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Shopping Around More Important Than Ever As Housing Market Remains Fragile

House buyers must shop around if they want to secure the best mortgage deals in the current climate, according to a firm of UK mortgage experts. This is especially important for those who are looking for first time buyer mortgages.

Whole of market broker The Mortgage Point has stressed the need to check out finance deals from as many lenders as possible following the release of February’s figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

Gross mortgage lending in February grew to an estimated £9.2 billion, up from £8.7 billion in January. Analysts said an increase during the shortest month of the year was unusual, and the return of stamp duty at the start of the year on properties costing under £175,000 is likely to have distorted figures.

In their February report, the CML said while consumer confidence is expected to continue growing, the funding markets remain difficult, something which is due to impact on the supply of finance available in the coming months. And while last month saw an increase in lending, it was down 6 per cent on February 2009’s figure of £9.7 billion.

Stuart Codling, CEO of Salford-based The Mortgage Point, said “it is more important than ever for first-time buyers and homeowners looking to re-mortgage to shop around for the best deals.”

He said: “Confidence within the market is continuing to grow as the economic situation improves and we are seeing increasing numbers of people contacting us for mortgage advice and to arrange finance for properties. However, it remains imperative that people don’t limit themselves when it comes to choosing a new mortgage product.

“There are good deals to be had whether you’re looking for a fixed rate, capped rate or tracker mortgage. The important thing is understanding which product is most suited to your particular situation and then making sure you search a wide variety of lenders in order to secure the best option.”

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Go Independent For The Best Mortgage Advice

One of the major advantages of today’s world is that we have choices in nearly everything we buy.

And considering that a mortgage is probably the biggest financial commitment we will ever make, then it’s the one decision that we should have some help with, to ensure that we get the best deal for our individual circumstances. That’s precisely why talking to an Independent Financial Adviser is a good move, according to Stuart Codling of Manchester-based mortgage broker The Mortgage Point.

“We’ve become so used to shopping around before making big purchase decisions, yet when it comes to the major issue of choosing a mortgage, so many people head straight for the bank or building society where they are already a customer,” says Stuart.

“But that’s like buying a car just because you like the colour,” he adds. “It’s a decision which ignores the most important reasons why we should choose one particular product over all the others.”

The Mortgage Point is an authorised Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), which means it can consider the whole of the mortgage market when suggesting the best mortgage deals available for every individual customer.

That means an adviser will take into account such fundamental considerations as the benefits provided, flexibility, and level of charges for every mortgage product available, before making a recommendation based on their knowledge of the market, and each client’s own needs. Meeting with an IFA is even more crucial for those who are looking for first time buyer mortgages as the individual candidate will most likely be on a budget.

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