such cases, especially if the desired amount can be obtained within 24 hours! With the help of SpeedyLoanSearch website the extra cash can be taken out with no delays” – says the loans manager at the company.

Actually, online personal loans gained their popularity as they can be fulfilled without leaving cozy chair at home or workplace at office. Besides, they are convenient, quick and require least time and efforts to be completed. No fax cash advance online turn out to be a really good choice for individuals in urgent need of additional money.

There are almost no reasons which can prevent a consumer from getting payday loans with SpeedyLoanSearch.com, of course, if he or she is a legal citizen of the United States of at least 18 years old (the available amount depends on the terms of the direct payday lender dealing with your request and varies from one state to another). Besides, current employment or stable monthly income is required. The requested amount will be transferred directly into the borrower’s bank account that must be valid and active. Any individual interested in this fast service via SpeedyLoanSearch may get more info on the website.

Well, it is obvious that payday lending service that was created to satisfy the needs of the consumers in financial emergencies. That’s why, the service is fast and provided with quick approval. The process of borrowing takes minimum time, usually several hours, as everything is simplified for consumers’ convenience.

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Payday Loans UK Have Announced That They’ve Added A Further 10 Payday Lenders

If you’ve ever tried to find a good payday lender before then you’ll more than likely know how difficult that it can be to find a lender that suits your own particular borrowing needs as they all have different lending critera and terms. However, instead of going from one payday lenders site to another you can now just use a service like the new one offered by www.paydayloansuk.org.uk to compare multiple lenders at once.

Payday Loans UK compare loans from more than 30 different payday lenders so that you get the best deal but over the last few days Payday Loans UK have announced that they’ve added a further 10 payday lenders to their site.

Speaking on behalf of Payday Loans UK, Russell Beech said “We’re delighted that we’ve teamed up with another 10 lenders so that people have more of a choice to choose from when using our site”. As well as this, Russell also commented that Payday Loans UK “plan to add even more payday lenders in the near future too”. This is great news for consumers as more competition usually leads to more competitive prices so the APR that these companies charge will almost definitely come down very soon.

Not only this, but many of the new lenders that have been added to Paydayloansuk also have a swift payment option which basically means that if you get a cash loan with one of these companies you could have the money that you borrowed within just 15 minutes!

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LoanAdvances-PaydayLoans Reports Spike in New Applications and Reapplications

Loan Advances-Payday Loans has reported a significant rise in the number of loan requests that have been processed and approved over the last 2 years. This was the main gist of the performance report which was presented by Donna Millstone, Division head for short term loans and debts.

In a year to year comparative performance review, the company has posted a 74 percent increase in the number of payday loans that have been processed and approved, and of this number, nearly half of it is comprised by reapplications.

Millstone attributes these positive performance indicators to the strategic positioning by the company in the highly competitive market for subprime payday lending service which was anchored on topnotch customer support and high approval rates.

In a related development, QEC Money, an independent think tank that advocates consumer welfare and proper money management, has reported that the demand for payday loans and other similar short term loans has grown by nearly 60 percent over the last 6 months of the current year.

According to a reliable source within the group, this dramatic jump in the demand for short term loans is a clear indication that an increasing number of Britons are feeling the pinch and are constantly searching for ways to keep their heads above water. “In most instances, they have opted for a pre-payday quick fix,” the unnamed source explained.

LoanAdvances-PaydayLoans.co.uk has had a remarkable 37 percent approval rate since its entry into the subprime lending market. The loan requests are normally approved in less than an hour and borrowers can rely on a quick transfer of funds to their bank accounts. In addition to this, the company has also proven its mettle in providing fast and professional support and assistance to its clients for a wide range of concerns and issues.

“We adopt a cutting edge processing and referral system and we have a solid track record when it comes to our response to loan request of potential borrowers,” Millstone added. Known for its uncompromising advocacy for responsible lending practices, the company has continually endorsed applications and been transparent around costs for appropriate short term need for cash of prospective clients.

Millstone is quick to add that despite the criticisms and negative reports on this subprime lending service, it remains to be a popular and highly
proven financial tool for a significant number of Brits who are going through short term cash crunches.

“Our company and other providers of payday loans and cash advances are actually servicing the cash requirements of the segment of the market that is not actually served by banks and other similar lending entities,” Millstone explained.

