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Brand New Media Launch For UK’s Quick Term Loan Website

Currently one of the main UK’s short term loan obtaining web sites is very happy to declare the release of its completely new website design to the general public.

Payday Loans UK are actually stoked by the news. Having worked with a leading Midlands based development team in Forme Creative to design a fresh appearance for their site which will render the process of applying for a payday loan easier still and will make the charges involved less complicated for consumers to comprehend whilst, at the same time offering the website an effective new personality and branding.

The web sites manager Russ Beech stated “ We certainly have worked hard to develop the new internet site to be as user friendly as it can be. Our company want to slowly but surely develop into one of the UK’s top information and facts websites intended to help consumers looking to make an application for online payday loans.”

“Working together with Forme has been exceptional. Our previous website ended up being very fatigued and wasn’t so simple for people to work with so we offered the creative artwork team a brief to generally chop all the fuss and hassle out of obtaining a cash advance and now we are delighted with the final outcome.”

The brand new Paydayloansuk.org.uk website is presently exiting development. The soft launch is predicted to go live on the Fifteenth March 2012 together with the final launch which you can follow on the Nineteenth following the short bug repairing stage we will need to undertake.

Pay Day Loans UK provide a no cost financial loan acquiring service. They have access to more than 30 United Kingdom financial lending institutions. Their website engineering compares an candidates requirements to the different considerations of lenders to help enhance a prospects potential for being approved for the money that they require.

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Provident Continues to Maintain a Presence in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes British Airways

Provident is continuing to carve out a reputation as one of the world’s most responsible financial companies by once again being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.

The DJSI World tracks the performance of the top 10% of the 2500 largest companies in the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index that lead the field in terms of sustainability, with the DJSI Europe monitoring the sustainability performance of the top 20% of the 600 largest European companies.

For the seventh successive year, Provident has been selected for inclusion in both the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) and Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index (DJSI Europe).

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes were launched in 1999 as the first global sustainability benchmarks. The Indexes are based on an internationally recognised leading Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) methodology which means that they include only companies that fulfil certain sustainability criteria which is better than the majority of their peers.

Provident’s overall score in the 2011 Indexes was 63% (2010: 59%) – 23% points higher than the average overall score of the other companies in the financial services sector – with ‘best in class’ scores for environmental monitoring and reporting, and scores of over 80% in respect of a range of other CR issues, including anti-crime policy/measures, stakeholder engagement and social reporting.

Rob Lawson, Corporate Responsibility manager at Provident Financial said: “We are delighted to continue to be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes and remain committed to disclosing information on our corporate responsibility (CR) performance to our stakeholders.”

Rob Lawson concluded: “Our continued inclusion in the Indexes is no mean feat, and is testament to the progress we’ve made over the past seven years in embedding our CR programme throughout our business. It also endorses our approach to CR management and shows that we compare favourably to other global companies.”

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Couple’s Horror Story With Bank Charges Highlights A Need For Other Short-Term Credit Options

Payday loans are often given negative attention in the media because they’re viewed as a form of high cost credit. However, while banks are clamping down ever harder on customers who don’t stick to the terms of their overdrafts, and inadvertently pushing some customers into unmanageable debts, a leading payday loan company says payday loans offer consumers another option when faced with a need for emergency credit. It also advocates the simplicity and transparency of this option, especially when compared with unauthorised credit charges.

A national newspaper recently highlighted the plight of a young couple who found themselves being expected to pay out a staggering £1,700 to a high street bank – all because they went overdrawn by eight pence.

Angela Hannibal, from Essex, had an account with a high street bank on which she was charged a monthly administration fee. When, one month, that fee took her overdrawn by just 8p, her bank immediately demanded a £170 administration charge.

Angela, who had a young son with her partner, Wayne Green, could not understand how they were continually paying back money to the bank and then getting charged again every couple of months, which kept the debt spiralling out of their control.

