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Confused.com To Offer Free Breakdown Cover With Any Van Insurance Policy

Confused.com is launching a new promotion giving away free breakdown cover with any van insurance policy purchased through the site.

The free breakdown cover includes up to two call outs for home assistance, within one mile of a customer’s home address; up to four call outs for road side assistance; payment for alternative travel up to £100 to the customer’s chosen destination; alternative accommodation up to £60 per person for one night and recovery for 23 foot caravans/ trailers.

Breaking down without cover could cost hundreds of pounds to be rescued. As purse strings are tightened and finances reviewed, drivers no longer need to think of breakdown cover as a costly extra due to Confused.com’s new promotion.

The promotion began on 6 June and will run until 31 July, so anyone buying a van insurance policy during this period will get free breakdown cover. Whether people are using their van for business or personal use, Confused.com searches the market’s top insurance providers to help them to find a competitive quote.

Confused.com’s van insurance covers small vans, medium vans, commercial vans, pickup vans and the commonly known transit van, offering a wide range of insurance cover for the customers various van needs.

The expert price-comparison site offers comparison on van insurance policies, allowing van drivers to get prices from 20 of the most competitive and market-leading brands, such as Aviva, Highway, Ageas, RSA.

A further benefit for buying van insurance from Confused.com is that any customer who buys any van insurance product through the website will receive 1,000 Nectar points, giving a little helping hand in these difficult times. All Nectar points will be awarded within the first 90 days of purchase and the points will go straight onto the customer’s card – so they can boost their Nectar balance by simply buying insurance.

Alex Higgs, Product Manager at Confused.com said: “As people’s purse strings are still tight, we want to help our customers save money, but also make their travel journeys as safe as possible. So by simply buying essential van insurance customers can help prevent themselves being left stranded on the side of the road by getting this free breakdown cover that we are offering in our new promotion.

“With our choice of cover options and our excellent value for money prices, we have a policy to meet the needs of every van driver. Confused.com is here to help customers get the right cover they need at the right price.

“Make sure you’re shopping around using a price comparison site like Confused.com as it allows you to not only check the price but also review the benefits you can get which you may not necessarily think about until you are in an emergency situation.”

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Confused.com Reveals the Vehicles Most Likely to be Stolen in the UK

Confused.com has revealed the UK’s most frequently stolen vehicles and has teamed up with Michael Fraser, an ex-burglar, to help drivers keep their vehicles from being stolen.

The least stolen car, based on Confused.com’s customer data, is the Ford Ka3 with no incidences of theft among 9,070 owners between 2004-2011. The Toyota Yaris is the number one most stolen car with a 0.41% incidence of theft. This means that car thieves drive off with approximately one in every 244 Toyota Yaris’. Data looking at claims from 2004-2011 showed experts at Confused.com that after the Toyota Yaris, The Volkswagen Touareg (0.39%) (1 in 256); Volvo XC90 (0.27%) (1 in 370); Porsche 911 (0.24%) (1 in 417) and Seat Altea (0.23%) (1 in 435) are the next most stolen cars.

The least stolen cars based on Confused.com’s customer data is the Ford Ka3 followed by the Chevrolet Matiz, Suzuki Ignis, Hyundai I10 Comfort and Nissan Skyline which all have tiny theft rates of 0.02% (1 in 5000) or less.

Car insurance specialists at Confused.com have interviewed security expert and ex-burglar, Michael Fraser, to get a picture of what car owners can do to avoid losing their car to a thief. Motorists can access Michael’s tips and a Confused.com video on how to beat car thieves and keep cars safe by visiting the Confused.com website.

34 years ago, Michael stole cars himself, choosing the Ford Capri and Bedford vans due to the fact that they were relatively easy to take. Michael Fraser now advises on which vehicles thieves might target, and his advice includes a look at how new technology is affecting car theft.

Michael said: “The best way to keep your vehicle safe is to put a tracker on it, wheel locking nuts, a sticker saying the vehicle is alarmed, keep the inside tidy, keep the car locked, the windows shut and everything out of sight.”

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