Unlike banks and other similar lending institutions, www.loanadvances-paydayloans.co.ukis taking a different tack and assesses loan requests based on the monthly income of potential borrowers. The amount of loan provided by the company will not exceed that which can be paid back by the applicant within the specified payment period.

The demand for payday loans is expected to continue to rise until next year and the company assures its clients that it will maintain its current loan offerings and services and adopt the same approval rates to keep up with the requirements of its growing clientele.

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Recently Launched Site Makes Loans Stress-Free

Most of us go through a time in our lives where you need to get some extra money to pay off bills or other things. It can be extremely stressful to know that you owe money for something when you simply cannot afford to pay it and that’s why payday loans were invented. In the past, applying for a loan was very stressful but thanks to payday loans it made the process easier.

However, a new site that has been recently launched, called QuickPaydayLoans.co.uk has made the whole process even easier than before. This is because they’ve implemented a 1-minute verification form. A spokesperson for the site said that “ever since we’ve added this simple form to our site, we’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of people applying for a payday loan” as well as saying that “the feedback that we’ve got from our customers have been really good, and we hope to improve the site even further in the near future for our loyal customers by making our borrowing terms even more easy for people to understand.”.

QuickPaydayLoans.co.uk is just one of the very few sites that have realised that people that want payday loans don’t want to spend too long filling in forms about themselves, and that’s why they’ve created this simple 1-minute verification form that shouldn’t take you more than 1 minute to fill in! The form only needs you to fill in some basic information about yourself like your name, email address, phone number and so on so it really is very quick and easy to apply for a payday loan.

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Payday-loansuk.org.uk Reveal New Mascot – Jackson the Dog

Payday loans, the often derided side to personal finance, have been gaining in popularity for quite some time in the UK.

What was once a small, niche related business, has now become a multi-million pound industry. The demand for the product seemingly growing thanks to the lending patterns of major lenders and banks.

Established within that market is the company Payday Loans UK. Formed by two ex-bankers, the firm base it’s ethos on delivering cash advances to those refused elsewhere.

In keeping with this innovative spirit they have revealed a new mascot to go along with the usual payday loans product.

The aim of this ‘talisman’ is more of a symbol than a novelty as Nick Cox from the company explains;

“We came up with the concept of Jackson as more of a multi-functional device then an un-purposeful icon.”

“Our initial aim for Jackson is to have him implemented as an online helper on our website. He will be on-hand if the customer runs into trouble with any detail. There will be a knowledge base attached to the interface and an online operator for 2nd level queries.”

“After that the sky’s the limit really, we could have him as the spearhead for ad campaigns or even as acting CEO for the day!”

The company hopes that Jackson will bring some much needed cheer into what can be an often depressing situation.

Cox is under no illusion as to how customers feel when accessing his site;

Payday loans suck. Let’s face it. Nobody wants to take out a loan and when they do they’re not going to be happy about it. Hopefully this will put a smile on their face.”

The company’s aims for Jackson the dog are still be sketched out and he has not yet been implemented into the user experience on the website payday-loansuk.org.uk.

The whole process is being strategically mastered as if re-homing a pet. Payday Loans UK expect the first wave of Jackson mania to start at the end of this month.

Payday Loans UK are a fast online payday loans service aimed at those refused elsewhere. Loans are approved instantly and deposits can be as fast as 15-minutes straight to customers’ UK bank accounts.

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Payday Express appoints new facilities co-ordinator to ensure staff wellbeing

Short term payday loan provider Payday Express has enlisted a facilities co-ordinator to support its focus on staff wellbeing.

Kristina Winch, who began with Payday Express as an administrator in September 2009, was appointed last month and has been focusing on making improvements to the staff break-out area. Vending machines providing snacks and hot drinks for staff throughout the day have already been installed.

The online payday loan service provider takes staff wellbeing very seriously, paying close attention to the working environment as well as to training programmes, ongoing job support and career development.

As well as vending machines, sofas have also been installed in the break-out area to give staff somewhere comfy to sit during their breaks. This is in addition to the Wii-Fit, which was introduced as part of the March “Be Fit” campaign.

The company also focuses on job satisfaction, aiming to equip employees with the tools and skills to carry out their jobs successfully and progress within their careers. This starts from an employee’s first day in the company when he or she undergoes a two-day induction course, held by the company’s experienced training staff.