Payday Express maintains that their instant payday loans offer consumers a choice in the short-term credit market; an alternative to being at the whim of fees imposed for unauthorised credit. Angela could potentially have avoided those extra charges had she taken out an emergency loan to clear the debt initially or, better still, to avoid going into unarranged overdraft in the first place.

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PLoans4You.com is an internet payday loan service

An efficient service for payday loans and cash advances surfacing on the map of the World Wide Web, Ploans4You.com offers a system of swift online application and approval processes for loans up to $1,500.

The service is based on the simple concept of payday loans for people in need of swiftly borrowing funds. While the sum provided per loan (anywhere from $100 to $1,500) is relatively small, it perfectly reflects the idea and simplicity behind the PLoans4You.com online loan service.

For those unaware, payday loans consist of relatively small sums borrowed swiftly for urgent needs on a short-term basis. Such a cash advance is deposited into the recipient’s bank account and retrieved from there on a later set date to repay the debt. This allows the loan taker to deal with whatever emergency situations might arise with urgent cash needs. The site provides an online approval process that entails signing up online and awaiting authorisation. A steady monthly income is all that is required to receive approval, upon which the loan will be transferred to the recipient’s specified bank account in a matter of minutes. As such, just about anyone with a job and bank account is free to make use of this service.

Working with a wide array of payday loan lenders, Ploans4You.com matches loan requests with lenders capable of providing such loans based on a number of criteria, ensuring a fair transaction and trustworthy loan process from start to finish. Furthermore, the service requires a very limited range of documents, and unlike many other online loan services, provides swift and reliable support so that clients can always get in touch with the service and vice-versa.

The modern day world can be relentless and unforgiving when it comes to financial troubles, but despite any possible restrictions, Ploans4You.com staff work diligently to find a way for every loan recipient to receive the loan they seek. Operating with small sums means working specifically to aid regular people with average incomes in their cash-related troubles, be it paying the bills or any other short-term needs.

About PLoans4You.com
PLoans4You.com is an internet payday loan service. We offer our customers payday loans and cash advances when they need it most since 2007.

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Cash Doctors Have Been Exemplified As One Of The Only Australian Lenders That Play By The Rules

As of Thursday 31 July 2008, a 48% interest rate capping legislation was made effective in Queensland.

According to Today Tonight’s report 28th of October, most payday lenders are not applying to the new legislation and use loop holes to keep interest rates on their short-term loans as high as possible.

Keeping within strict compliance of the new legislation, Cash Doctors, the dominant short term online lender in Australia, launched a new product on 1 July – 24/7 loans for its members – a world first.

The revolutionary Cash Doctors product allows members to apply, be approved and actually access cash within 2-3 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in Australia.

The innovative new financial product is both convenient for consumers and compliant with interest rate capping legislation.

When clients first join Cash Doctors, they are approved for a year’s worth of cash advances. They can however, only access $100 – $600 at any one time. If the client’s capacity to repay is affected by changes in employment, income or accommodation expenses further advances are reduced or prohibited.

The product is a great alternative to the large unchecked credit card limits that lead consumers into overspending and indebtedness.

Cash Doctors CEO Nick Auchincloss says it takes convenience and responsible lending to new levels, “We’re always looking to innovate in line with our mission to help people have more money and live freely in both the short and long run. This product helps members get a prescribed amount of cash around the clock, but only allows them to take a little at a time as long as their circumstances have not changed. We’ve managed to improve convenience while maintaining our extremely responsible lending practices.”

“Short term lending is getting more attention lately and unfortunately Cash Doctors is often bundled in with other industry participants, when we’re actually doing things very differently.”

“Some consumer and government groups rightly criticise payday lenders for lending to vulnerable people, causing debt spirals, poor disclosure, charging excessively and hidden costs. We do none of these things. Our clients are all employed, every loan is carefully underwritten and our transparency and fairness of our lending policies is second to none.”

“Now we’re delighted to be there for our members every hour of every day, any day of the year, giving them what they need within 2-3 minutes. Months of work have gone into this and the feedback from clients so far is terrific.”

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