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Finding the Best Place to Sell Your Precious Gold Jewelry

If you are observant enough about financial markets, like most people who sell gold in Oakland Gardens, NY, you would probably be aware now that prices of gold have been skyrocketing the past few years. In 2003 alone, gold went for $400 per ounce. Most recently, it went above $1,400 per ounce. While the country and the rest of the world were reeling from the economic crisis, gold rose rapidly due to some factors. One of these factors is that gold is a secure haven, Investors in this precious gem ran after its tangible value in the wake of an uncertain economy that is based on fiat currency.

Aside from that, gold is also considered as hedge against staggering inflation. Gold proved to be a good choice while central banks all over the world engaged in practices aimed at kick-starting inflation. And there’s also the widespread fear of what would happen to countries with huge debt problems. Countries with existing debt before the crisis happened plus the new debt incurred during the crisis look to gold for hope.

The hope placed on gold is also felt by the individual consumer. Many people who have been hit really hard by the crisis are now thinking of selling their gold jewelry. After all, that’s $1,400 per ounce, isn’t it? Not really. If you plan to sell gold in Oakland Gardens, NY, the reality is that you may not get that amount per ounce.

Reality Check: What to Expect When You Sell Your Gold

It is important to determine the reasonable amount to expect from your gold. Get somebody to inspect your gold. An independent jewelry store can evaluate your gold’s worth. Have an estimate of how much pure gold content your jewelry has. Pure gold is 24K. You only have a partial gold if what you have is a 10K, 14K, or 18K. The rest of it is less valuable metals added in. Ask the jeweller how much he is willing to pay for your jewelry item. Don’t forget the exact weight of your jewelry’s gold. Then take your jewelry item to another independent jeweller to compare the different estimates.

Also visit a pawnshop before you decide to sell gold in Oakland Gardens, NY to know what prices are reasonable in your area. The basic rule would be not to get less than 70 percent of your gold’s market price. So that’s about $980 for every ounce of pure gold.

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Demand for Gold and Gold Jewelry Constantly Increasing

The demand for gold and gold jewelry is constantly increasing and that’s good news for average Americans who need extra cash. The reason it is good news for average people is that it means it will be easier than ever to sell gold in Oakland Gardens.

Even though the demand for investment or commodity gold and gold investments such as exchange traded funds is down the demand, for jewelry gold keeps increasing. It is really strong because people in India and China are buying more gold than ever. Much of the jewelry sold here is smelted down and sent over there. That’s good news for you because gold buyers can now afford to pay a better price than ever before.

Although the price of gold in the newspaper is falling, the price in your neighborhood could still be going up. The buyers still want to buy your jewelry and they’re willing to pay good price for it. New stores are opening all over the New York area and the mail-in buyers are paying more than ever before.

This means that now is a great time to clean out your jewelry box, safe or safety deposit box. Why keep paying to store what you don’t want when you could sell it for cash?

The huge demand for this metal means that buyers are willing to purchase items they would not have looked at just a few years ago. They are willing to buy scrap gold, gold dust, broken jewelry, chains, even old watchcases. Any item you have that you think might be made of gold, silver or platinum could be worth money. They are also willing to purchase lower karat gold including items that are 10 karats or less.

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Cash for Gold Company

The past few holiday shopping seasons have been lackluster as retailers worked to boost sales in a faltering economy. Once again, the holiday promotions are rolling in to be greeted by skeptical consumers. As stores scramble to boost sales, there is now a pain-free way to get more cash into consumers’ pockets, thereby boosting our economy – sell gold. Selling gold for cash is a great way to improve cash flow, proclaim analysts. If consumers would sell their gold, they would receive cash for gold just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Getting cash for gold benefits all involved parties. Consumers appreciate the widened budget they now have for holiday shopping, or just some splurging without a guilty conscience. Retailers see greater interest in the promotions and sales, and more willingness to spend. This goes right up to wholesalers who are also influenced when consumers sell gold. Wholesalers also see an increase in sales.

Major economists are now working at a frenzied pace, crunching numbers in an effort to forecast the impact this holiday season will have on the economy. Studies have shown that consumer spending rose less than forecast in September as incomes dropped for the first time in more than a year, a sign Americans may keep rebuilding savings and paring debt as the economy is slow to recover. Getting cash for gold is ever more enticing to those trying to save.”While consumers have shown they are once again willing to spend on what’s important to them, they will still be very conscientious about price,” said NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz. “Retailers are expected to compensate for this fundamental shift in shopper mentality by offering significant promotions throughout the holiday season and emphasizing value throughout their marketing efforts.”

Now is the time for consumers to sell gold. This method of earning extra cash is helpful to all sectors because it is not an option solely available for those with extra capital; everyone has old gold jewelry, cash, chains, and the like, to sell. Selling cash for gold also means extra cash without the stress of working longer hours or taking on more work.

Getting cash for gold can be virtually effortless. Between pawn shops, jewelers, and online gold buyers, experts agree that the best way to sell cash for gold is through the web. Online gold buyers have much less overhead costs than a business with a storefront. They can therefore offer a much greater payout. The actual process is fast and easy. Sellers need just request a CashPak online, and one is mailed out promptly. After the seller sends in a short form along with the gold in a FedEx insured envelope, a check is returned within twenty-four hours. If the seller is not happy with the amount, he may return the check for a full refund of his gold. Economists and gold experts alike agree that with gold hitting all-time highs, and the economy struggling out of record lows, now is the time to sell gold for cash.

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