Payday Express is a fast-growing company and in May the company recruited 30 new employees across their account management, contact centre and collections departments. Of the 30, 12 of the new starters were referred by friends who already work at the company, a statistic which is representative of the satisfaction felt by employees.

Richard Turner, human resources advisor at Payday Express, said: “Staff wellbeing is paramount. We aim to deliver this not only by creating a welcoming environment, but also by offering effective training and on-going support, which in turn ensures staff provide consistently high levels of customer service.”

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UK Payday Loan Study Predicts Increased Borrowing

A recent study by a loan comparison site, InstantApprovalPaydayLoans.co.uk (IAPL) has produced some interesting results concerning the usage of payday loans and the current market trend in order to predict future usage. Currently payday loans, also known as cash advances, are used by people in need of cash urgently. They are high interest, short term loans designed with ease of borrowing in mind.

Currently over 1 million people each year within the United Kingdom use payday loans to get access to instant cash, due to the economic climate and moves towards recession this figure is set to increase drammatically in the coming years. If existing trends continue it is predicted that by 2016 that over 2.1 million people will make use of a payday loan company, totalling over £2bn of combined borrowing. The majority of payday lending is carried out online on websites such as instantapprovalpaydayloans.co.uk which makes the process hassle free, however it is important that new borrowers realise the potential downsides to using this form of borrowing as expenses can spiral out of control.

Projections analyst at IAPL, Tim McGregor explained, “Although the forecast is for a steady increase in lending to occur throughout the UK the trend can be greatly affected by outside influences, for instance a stable economic recovery will significantly reduce the numbers of people borrowing with payday loans due to the positive effect of lowering the existing record-high unemployment figures.”

It is widely noted that a majority of people looking to get quick finance have a bad credit history, cash advances are often described as loans for bad credit however, as long as the borrower is fully aware of the contract they are entering in to with a payday lender and make repayments on time there will be no further problems.

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Payday Loans Specialist Strengthens Its Credentials As A Responsible Lender

WageDayAdvance, one of the UK’s leading online payday loans providers, has announced the appointment of a new risk analyst manager, as part of a move to reduce risk and promote responsible lending.

The company employs more than 150 people at its head office in Yorkshire, and helps people across the UK to find cost-effective borrowing solutions every day.

Abhishek Khurana, a specialist in risk analysis, will help the company to maintain and reinforce its reputation as a responsible lender. By drawing on his extensive experience in the financial analytic industry, Abhishek will work to improve WageDayAdvance’s ability to understand which customers can actually afford to borrow, and streamline the firm’s lending strategies. He will also help to make sure that successful applicants have agreements that fit their personal circumstances, allowing them to make affordable repayments on time.

Abhishek said: “I am delighted to join WageDayAdvance at this exciting time of their development. The company is now one of the leading payday lenders in the UK and is growing rapidly.

“I will be looking to build a high-performance analytics team that will work with each functional area within the business to build a set of standardised reports or dashboards, and analyse key information to provide usable insight into the business that can influence major management decisions.”

Abhishek is an MBA graduate from Leeds Business School and also holds a M.Sc. in Management Consultancy. He joined WageDayAdvance in March from The Lewis Group, where he was employed as a senior MI analyst. Abhishek has nine years’ experience working in analytics, collections and call centre environments.

Ross Chapman, Business Development Manager at WageDayAdvance, said: “We’re excited to have Abhishek as part of the team and know his experience is sure to prove invaluable in helping the company to further strengthen its responsible lending practices and ensure that we’re always providing a first class service for our customers.”

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Brand New Media Launch For UK’s Quick Term Loan Website

Currently one of the main UK’s short term loan obtaining web sites is very happy to declare the release of its completely new website design to the general public.

Payday Loans UK are actually stoked by the news. Having worked with a leading Midlands based development team in Forme Creative to design a fresh appearance for their site which will render the process of applying for a payday loan easier still and will make the charges involved less complicated for consumers to comprehend whilst, at the same time offering the website an effective new personality and branding.

The web sites manager Russ Beech stated “ We certainly have worked hard to develop the new internet site to be as user friendly as it can be. Our company want to slowly but surely develop into one of the UK’s top information and facts websites intended to help consumers looking to make an application for online payday loans.”

“Working together with Forme has been exceptional. Our previous website ended up being very fatigued and wasn’t so simple for people to work with so we offered the creative artwork team a brief to generally chop all the fuss and hassle out of obtaining a cash advance and now we are delighted with the final outcome.”

The brand new Paydayloansuk.org.uk website is presently exiting development. The soft launch is predicted to go live on the Fifteenth March 2012 together with the final launch which you can follow on the Nineteenth following the short bug repairing stage we will need to undertake.

Pay Day Loans UK provide a no cost financial loan acquiring service. They have access to more than 30 United Kingdom financial lending institutions. Their website engineering compares an candidates requirements to the different considerations of lenders to help enhance a prospects potential for being approved for the money that they require.

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Payday Express Hold Graduate Recruitment Day To Grow Analytics Department

UK provider of cash advance loans, Payday Express, has held its first graduate recruitment day to attract young analytical talent to its rapidly expanding company.

The payday loan company invited 15 university graduates to attend the day and to undergo an intensive assessment process, consisting of a group task, presentation, interview and case study discussion. The objective of the recruitment day was to find promising analysts to join Payday Express’s analytics team, to help support and shape important business decisions.

After the gruelling process, one candidate was successful and has been offered the position.

Tim Trailer, managing director of risk and analytics, said: “It’s important to put a lot of effort into making sure we recruit the right talent, as the risk and analytics team plays a crucial role in giving management the information it needs to make business decisions, and in ensuring our processes are optimised.”

Analytics has been identified as a key focus area for the payday loans lender in 2012, with the aim of optimising operations and business strategy based on in-depth reporting and analysis.

The business plans to hold regular recruitment days, to offer high-achieving graduates entry level positions within the analytics team.

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Payday Express sets up contact centre support team to improve customer service

Payday Express, UK provider of cash advance loans, has restructured its workforce with the aim of dedicating further resources to customer care and support services.

This week, the payday loan company set up a new contact centre support department to take on administration duties previously performed by the customer services team, with a view to freeing up valuable time for advisers to be on hand to answer customer calls with increased efficiency.

Administrator positions within the newly formed team were offered internally and five experienced contact centre agents moved into the new department, with one external recruit completing the new team. Experienced contact centre team leader, Alison Eller, moved across to become a support team leader.

“I’m looking forward to heading up the support team. They are people with very strong administration skills, who will help make the various contact centre functions more efficient,” said Alison.

The contact centre support team will be focusing on answering customer emails as quickly as possible, as well as carrying out all administration functions within the contact centre department. Agents in the contact centre can now focus on their core competencies and offer the best possible service in response to information and queries on payday loans.

“Payday Express is continually focused on having the right people in the right roles to optimise the service offered to our customers,” said contact centre manager Carl Mountain.

“Setting up a new administration department enables employees whose strengths lie in this area to specialise in this, and for us to bring in new talent, while also building up the contact centre teams with employees that have strong customer service skills,” he added.

The latest re-organisation of the business follows the decision made in October 2011 to create a business development department to improve the customer journey through the applications process.

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Provident Continues to Maintain a Presence in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes British Airways

Provident is continuing to carve out a reputation as one of the world’s most responsible financial companies by once again being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.

The DJSI World tracks the performance of the top 10% of the 2500 largest companies in the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index that lead the field in terms of sustainability, with the DJSI Europe monitoring the sustainability performance of the top 20% of the 600 largest European companies.

For the seventh successive year, Provident has been selected for inclusion in both the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) and Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index (DJSI Europe).

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes were launched in 1999 as the first global sustainability benchmarks. The Indexes are based on an internationally recognised leading Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) methodology which means that they include only companies that fulfil certain sustainability criteria which is better than the majority of their peers.

Provident’s overall score in the 2011 Indexes was 63% (2010: 59%) – 23% points higher than the average overall score of the other companies in the financial services sector – with ‘best in class’ scores for environmental monitoring and reporting, and scores of over 80% in respect of a range of other CR issues, including anti-crime policy/measures, stakeholder engagement and social reporting.

Rob Lawson, Corporate Responsibility manager at Provident Financial said: “We are delighted to continue to be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes and remain committed to disclosing information on our corporate responsibility (CR) performance to our stakeholders.”

Rob Lawson concluded: “Our continued inclusion in the Indexes is no mean feat, and is testament to the progress we’ve made over the past seven years in embedding our CR programme throughout our business. It also endorses our approach to CR management and shows that we compare favourably to other global companies.”

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Payday Express Appoints New Project Manager

A new IT project manager has been appointed at short-term loan provider Payday Express, as the company drives forward its business by prioritising key systems and projects.

Rajeev Chakraborty started work at the instant approval payday loans company on September 15, succeeding contract project manager Femi Awoyemi, who was responsible for the successful deployment of the company’s new loan management system in June.

Rajeev brings with him valuable skills and experience working with agile software development, at a time when the IT team transitions to this new methodology.

His role will include managing a range of projects undertaken by Payday Express’s internal development team, which constantly seeks to improve the service delivered to customers. The team is currently working on developing a system to be able to take customer applications over the phone, and will soon develop a customer portal, to enable customers to log in and easily manage their accounts via the company website.

He will also work closely with digital marketing project manager Nushin Nahidpour, who manages the fast payday loans company’s out-sourced development projects.

These projects include adding new features such as a blog and daily news feed to the website.

“I am really looking forward to working with the teams at Payday Express and growing with the business,” said Rajeev.

“The environment is amazing – there is a real buzz when one enters the workplace, reflecting the enthusiasm of staff and the speed at which the company is growing. The emphasis placed on continual improvement is exciting!”

Nushin added: “We are really pleased to welcome Rajeev on board and can already see that he is an excellent addition to the team, with his enthusiasm and experience with agile project management and software development.

“Our projects are fast-moving and varied, so it is vital these are managed by a dedicated and delivery focused PM.”

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Payday Express Uses ‘Stars’ Scheme Alongside Charity Contributions

Short term loans provider Payday Express has explained how it combines a peer recognition program with a charity scheme to maintain staff morale and encourage social responsibility.

Operations manager Sarah Carroll, who began working at the instant approval payday loans company two years ago, introduced a ‘Dress Down Friday’ imitative which allows staff to dress casually on the last day of the working week if they contribute £1 towards a charity fund.

At the end of each month, a donation is made to a charity chosen by a group of employees who have been named ‘Payday Stars’ for that month. Another scheme introduced by Carroll, ‘Payday Stars’ is a peer recognition programme which encourages staff to nominate any of their colleagues whom they feel are deserving of special attention that month, as a result of performing exceptionally well or going beyond the call of duty to fulfil their responsibilities.

The entire company is informed of the nominations and a winner selected from each department. Each of them is then awarded £20 in shopping vouchers, and the winners collectively decide which charity should benefit from the month’s ‘Dress Down Friday’ funds.

Charities to have previously received donations from payday advance loans company Payday Express include NSPCC, the Alzheimer’s Society, the Teenage Cancer Trust, World Horse Welfare and Stepping Stones Nigeria, among many others.

Payday Express Contact Centre Team Leader Alison Eller said: “We’re very proud of our ‘Payday Stars’ program, which enables staff to receive recognition from peer nominations, and to be rewarded for exceptional work.

“An added bonus is allowing the winning staff members to select a charity that is close to their hearts to be the recipient of our combined donations for the month, giving them the chance to make a difference and give to those less fortunate.”

Collections Agent Steven Marshall added: “It’s great seeing the letters of thanks from the monthly charity we’ve donated to and knowing we’re doing our little bit each week to help different causes.

“I really like the fact that Payday Express has a ‘give back’ focus and that they also encourage staff initiatives to support causes such as Red Nose Day and Movember – often with hilarious results!”

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Payday Express Improves Card Fraud Protection

Short term loan specialist Payday Express has advanced its fraud protection by implementing an improved cardholder verification process, to help combat debit card crime.

Like many companies in the financial services industry, along with many other business sectors, instant approval payday loans provider Payday Express is particularly keen to tackle card not present (CNP) fraud.

CNP fraud can occur when exchanging funds using the internet, telephone or post, when the holder of a credit or debit card does not physically produce the card at the point of making a payment.

Payday Express has previously developed a number of checks to prevent and tackle CNP fraud and has strengthened these with the addition of a more stringent cardholder verification process, for cases where customers call in to pay with a different card to the one originally registered on their account.

The aim is to ensure that the company’s exposure to CNP fraud is limited, which decreases the number of payments charged back to the business; and also to ensure that there is better protection for those who have been victims of card theft.

Details of any suspicious transactions are always investigated thoroughly by Payday Express and are also reported to relevant organisations, including the police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

Payday Express Online Fraud Manager Daniel Ibrahim said: “The recent development of our processes is testament to the importance that Payday Express places on combating fraud.

“We at Payday Express are committed to protecting vulnerable victims of fraud, while ensuring that genuine customers receive a quick and easy fast payday loans service.”

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Payday Express Highlights The Benefits Of Payday Loans

Following a rise in the number of people using short-term loans to advance their income at the end of financially difficult months, provider Payday Express has offered an insight into the benefits of this straightforward credit resource.

Payday loans meet the needs of customers who are looking to borrow a relatively small amount of money to be repaid over a short period – often to ease personal cash flow in a month with unusual or additional expenses.

These short-term loans, also known as fast payday loans, act like a salary advance, providing a way to bridge the gap when money is tight before the next payday. Funds are generally paid out on the same day upon which they’ve been applied for; and are then paid back once a person has received their next wage payment.

The demand for such loans is on the rise, with financial price comparison website Moneysupermarket.com reporting a 400 per cent increase in the number of searches for the products between January and March this year.

Payday Express Operations Manager Sarah Carroll said: “For customers who have temporary cash flow issues because of larger than anticipated bills and expenses within a month, or who are faced with emergency expenses, payday loans offer customers a choice alongside other credit options.

“This choice is often cheaper than alternatives, such as an unauthorised overdraft – and it is a simple solution to short-term credit needs, where the cost and duration of the loan is known upfront, and which doesn’t involve running up long term debt.”

The company is keen to stress that same day loans are not designed for unemployed people or those on very low incomes or benefits.

Instead, they offer a straightforward choice to employed people who have simply found themselves a bit short between paydays. The loans are simple to apply for online; funds are received quickly, sometimes even within an hour; and the repayment structure is clear.

Customers know from the very beginning exactly what needs to be repaid and when. For example, if a person borrows £80, they will need to pay back £100 once their next wage instalment has been received. This is generally cheaper than incurring unauthorised overdraft fees and can be more appropriate than arranging a longer term bank loan when credit is only required for a short period.

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Payday Express Underlines The Importance Of Effective Staff Inductions

With its recruitment at an all-time high, payday loans specialist Payday Express is keen to point out that a proper induction plays a key role in maximising the potential of new staff.

The instant approval payday loans company recently welcomed 12 new faces into its midst – the highest number of new employees it has ever taken on at one time.

To ensure that new starters are able to embark on their development within the company from the outset, Payday Express has devised an induction process in which all new starters take part to introduce them to the company mission, vision, policies and processes; as well as helping them to develop a big-picture view of the business and where they fit into it.

Lasting two days, the process gives new employees an introduction to how each department operates and how it relates to the rest of the business. The induction also includes training in anti money laundering (AML), data protection, customer service and learning styles, among other subjects.

Following the initial two-day welcome programme, new starters at the fast payday loanscompany then spend two weeks becoming acquainted with the company’s systems and processes and are assigned a ‘buddy’ – an experienced member of staff – to advise them and be on hand to answer any questions they may have.

Payday Express Operations Manager Sarah Carroll said: “We’re very focused on making the effort to recruit the right people for the job and, once we have, to ensure they hit the ground running with training and development.

“This is so that they can play a part in delivering the exemplary service we aim to offer our customers, add value to the organisation, and develop within their careers.

“We are passionate about learning and development and it is important for us to make every effort to afford our staff learning opportunities from the moment they join our company.”

HR Advisor Richard Turner added: “”It’s exciting to see how much the business is growing, with how many new staff we’re hiring. It’s great to see so many new faces this month – and I wish everyone the best of luck in their new roles.”

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Payday Express Keeps Staff Motivated With Seasonal Incentives

Short term loans provider Payday Express has revealed that high staff morale is an essential ingredient in its recipe for success, with senior managers and team leaders dedicating a huge amount of time and effort to devising and running incentive schemes.

The latest initiative within the Contact Centre and Collections departments of the instant approval payday loans company has a barbeque theme, to celebrate the last weeks of summer, with plenty of prizes available to win on a daily basis.

Created by Operations Manager Sarah Carroll and the departments’ team leaders, the barbeque incentive involves giving away items such as drinks, snacks, picnic blankets, cooking accessories and even actual barbeques to top-performing agents within each team.

Sarah Carroll said: “The prizes have been displayed around the office in recent weeks, giving it a fun and summery vibe and encouraging staff to work hard towards earning them.

“It’s important to keep staff enthusiastic at work. We like to think of different incentives to introduce a bit of excitement and competition into their day, which increases job satisfaction and ultimately productivity, keeping staff, managers and customers happy.”

Collections Agent Steve Marshall agrees: “These incentives are great, as they boost staff morale. They also create healthy competition and a positive atmosphere and working environment – and add a little excitement and variety to the working day.”

Previous schemes at the payday advance loans company have drawn inspiration from popular events such as the Grand National and television shows like Family Fortunes; and also included fun activities such as Easter egg hunts.

One of the most successful incentives was held during last year’s football World Cup, when high-performing staff members were offered the opportunity to challenge managers to a dance or sporting competition on a Wii games console – with the eventual aim of winning one of their own.

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Payday Express Remains Strict on Fraud

The Fraud Liaison Team at short-term loans provider Payday Express has spoken out to warn potential fraudsters that just because customers can expect a quick service online, it does not mean that security will be compromised – and offenders will be prosecuted wherever possible.

Much of the payday loan industry has risen to meet customer demand for speedy digital services, which do not require paper-based applications, meaning that funds for loans till payday can be received quickly – often within as little as an hour.

Such practices can attract the attention of online fraudsters, who are keen to grab credit online wherever possible without the need to forge documents. However, forward-thinking fast payday loans company Payday Express has tackled this risk head-on by implementing a variety of identity verification checks and other measures designed to prevent fraud via its online application system. This means that the vast majority of fraudulent applications are declined at the outset.

Payday Express Operations Manager Sarah Carroll said: “It is impossible to stop all fraudulent applications, but our dedicated Fraud Liaison Team is able to make life a great deal easier for anyone who has been a victim of identity theft in connection with one of applications – and a great deal harder for any criminals attempting to exploit the quick and easy online service we offer our customers.”

The Fraud Liaison team assists fraud victims, investigates suspicious circumstances, and liaises with the police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) to report fraudulent activity. Reporting instances of fraud and attempted fraud helps to ensure that fraudsters are prosecuted wherever possible.

Employee Militza Smith has played an important role in the team, including assisting in breaking a fraud ring earlier this year through working with the police.

Militza said: “Seeing a fraud ring uncovered shows the value in victims of identity theft reporting the matter to the police.

“At Payday Express we work very hard to uncover any trends and links to other applications and accounts, to be able to provide as much information as possible to help the police to investigate identity theft and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

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Payday Express Defies Jobs Gloom with Recruitment Drive

Recruitment of key staff members is a strategic focus of short-term loan provider Payday Express at the start of its new financial year.

A number of core positions have been filled in recent months and recruitment is underway for several more vital posts, as the instant approval payday loans company aims to broaden the range of talent and experience within its staff base.

Recent appointments include Carl Mountain, who began his role as Contact Centre Manager in July. He said: “I am really enjoying the new challenge. Customer service and satisfaction is very important to Payday Express and I am pleased to have a pivotal role to play in managing this focus.”

The previous occupant of the post, Chris Gillard, has moved into a Sales Manager role, reporting into Senior Marketing Manager Ashleigh Slade, and is to oversee the creation of a new Account Management team.

Nushin Nahidpour has also recently joined the company as a Digital Marketing Project Manager and will manage various IT projects aimed at improving the company’s digital marketing operations. The first projects she is working on include implementing a blog and an automated news feed on the company website, along with installing new web analytics software.

Recruitment is also in progress for the posts of Marketing Manager, Senior Risk Analyst, Marketing Analyst, and Senior Administrator. A number of Account Managers and Collections Agents will also be required.

Sarah Carroll, Operations Manager at the payday advance loans company, said: “Payday Express recognises how important people are to its success and we are looking forward to growing the team with staff that share our drive and vision, and bring new ideas and experience into the business.”

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